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Contactless service options

If the windows are accessible from the road it's simple. If not, key collection and drop off is possible. Either way, there's no need for you to greet the cleaners.

Enjoy pristine, smear-free windows

Your window cleaning service is provided using water-fed poles and distilled water. No detergents means no streaks or residue. And this method of cleaning is faster and safer too.

How detergent-free window cleaning in Dagenham works

Rather than arriving with ladders and buckets, your window cleaners from Dagenham will pull up in a van that contains a large tank of purified water. They'll park as close as possible to your property and attach the extendable pole to the water supply. Water is pumped up to the glass and agitated using a brush attachment. This loosens sticky, greasy or dirty deposits. After brushing the glass is rinsed. The process is repeated until the glass shines.

Windows are allowed to air dry and the whole process creates a smooth protective film over the glass which is naturally dirt resistant. Glass cleaned using deionised water stays cleaner for longer than glass cleaned using detergents. An added benefit to this technique is that runoff water is clean so it won't pollute your garden or the local environment.

Water-fed pole window cleaning is suitable for external windows up to the third or fourth floor depending on how close it's possible to get the vehicle to the premises. The speed and safety of the method, and the fact that it protects your privacy make it the cleaning treatment of choice but when the property isn't suitable, or when you also want internal window cleaning the technicians will employ alternative methods.

Deep cleaning for internal and external uPVC frames and sills is also available on request.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Some inquiries received from the window cleaners in Dagenham



Dagenham Jan 10, 2021
I would love to get an outside window clean for my four-bedroom house, please. Thank you!

Service: Window cleaning


Three-storey family house

Dagenham May 13, 2021
We have 11 windows that need cleaning from both sides. When can a cleaner visit the property?

Service: Window cleaning


Single-storey property

Dagenham Jun 7, 2021
Hello, we are interested in window cleaning, inside and out. We live in a single-storey house, so no ladders are needed.

Service: Window cleaning

Illustrative price guides and service usage in Dagenham

£49 £103 £230

Window cleaning services in Dagenham could cost as little as £49.

The average cost for external window cleaning at a 3 bedded house is £100.

Nearly 46% of bookings are for 1st and 2nd floor window cleaning.

The most popular service to add to window cleaning in Dagenham is gutter cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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