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  • For any make & model
  • 7-year warranty for the replaced windscreen
  • Up to 50% discount on insurance excess
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Have your auto glass repair or replacement done in 4 easy steps

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2. A technician will come to repair or replace it

3. All broken glass will be collected and disposed of

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Windscreen repairWindscreen replacement
- per 1 window
1 chip 2 chips 3 chips
Cars £83 £125 £166 £114
Vans £83 £125 £166 £192*
HGV's £83 £125 £166 £192*
Corporate/private buses and coaches £83 £125 £166 £192*
Agricultural machinery £83 £125 £166 £192*

* 2 people needed

- The prices listed here are for labour only. Additionally, you will get a call from us and you shall be given a quote for the glass.

- Labour only price for replacement of any other glass except windscreen (any type of vehicle) - £114

- Keep in mind that the windscreen can't be installed if the metal is corroded and can't be repaired on the spot. In case the technician is unable to fix the corroded metal, you will be notified and advised what you can do.

- The technician will inform you about when it is safe to drive the car again after the windscreen replacement.

- Do not wash the vehicle for 48 hours after the service in order to allow the adhesive to air-dry properly.

- The warranty does not cover leaks that have occurred because the vehicle was washed too soon after the service.

- This service does not cover ADAS calibration (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). In other words, in case your car has a camera, then you'll have to re-calibrate it yourself or at a specialist service provider.

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Why have your windscreen repaired or replaced by qualified technicians?

High-quality workmanship:

For all types of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, buses, coach fleets, and even agricultural machinery. Our trusted partner can even repair older cars and vintage models. Also, please keep in mind that chips in the rear and side windows can't be fixed so the whole glass has to be replaced.

Experienced technicians:

Our trusted partners work with skilled and dedicated technicians who aim to bring you the best possible results. They have over 25 years of professional experience in London so you can be sure that they will be able to help you reliably. They are members of Windscreen Pro, Glasscare, Wics, and Quik Quote.


The service provider operates only with glass and sealants made by the OEM standards. In other words, the replacement job is of the same standard as the original. Also, the glass suppliers are ISO-registered companies. The replacement service comes with a 7-year warranty and it is valid for the period you own and use the vehicle. Please keep in mind that the warranty does not include accidental and damage caused intentionally. It covers the installation, workmanship, and leaks that may occur.

Insurance coverage:

If your vehicle's insurance covers windscreen replacement, then you'll be happy to find out that our trusted partners work with the majority of insurance companies in the UK. They will grant them permission to carry out the windscreen chips repair and handle all the paperwork. And if the vehicle is only partially insured, then you will be provided with a quote for the service in advance. Also, there is a discount of up to 50% on insurance excess.

Windscreen Replacement vs. Repair

What do you need to know?

Here are few important points that you need to consider, especially if you have noticed some chip damage:

  • A windscreen that is chipped should be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage might become too great and the entire glass will have to be replaced.
  • It is much cheaper, quicker and easier to have your chipped windscreen fixed than have it completely replaced.
  • A damaged windscreen can reduce your visibility while you are on the road and you could fail your MOT.
  • Replacement of the entire windscreen is not the best option because the factory seal on it can't be replicated.
  • If your insurance covers the costs you may not end up paying anything.

When should the entire windscreen be replaced?

  • When the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised.
  • If there are chips and cracks along the edge of the glass.
  • When the sweep area of the glass has been damaged and can affect the driver's view.

MOT Requirements for Cars and Larger Vehicles

Safety on the road is a top priority. That is why even the slightest crack on the windscreen might be the reason for a failed MOT. So if you are having your vehicle checked and it fails, there is no need to wonder “Is there a windscreen repair near me?” You can book this service and a pro will come to the location to fix the problem so you can pass the MOT. Also, keep in mind that there are different regulations for the various types of vehicles. For easy reference, you can repair cracks up to the following sizes:

  • Zone A: Damage within a circle of 10 mm
  • Zone B: Damage within a circle of 15 mm
  • Zone C: Damage within a circle of 25 mm
  • Zone D: Damage within a circle of 40 mm
  • On HGV's and coaches with more than 8 seats, cracks up to 150mm/15cm in length could be repaired if they do not extend from edge to edge of the windscreen.

IMPORTANT: Driving without an MOT check can result in a fine of up to £1,000 and you can also lose the insurance of the vehicle.

What are the different rules for windscreens of various vehicles?

HGV vehicles (like lorries and trucks) require special care. Due to the larger size of their windscreens, there are different zones where cracks and chips can occur. For instance, the areas that not in the driver's line of vision, are generally referred to as Zone B. Damages in this zone are not considered a major risk, so they can be repaired and replacing the whole glass can be avoided. On the other hand, damages that fall in the driver's line of vision are in what is known as the Zone A. And this means that the entire windscreen should be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does a cracked windscreen lead to failed MOT?

    A: If the damage affects mostly the driver’s line of vision, then the answer is yes

  • Q: How long does the windscreen repair service take?

    A: The technician will come to where your vehicle is parked and begin the repair procedure right away. It should be done in about 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Q: Do I need to have a windscreen cover?

    A: Well, no. Our trusted partners are still able to assist you if the damage is not covered by your insurance.

  • Q: I don't have an insurance. Can I pay for the service myself?

    A: Yes, you can pay in cash or by card.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: This service is available in all areas within the M25 zone.

  • Q: Is a cracked windscreen a legal problem?

    A: Yes, this can be a problem. Driving around with a large crack on the windscreen is a motoring offence.

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