Removals and Packing Services in Enfield

Job Summary

  • Hours: 9
  • Price: £714
  • Property: Two-bedroom
  • Team: 3 men with Luton van
  • Moving from: Enfield
  • Moving to: Brentford

Our customer service team received a call from a woman from Enfield enquiring about the price for house moving to Brentford. Her flat had two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a combined kitchen and living room. She also requested assistance with packing and delivery of packing materials and boxes from us.

The woman was not able to list all items that had to be packed and moved, so the sales agent offered her a video survey with a Fantastic mover for a more accurate quote. The woman was pleased with the offer and the convenience of the video survey and agreed right away. They scheduled the video survey to fit in with the customer’s timetable.

* Note: The client agreed to become a member of our Loyalty club and got a discount for the removal service. You, too, can benefit from lower rates for home removals, storage, and more domestic services by joining our Fantastic club.

Keep in mind that prices are not set. They are based on the amount of work and time it takes for the removals and packing, so you may get a different quote! Read more about our home removal service and prices.

The Packing and Removals in Enfield: Step by Step

  • Quotation
  • Before the moving day
  • On the moving day
  • Video Survey
  • Packing and boxes
  • List of Items

The client reached out to the customer service team over the phone, which is one of the few ways you can make a booking with Fantastic Services. A few minutes later the woman had scheduled a video survey with a professional mover.

When you provide detailed information about your property type, the number and sizes of moving boxes, and packing materials needed, as well as a list of items that need packing and moving, the sales agent can give you the quote while you’re on the phone. You can also use the online booking form if it’s more convenient for you.

The sales agent contacted the client to confirm a couple of important aspects of the service so that it can take place. The client was required to organise parking at both properties and ensure that there would be someone on-site at the two addresses to meet the movers.

After the client confirmed she had arranged everything and that there were no changes to the time or date, the appointment was sorted..p>

As it was scheduled, a local moving team arrived at the pick-up address in Enfield, at 9 am sharp to begin the packing per the client’s request. She preferred to have the packing and the moving done on the same day.

The estimated time for the packing was two hours. After finishing it, the movers loaded the nearby parked Luton van and transported the client’s possessions to the new address.

The video survey is done to help us estimate what materials and boxes you need, what type of van and how many movers to send. And of course, to calculate how much time the job requires and to give you a quote.

It’s super convenient for people from any part of London as there’s no need to schedule a time and date, to take time off work for a local mover to come on-site. All the customer needs is a phone or a tablet with a camera, and 10 min of free time to take the surveyor through their home and explain what is to be packed and moved.

The client from Enfield trusted the packers and movers and wanted them to do the packing. Fantastic Services can assist with secure packing service and even moving boxes and packing materials delivery.

What has been moved

  • 1x 2-seater sofa
  • 1x TV
  • 1x Laptop
  • 1x Chest of drawers (2-4)
  • 2x Beds, no storage
  • 1x 3-door wardrobe
  • 1x Dining table
  • 3x Chairs
  • 1x Fridge

Boxes and Bags

  • 8x Large boxes
  • 6x Small boxes
  • 4x Bags

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