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Oven cleaning benefits in Farnborough

To extend the life of your oven

By having your cooking appliance cleaned by a professional, you get to use it for longer.

To eliminate potential fire hazards

Old, burnt food bits and grease spots can actually catch on fire. Removing them means lowering the risk of fire hazard.

To save money on electricity bills

Having an oven that’s working better means that you’ll also have lower electricity bills at the end of the month.

How our oven cleaning in Farnborough is performed:

You can expect the professional oven cleaner to arrive at your property at the scheduled day and time. He will provide everything that the service requires - cleaning tools, special products, and a dip tank.
Once on-site, the technician will examine your oven and lay a piece of protective fabric on the floor to avoid creating a mess. His next step will be to carefully dismantle all of the removable parts of the appliance, such the oven door, rack, handle, gasket etc.

Then, the professional oven cleaner will soak the elements in a dip tank containing a powerful cleaning solution that will loosen up all of the accumulated dirt, grease, and grime and disinfect them. While the detergent is doing its magic, the cleaner will start working on the inside of the appliance, making sure to scrub every part of the oven. Once the technician has made sure that the oven is 100% clean, he will take out the appliance’s parts form the dip tank, dry them out and reattach. Before leaving, the professional will clean up around the oven and check if it’s working properly.

At the end of your service, you will receive a simple but special gift - an oven liner. It will help you keep your oven clean for longer. The liner is used during cooking sessions and can stand on temperatures of up to 250°C. It is also very easy-to-maintain in a dishwasher.

Order more and pay less! Benefit from combining your oven cleaning service with other services!

Did you know that if you combine your oven cleaning service with one of our other solutions you can actually save some money? Here is what you can mix and match your oven cleaning in Farnborough with:

  • Pro dishwasher cleaning;
  • Mess-free fridge and freezer cleaning;
  • Expert washing machine and dryer cleaning;
  • Affordable BBQ and outdoor grill cleaning;
  • Small kitchen appliance cleaning, such as microwaves;
  • Deep kitchen cleaning.
1h 35 min

average service duration


ovens cleaned


hobs and extractors cleaned


fridges and freezers cleaned

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Some of the oven and appliance cleaning estimates we provided in Farnborough


Double oven and a BBQ

Farnborough Feb 10, 2021
We have a double oven and an outback meteor 4 burner BBQ which has never been cleaned! How much would cost to deep clean both?

Service: Oven Cleaning, BBQ Cleaning


Gas cooker

Farnborough Jan 24, 2021
I just moved to a new house, and the gas cooker that I found here is in terrible condition! I have tried to clean it but worthless. Please help me!

Service: Oven Cleaning


Oven, hob and extractor fan

Farnborough Jan 12, 2021
Hi. I am looking for someone to clean my oven, hob and extractor fan. They are not very dirty. What would be the price?

Service: Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning Farnborough - price stats and other onformation

£49 £76 £177

Almost 32% of our customers come back and use some of our other domestic services.

One off deep cleaning is often booked together with the oven valeting service.

Half of our customers book hob or extractor cleaning with oven cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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