Keep your items safe during move with top-quality packing materials and expert packing services

Book with Fantastic Services and ensure a hassle-free relocation. You will get sturdy moving boxes, all other needed materials and packing experts with skills and years of experience in the field.
  • Trained, experienced and insured packing technicians.
  • All the right moving boxes and additional packing materials available.
  • Special attention and maximum protection for delicate pisces, antiques and fragile items.
  • Proper timber cases, 5-ply cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and paper for additional safety during the move.
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Why our packing services and materials are the perfect solution for your needs

Trust the packing experts

With our services in Saffron Walden you can be confident that your belongings are in great hands. That’s because all of the packers are skilled, experienced, and fully insured. They will make sure everything is packed well and the items will have a safe trip to their new home.

Right packing materials for any job

Durable and sustainable cardboard boxes that are completely recyclable and meet all industry safety standards. That’s what you will get if you purchase all the needed packing materials from us.

Special care for delicate items

During relocation some items need a little extra care. That's why we send a team of professional packers to take care of the job. They will wrap up your breakables and other valuable pieces in extra materials and make sure they're safe from harm.

Why professional packing service is the perfect solution for safe transportation

When you book with Fantastic Services your things will be professionally packed with all the right materials by a team of experts. No matter what you have—books, clothes, artwork, glassware, musical instruments—they’ll know the best way to properly make the items ready for transport.

You’ll have the Saffron Walden specialists packers at your disposal. They will take care of all the wrapping and packing so you don't have to worry about your items getting damaged during the move.

For additional protection the technicians will use paper to fill all the empty spaces in the boxes and vinyl type to securely seal them up. Packers will wrap armchairs, mattresses, and upholstery with stretch wrap and cover them with plastic.

How you can benefit purchasing quality packing materials

Packing can be easy when you have all the right tools and all the right boxes. Don't risk your belongings' safety - make sure you get quality materials no matter who does the packing. Fantastic Services can give you a hand and supply the following:

  • Heavy duty 5 ply cardboard moving boxes that come in three sizes and are perfect for storing anything from books to appliances and clothes.
  • Brown vinyl tape for secure sealing and special paper for wrapping and filling empty spaces.
  • Plastic covers and clear stretch wrap as additional protection for furniture, upholstery, mattresses, etc.

With Fantastic Services, you get just the service you need. We can deliver the supplies and leave the packing work to you if that is what you prefer. Or you can have specialist packers to do the packing job with materials provided by you. Another option is a combination of the services - the experts will come with everything needed and do the task from start to finish.


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moving boxes supplied


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Some examples for packing service quotes in Saffron Walden


Big item packing

Saffron Walden Jan 23, 2021
I need your services regarding packing of an item 40 kg steel construction (70 cm x 30 cm x25 cm) as preparation for international shipment, pick up by UPS.

Service: Packing Service


Assistance with packing

Saffron Walden Aug 11, 2021
I need a little help with packing, 2 hours max, no packing materials needed, I have everything.

Service: Packing Service


Packing supplies only

Saffron Walden May 6, 2021
Hello, I need packing supplies - about 50 boxes(different sizes), tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, stretch wrap and maybe some kind of covers for a mattress and a sofa.

Service: Packing Materials

Average prices for professional packing services in Saffron Walden

£146 £255 £519

65% of the customers who book removals with us, use our packing service as well.

50% of the clients combine packing service with purchase of packing materials.

85% of the packing jobs require a team of two packers.

The average duration of a packing service session is 3.5 hours.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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