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Clients' feedback about our Hackney pest control

24/7 emergency pest control services in Hackney

We offer a premium pest control service that is customised to address any pest eradication requireinfestation. Our team of highly experienced and certified pest exterminators in Hackney E8 utilises a wide range of proven methods to tackle any pest infestation effectively. Whether you are dealing with bed bugs, mice, rodents, or moths, we have the expertise to assist you.

We understand the importance of tailoring our approach to the specific type of vermin you are facing. By considering the unique characteristics of the pests involved, we deliver the optimal solution for their elimination. Furthermore, we provide the necessary aftercare to ensure long-lasting and efficient results.

Experienced professionals you can count on

Count on the expertise of our pest control professionals in Hackney

  • Our pest control experts in Hackney are equipped with a modern arsenal to combat pests effectively.
  • They utilise high-quality pesticides provided by a leading UK pest control supplier, employ smart techniques using bait boxes, sealants, and other specialised equipment
  • They apply tried and tested methods to ensure long-lasting results.
  • Our pest control experts are well-versed in the latest health and safety regulations, including COSHH 1988.
  • They have successfully completed essential pest control courses such as Safe Use of Pesticides, ensuring their proficiency in maintaining a safe and secure environment while effectively managing pest issues.

Local Pest Control in Hackney E8

Fantastic pest control

Rodent Control Hackney

When rodents unexpectedly invade your property, we are here to help with our flexible service options. Whether it's during workdays, weekends, or even emergencies, we are always ready to provide treatments and help you resolve the issue promptly.

Hackney bed bugs pest control

Are you experiencing reddish-brown spots on your bedding or getting bitten while sleeping? Our team of trained professionals possesses expert knowledge and has exclusive access to a wide range of products and equipment that are not readily available to the public. Rest assured, we have the expertise and resources to effectively address these issues and provide solutions.

Cockroach Control

Given cockroaches' rapid reproduction and resilience, they can easily become a bothersome problem. Therefore, it is advisable to enlist the services of a pest control company that provides guaranteed results. This ensures that you receive effective solutions to eliminate cockroaches and prevent their return.

You can enhance your Hackney pest control service by adding additional services

Fogging service

Fogging is a specialised pest treatment designed to combat adult flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, flying ants, moths, and more. While homes often host various insect species, when a minor mosquito issue escalates into a full-blown infestation, it becomes essential to take appropriate measures. Fogging provides an effective solution to flying insect infestations.

Fumigation service

To ensure thorough protection against insect infestations, our comprehensive process involves insecticide spray application. This treatment effectively safeguards the property and prevents future insect problems. It's important to note that many tenancy agreements include a clause that mandates property fumigation as a preventative measure, highlighting the significance of this procedure.

Pest inspection

Timely infestation identification is crucial for prompt pest eradication. While some infestations, such as mice, are easily noticeable, others like bed bugs can be unnoticed until the situation worsens. By relying on the expertise of pest inspection professionals who are skilled in identifying signs of infestations, you can ensure an efficient and effective solution to the problem.

The pest control professionals in Hackney

Sandor 4.63/5 783 ratings

Number of bookings: 2101

With Fantastic Services for: 9 years


Rodent Control Insect Treatment

What the reviews say

"Quick and effective rodent control. The team's response time and methods ensured a pest-free environment."

- Liam S.

Georgios 4.68/5 149 ratings

Number of bookings: 676

With Fantastic Services for: 2 years


Rodent Control Insect Treatment Rodent Proofing

What the reviews say

"Effective rodent control service. The team swiftly addressed the issue, providing a pest-free environment. Highly recommended for their quick response and professionalism."

- Ava G.

Sergios 4.79/5 14 ratings

Number of bookings: 38

With Fantastic Services for: 7 months


Rodent Control Insect Treatment

What the reviews say

"Fast response to my rodent issue. Their pest control team acted swiftly, ensuring my home is rodent-free. Highly impressed!"

- Mia G.

Frequently asked questions about our pest control services in Hackney

How can I book pest control online?
Enter your postcode and click "Check prices & availability". Then just follow the booking process on-screen. You can customise the services as per your needs.
How can I make a payment?
Visa and MasterCard are accepted. You can also pay by bank transfer. Cash payments are not accepted.
Is it possible to reschedule my booking?
You can either log in or create a new Fantastic account. This is the most convenient way for you to manage and track all the details around your booking slots.
Do you offer pest control services after working hours or on the weekends?
Weekend slots are available at no additional cost. Service bookings after work hours are available at a small fee.
Do you offer any special deals on this service?
Join our Fantastic Club and pay special pest control rates for a whole year! All members enjoy numerous other amazing perks with their membership, such as priority booking and case handling, credits towards over 100 property maintenance services, partners’ discounts and special deals.
How long will the service take?
There are many factors to consider, including the size of your property, the level of infestation, and the condition of the affected areas.

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