Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in Guildford

Our move-out cleaners will work tirelessly to ensure your security deposit is returned

  • Every-day availability
  • Not limited in time
  • Professionals following your estate agency’s checklist
  • Deep oven cleaning included
  • Extended service guarantee up to 168 hours
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Reviews of Our Move-out Cleaning Services in Guildford

Why Choose Fantastic End of Tenancy Cleaning in Guildford

The end-to-end move out cleaning service we provide comes with various benefits. Some of the ones you’ll get are:

Re-clean guarantee - Our service comes with 48-hour re-clean guarantee. You can opt for our feature that extends the guarantee to 168 hours.

Diligent reliable cleaners - You can be sure our professional cleaners will secure your deposit by performing a high-quality job.

Real-time availability - We've developed an easy-to-use online system and our availability is shown in real-time.

A domestic cleaner wearing a dark blue Fantastic Services uniform is shown in a domestic bathroom. She is standing over a white bathtub and using a sponge to clean the chrome tub faucet. Both the tub and the green tiled wall behind it appear perfectly clean and shiny. There is a segment which has been edited into the photo, showing a note from a customer. The note says “ please focus on the bathroom and the kitchen.”
A cleaner who is wearing a dark blue Fantastic Services uniform and yellow latex gloves. She is holding a spray bottle with detergent and using a green wiping cloth to clean a shelf within an apartment. The picture is edited, showing a segment with 5-star ratings from customers.

More of the End of Tenancy Cleaning Benefits

Free cleaning of the oven - To provide even better results, rest assured that we will take care of your cooker in the rental property and clean it to perfection as part of the service.

Providing access has never been easier - We only ask you to leave us the key somewhere to pick it up or give it to us upon arrival. We will take care of the rest.

Not an hourly service - Our teams will take all the time needed for your property to be spotlessly clean, while following your pre-established checklist.

Combine End of Tenancy Cleaning in Guildford With Fantastic Services

We have a wide range of cleaning services in Guildford that can be combined with end of tenancy for an even cleaner property.

Deep Carpet Cleaning - You can restore the look of your carpets and rugs after the end of tenancy with our professional deep cleaning service. Our service is designed for both natural and synthetic fibres.

Exterior Window Cleaning - Upgrade the effectiveness of your tenancy cleaning by adding our exterior window cleaning option to the package.

Mattress Cleaning - Our professional deep-cleaning machines can reach even the tiniest spaces between the fibres of your mattress. Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, providing thorough cleaning increases the chances of complete stain removal.

Wall Spot Cleaning - If you notice any spots on the walls, do not hesitate. Be sure to book our wall spot cleaning service to guarantee the best possible results.

Upholstery Cleaning - Our powerful hot water extraction machines enhance our upholstery cleaning service. If your sofa or other upholstered furniture needs a deep clean, add this option to your service for optimal results.

Kitchen appliances

What to Expect From Our Professional Move Out Cleaning in Guildford

Our team will pay attention to every detail in each room, making sure it is clean to the best of our ability.

Kitchen and appliance cleaning - Our cleaning experts will ensure that all your kitchen appliances are cleaned to a high standard. It's essential to defrost your fridge and freezer 24 hours before the tenancy cleaning service. This will allow the cleaning team to wipe them down properly with the help of specialised agents.

All usable surfaces, including cupboards and countertops, will be thoroughly wiped and cleaned to ensure a spotless kitchen area.

Deep oven cleaning - Our end of tenancy cleaning service pays special attention to the rental property's cooking appliance, which will leave you amazed. Our team will meticulously clean the oven, making it spotless inside and out. Our previous clients have praised us for achieving unparalleled results and making the cooker look almost as good as new.

Living room/bedrooms cleaning - Our cleaning teams are dedicated to restoring your living areas to a pristine condition. We will dust and wipe down every surface, leaving no spot untouched. We will also vacuum and mop the floors to achieve a perfect finish, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Bathroom scrubbing - We know that the bathroom area requires special attention. To ensure a fully sanitised and polished space, our cleaning teams in Guildford will use professional-grade detergents to clean the shower area and toilet thoroughly.

Additionally, all bathroom fixtures are wiped down with special detergents to leave them gleaming and fresh, giving you a spotless and hygienic bathroom.

Interior window cleaning - Our fantastic end of tenancy cleaners will wipe the windows from the inside, ensuring no streaks are left behind. Please keep in mind that if you require exterior window cleaning, you need to arrange it during the booking, as it will come at an additional cost. Rest assured that despite the extra cost, our team will leave your windows spotless and gleaming.

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Meet Our Local Move-out Cleaners in Guildford

Florentina 4.43/5 0 ratings

Number of bookings: 1

With Fantastic Services for: 6 months


End of Tenancy Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Oven Cleaning
Zoltan 4.16/5 61 ratings

Number of bookings: 298

With Fantastic Services for: 2 years


End of Tenancy Cleaning Oven Cleaning

What the reviews say

Professional end of tenancy expertise complemented by efficient removals. My area is revitalized, and the seamless move ensured my full deposit was promptly refunded.

- Aiden R.

Laina 4.83/5 46 ratings

Number of bookings: 161

With Fantastic Services for: 2 years


End of Tenancy Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Oven Cleaning After Builders Cleaning One-Off Cleaning
An image of a sparkling clean oven after professional cleaning. The oven interior is spotless, with no grease or grime, and the oven racks are gleaming. The oven door is transparent, showcasing the immaculate interior, indicating attention to detail during the cleaning process. The oven looks fresh, inviting, and ready to be used for cooking delicious meals. Before The photo shows the inside of a dirty oven. From the looks of it, this oven hasn’t been cleaned for ages. It is so dirty and gross. The inside surfaces of the oven chamber are caked with layers upon layers of black gunk and burnt grease. The oven door glass is so dirty that it looks completely black, it has lost its transparency entirely. It probably smells quite gross as well. After
An image of a gleaming chrome bathroom faucet, sparkling with cleanliness. The chrome finish shines with a polished and lustrous appearance, free from any grime, hard water stains, or soap residue. The faucet handles and spout are spotless, reflecting light and showcasing their pristine condition. The entire faucet appears well-maintained and refreshed, ready to add a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Before An image of a dirty chrome bathroom faucet covered in grime, hard water stains, and soap scum. The chrome finish appears dull and tarnished, with visible dirt and water spots all over. The faucet handles and spout are coated with soap residue and grime, giving it a neglected and unclean appearance. After
An image of a freshly cleaned bathtub gleaming with cleanliness. The tub's surface is sparkling and free from any dirt or grime, reflecting light to reveal its pristine condition. The drain is clear and the walls and floor surrounding the tub are free from watermarks. The bathtub appears inviting and ready for a relaxing bath. Before An image of a bathtub covered in dirt and grime. The tub's surface is stained and discolored, with soap scum and dirt visible along the edges. The drain is clogged with hair and debris, and there are watermarks on the walls and floor surrounding the tub. Overall, the bathtub appears neglected and in need of a thorough cleaning. After

Frequently Asked Questions

Does parking need to be arranged?
There has to be a parking spot as close as possible to the property. As the cleaning team will arrive with all supplies needed to complete the service, they need to be able to carry the equipment easily from their vehicle. Please contact us at least 24 hours before the appointment if you need details about securing a parking permit.
How many cleaners should I expect?
A team of 2 or 3 professional cleaners is usually dispatched, depending on the size of your property. The cleaners have all the tools and detergents necessary to be able to get started right away.
How long will it take for the service to be completed?
The end of tenancy cleaning service does not have an exact duration. Depending on how many rooms you have, and what additional services you need, the cleaners will continue until they have completed the job.
If my booking needs to be rescheduled, can I do so?
After logging into your Fantastic account, you can make the changes in the dashboard. That's it! We ask that you give us at least a 48 hours notice, otherwise, the cancellation policy will apply.
Is it possible to get a price discount?
The answer to this question is yes, you can. You can enjoy many great perks when you join our Fantastic Club, such as priority bookings and seasonal discounts. Take advantage of these great benefits by joining today!

Can't find the answer you're looking for?
Visit our Help Center.

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