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What gardening services can you count on in Bexley

The local gardeners in Bexley we work with are experienced and devoted to their job. That’s why they are ready to cover a wide range of garden maintenance services for you. Even if unsure about the sequence or frequency of gardening tasks, which need to be done on your green space, you can always count on your team of pros to advise you. Take a look at some of the main tasks your garden generally needs, which your local gardeners can handle for you:

  • Watering - of grass, flower/veggie beds and potted plants
  • Weeding - manual and chemical weed control available
  • Feeding - available for different kinds of plants (veggies, blooming plants or greens)
  • Planting and repotting - of both flowers and greens
  • Lawn care - covers every aspect, from watering, feeding and weeding to mowing, trimming and lawn clearance
  • Hedge care - keeps the tidy and presentable appearance of your hedge by trimming, shaping, pruning and feeding
  • Garden clearance - cleaning of the green space from dead branches, rotten fruits and overgrown vegetation
  • Organic waste removal - disposing of debris after a clean-up, free of charge (up to 180l)

Also, you can ask the team of Bexley gardeners for additional outdoor jobs like facade and patio jet washing or gutter cleaning. The above gardening services are performed by the experts with the help of professional, industry-grade equipment and petrol-powered machinery. Note, that even though one-off sessions are also an option, regular garden care is a necessity if you would like to achieve great and long-lasting results. That’s why, booking garden services on a regular basis is highly recommended.

By using the Fantastic garden maintenance services you benefit from the affordable summer and winter rates; save time and effort on garden care; benefit from the helpful advice of the Bexley gardening experts and get to enjoy a lavish and healthy-looking green space!


gardening jobs done


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2h 30mins

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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Some price estimates and other statistics in Bexley



Bexley Feb 27, 2020
My lawn grass has overgrown, need it mowed asap

Service: Lawm mowing


Garden maintenance

Dandelions have appeared in my garden together with other pesky weeds, want them removed ASAP

Service: weed removal



Bexley Jun 19, 2020
My fig trees started going over my fence. need a specialist to trim them

Service: Tree trimming

What quotes we have given to our customers in Bexley

£61 £127 £193

The most common service our customers in Bexley book along with gardening is lawn mowing.

1 in 4 of our clients in Bexley prefer to book our gardening services once every couple of weeks.

38% of our customers book a one-off service when winterising their garden.

40% of our customers in the area book a garden maintenance service on a regular basis.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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