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Why choose professional carpet cleaning?

Great against common stains

If your carpeting has any food splatters, drink stains, or high-traffic streaks, the professional cleaners will pre-treat them with special detergents.

Environmentally friendly treatments

Every single cleaning product and method we use to clean your carpeting is eco-friendly and safe.

Longer services results

Enjoy your clean carpeting longer by requesting a FREE Scotchguard stain application from your technician.

The carpet cleaning services you can get in Ascot

Cleaning a carpet is no easy job - you need to have the right tools, products, and most importantly - to know and use the correct cleaning method. So, why bother spending hours trying to remove that coffee stain from your rug, when you can book our professional carpet cleaning services in Ascot? Here is what we have to offer:

Effective hot water extraction treatment

If you think that your rug is dirty and worn and torn to the point of no return, just book our professional hot water extraction treatment! The service is perfect for heavily-soiled carpeting and rugs made from synthetic or mixed-fibre fabrics. At the beginning of the treatment, your appointed cleaner will prepare the piece by vacuuming it and cleaning any existing stains. Then, with their hot water extraction equipment, the professional will inject a solution of water and detergent, under extremely high-pressure, into the carpeting. After that comes the “extraction” part of the method - with the help of a special attachment, the expert will remove all of the excess moisture from the treated piece, along with the loosened dirt buildup. That’s it - the service is done and you can enjoy your restored carpeting!

Delicate dry cleaning services

Do you have a rug made from a delicate material that you just don’t know how to clean? If yes, then our dry carpet cleaning method is the service to order. We’ll send you a cleaning professional, who will treat your carpet or rug with a special, low-moisture powder detergent that will give the piece a mini makeover. What the detergent does is that it attracts all of those tiny dirt particles that have settled in your carpeting’s fibres, making cleaning them easier. Once applied and worked in, the special powder only needs to be vacuumed for the service to be completed. The cleaning method is fast, completely safe for you carpeting, and also very effective.

5 reasons to book our professional carpet cleaning in Ascot

  • You’ll get to expand your carpeting piece’s life.
  • Common stains such as drink spills and food spots will be taken cared of.
  • Any nasty smells from cigarettes, mildew, pets, etc. will be destroyed.
  • All high-traffic marks or streaks will be removed from the piece.
  • The air quality in your property will be better.

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Examples of quotes for carpet cleaning in Ascot


Living room carpet

Ascot Sept 9, 2019
I need my living room carpet cleaned. It is a wall-to-wall carpet. It has a few stains on it, I don't know what they are from.

Service: Carpet cleaning


Bedroom carpet

Ascot Dec 22, 2019
The carpet in our bedroom needs to be cleaned. It is a normal-sized bedroom with a wall-to-wall carpet.

Service: Carpet cleaning


Bedroom carpet

Ascot Jan 22, 2020
Hello. We have a carpet in our bedroom, which is quite big. We want to have it professionally cleaned. How much would that cost?

Service: Carpet cleaning

Average cost of carpet cleaning in the area

£53 £96 £139

Carpet cleaning in Ascot costs £96 on average.

67% of the carpet cleaning services that we provide in the area are for synthetic bedroom carpets.

60% of Ascot residents, who use our carpet cleaning services do it more than twice a year.

64% of the jobs we've done in Ascot also included upholstery cleaning of some kind.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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