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How to book your washing machine installation service

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  • 4. Enjoy your new washing machine

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What's included in the washing machine fitting service

If you've just walked out of the appliance store with a new washing machine and no idea how to get it installed, cheer up - we, at Fantastic Services, have just the solution for your situation. We offer professional washing machine fitting services, suitable for any brand and type of appliance!

Be it freestanding, integrated, or a combo washer-dryer, you can count on the certified plumbing specialists who we work with to have your appliance installed in no time! That being said, here is how the professionals perform the solution:

  • First, your appointed technicians will remove your old machine (if there is one);
  • Then, they will fit your new washing machine into place;
  • Once the appliance is set, they will connect the water supply hoses to their respective faucets and then to the back of the washer;
  • After they are done with that, the professionals will make sure that nothing is leaking;
  • The next step is for the specialists to connect the drain hose to the washing machine and the drain receptacle;
  • Finally, the team will plug in the appliance and perform a series of safety checks to make sure that everything is working properly.

So, don't spend hours trying to install your new washing machine, only to end up with a badly done job - book a professional for the task!

Why choose Fantastic Services' washing machine installation service

We can fit all types of washing machine brands

It doesn't matter if your new washing machine is AEG, Beko, Samsung, LG, Bosch, or any other major brand - you can rest assured that the qualified technicians, who we'll send you, will fit the appliance properly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The service is performed by certified plumbing experts

High-quality tools and equipment are just half of the service. The other part, the really important one, is the people who will be completing the installation job. With that being said, all of the plumbing professionals have years of experience, are additionally trained by us, and are certified.

You can also benefit from washing machine repair services

Is your old washing machine giving you trouble but still has life in it? No matter if you're dealing with a stuck door, a scary error code, a funky smell, or a huge leak - we can help restore your appliance, so you don't have to break the bank to buy a new one!

All-in-one solutions

We offer a range of appliance-related services, not just installation help. If your washing machine needs repair and you want a specialist to take a look at it, we will be happy to help. If you don't know what to do with your old washing machine, worry not. We can dispose your old appliance, all you need to do is specify this in your booking. And if your washing machine needs a good clean, we provide that too. Contact our appliance cleaning service team anytime.

Even better prices with our Fantastic Club

Did you know that you can book a washing machine plumber to install your appliance for a lower rate? Yup - all that you have to do is become part of our cool Fantastic Club and your service price will significantly drop. Learn how to join the club, and benefit from the many other member-only perks by visiting our website.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Where can I book the service?

    A: You can book our washing machine fitting service anywhere within the London M25 zone. If you aren't 100% sure if we cover your living location, just enter your postcode in our online booking system, and you'll find out in a matter of seconds.

  • Q: Can I get some sort of deal for your services?

    A: You can always become a member of our Fantastic Club. Everyone who joins gets to benefit from reduced price rates on all of our 100+ services. And this is just half of the story. If you decide to subscribe, you can also take advantage of priority booking, real-time tracking, seasonal deals, and more! Make sure to visit our website to learn more about the Fantastic Club.

  • Q: Do I need a professional to install my washing machine?

    A: Getting your appliance fitted by a certified professional is always the better choice. This rule applies especially for washing machines, since they use larger amounts of water, and even the smallest plumbing mistake can leave you with serious property damage. A plumber will know exactly how to fit the appliance, where to do so, and what type of amendments need to be completed for the machine to be properly installed.

  • Q: How much space do I need to leave for the new washing machine?

    A: It's best to have at least one inch of free space around any washing machine or dryer. This will allow for proper air circulation and will help to minimize noise transfer. When measuring the spot for your washing machine, make sure to add this free space to the final math.

  • Q: How long does it take to install a washing machine?

    A: Every washing machine installation process has its specifics and scenarios, which can either prolong it or shorten it. Still, in most cases, we will need about 1 to 1.5 hours to install your new appliance and to make sure that is working correctly.

  • Q: Should I run my new washing machine empty first?

    A: Yes - this step is mandatory. Running a complete washing cycle on your appliance, without any clothes, will ensure that the machine is as clean as possible.

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