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How to book your dishwasher installation service

  • 1. Make a service appointment

    Use our online booking system to schedule a dishwasher installation service appointment with us.

  • 2. Let the certified plumbers in

    A team of experienced professionals will be sent to your property to perform the fitting job.

  • 3. Have your appliance installed

    The plumbers will remove the old dishwasher (if needed), perform the required alternations, and fit your new one.

  • 4. Enjoy your brand new dishwasher

    Get to use your new dishwasher right away!

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What's included in the dishwasher installation service

If you've just left the shop with a new dishwasher and have been informed that they can't help you fit it in your kitchen, don't worry - Fantastic Services has got you covered. We offer affordable dishwasher fitting services that are performed by certified and experienced plumbers.

Do you have an integrated dishwasher still waiting in its box? Just give us a call, and we'll send you a team of fully equipped professionals to remove your old appliance, complete the needed alternations, fit your integrated dishwasher, and make sure that it works properly. So, no matter if you want the appliance's location moved from one side of the kitchen to the other or there are pipe adjustments to be done, you can count on the certified plumbers for the job.

The same applies to freestanding dishwashers - just point the professionals to the appliance, and they will install it in no time.

The service is suitable for practically any dishwasher brand and model. And no - you don't need to provide anything for the installation job - your plumbers will arrive for the appointment with high-quality tools, materials, and parts.

Don't try to DIY your dishwasher fitting, and leave the job in the hands of the experienced professionals - we guarantee quality results that you'll be happy with!

Why have your appliance fitted by us

The service will be completed by professional dishwasher installers

All the services that we provide are performed by experienced, additionally trained, and certified professionals and our dishwasher fitting one is no exception from this rule. Your appliance will be installed and tested by fully equipped and seasoned plumbing professionals.

We'll remove your old appliance and complete the needed plumbing adjustments

You don't need to worry about either your old dishwashing machine or any plumbing amendments when you have us. Your appointed technicians will disconnect your current appliance, perform the needed work, and fit your new dishwasher in the span of one service session.

You can book the solution for any day of the week

It doesn't matter if you want to have your dishwasher fitting service completed Monday morning or on a late Sunday afternoon - we'll do our best to organise you an appointment for a day and time most convenient for your schedule.

All-in-one solutions

We can customize our dishwasher installation services to meet your individual needs. Whether it's a replacement or a new installation, we can help you. Want to know what to do with your old dishwasher? Our team will come and get rid of your old appliance that day, all you need to do is specify this in your booking. We offer you different services for your appliances, not only installation help. If your dishwasher has been giving you trouble lately, or not effectively washing dishes, contact our dishwasher repair specialists! And that's not all- sometimes, dishwasher issues can be resolved with a good clean. Contact our appliance cleaning service team anytime.

Significantly lower service prices with our Fantastic Club

Did you know that you can actually get an even better price for your dishwasher installation in London? All that you have to do is become a member of our Fantastic Club! And a reduced rate is only the beginning! You'll also benefit from priority booking options, special deals, treats, and other cool perks. Visit our website to learn more about the yearly subscription programme.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What models and types of dishwashers can you install?

    A: The certified plumbers can install any brand and any model of dishwasher that you might have. Just make sure to provide us with the manufacturer's instructions, and you can leave the rest to your experienced professionals.

  • Q: What’s your area coverage?

    A: You can book a dishwasher fitting service appointment if your property is located in the London area, within the M25 zone. To find out if we cover your location, enter your postcode in our online booking system, and you'll get your answer in a matter of seconds.

  • Q: Is there a way to get a lower price for my service?

    A: Yes - it's called the Fantastic Club! This is a yearly membership programme that lets you benefit from lower service rates, seasonal deals, priority booking options, special treats, and many other advantages. Visit our website to learn how you can join the club today!

  • Q: Do I need to provide anything for the service?

    A: Your appointed professionals will arrive fully equipped for the fitting job. The only thing that you need to do is provide access for the team, and show them where you want your dishwasher installed. They will take care of everything else.

  • Q: Where is the best place to have my new dishwasher fitted?

    A: You have two options - to have your dishwasher installed right next to your kitchen sink or near one of your storage units. Note that you also need to make sure that your appliance is installed in an area that will allow freedom of movement.

  • Q: My dishwasher is broken - can you help me?

    A: Yes, we can. We offer professional dishwasher repair services that will save you the hassle and money of buying and installing a new appliance.

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