A quick and tidy TV wall mounting service for your home or office

Have your new TV wall-mounted by a skilled handyman
  • The best position for your TV is determined
  • Fitting any size, brand and all types of TVs (HDTV, LCD, Plasma, 3D, LED, etc.)
  • Mounting all types of brackets (tilting, multi-positional, flat-to-wall)
  • Safely cables and cords trunking/chasing
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Have your new TV installed in 4 simple steps

1. Book your TV mounting service online

2. We'll send fully equipped specialists to address

3. They will determine the best spot to install the TV

4. Enjoy watching!

A Handyman mounting TV bracket to the wall

A TV installation service by reliable pros

Experienced technicians

This service is handled by dedicated specialists who know how to mount every type of TV on every type of wall. For example, walls made of brick or concrete can withstand the weight of the TV but those made of lath or plasterboard may not. That is why your TV installer will carefully inspect the wall to determine if it can bear the weight. And in case it can’t, then he can reinforce it with wooden fixtures.

Bringing all necessary tools and equipment

Your handyman will arrive at the address fully equipped and ready for action, bringing all the needed tools for the installation of your TV and the mounting brackets. The TV mount service specialist is familiar with all types and brands available on the market.

To give you an example, here are some brands that you can opt for before you book your TV installation service in London: Omnimount, Sanus, Vogel's, Duronic, Ross, Ultimate Mounts, VonHaus, Peerless, AVG, One for all, Sandstorm, Proper, Meos, Lumi, and so on.

Friendly and helpful TV fitters

And if you are a bit confused about what would be the best spot for your TV, then the technician will gladly give their expert opinion on the matter. After all, the handymen have installed thousands upon thousands of TVs over the years and you can absolutely trust their judgment.

And another helpful thing they can handle for you is all the cable tucking. This will make your place much safer and orderly as all the cables and cords will be safely tucked. If you prefer completely to hide the cables and protect them from any damages, then be sure to request cables concealing.

Booking online is quick and simple

Arranging this service for your place is quite simple. You can use our online booking form to set an appointment for a day and time that suit you best. Just please make sure that you will have your TV and the mounting brackets at the ready, so the technician can install them for you efficiently and securely.

What can the TV wall-mounting specialists do for you

When the time for your service comes, we’ll send a fully equipped and experienced technician to your address who will handle all the work for you. Generally, here is what they can do for you:

  • Advise you on the most suitable spot for your TV based on your needs.
  • Wall mounting for TVs of every size: small (under 42”), medium (from 42” to 64”), and big (above 64”).
  • Able to install all types of brackets.
  • Inspection of the wall to determine if it will be able to withstand the additional weight from the TV.
  • Reinforcement of plasterboard walls with wooden fixtures.
  • Tucking away cables and cords to make the area safe and orderly.
  • Cables concealing options available: cable trunking/chasing

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How do I cancel a scheduled appointment?

    A: If you have decided that you don’t need professional assistance, just log into your Fantastic account and go to the dashboard. From there you can reschedule or cancel all of your current bookings.

  • Q: Is there anything else I need to know?

    A: Prices are inclusive of all taxes. Material supply and delivery costs come on top of the service cost if applicable. If the handyman arrives and is unable to complete the work due to conditions you have failed to provide, there is a stand-alone survey fee of £25 and the cost of parking/congestion (if applicable).

  • Q: Is there a way for me to get a discount on my service?

    A: Yes, you can receive a discounted price if you become a part of our Fantastic Club. Not only that, but by being a member you’ll have the opportunity to use priority booking for our most wanted slots and special seasonal deals.

  • Q: Do I have to supply the TV wall brackets?

    A: Yes. When you purchase your TV, you should see if it comes with wall-mounting brackets. In most cases it doesn't include such and you can buy them separately but make sure that they fit perfectly. There are a number of universal brackets on the market and the only thing you’ll have to keep in mind is the TV size. If you still need us to provide one for you be advised we will be limited to what types there are in your local shops. This will also be subject to additional charges for sourcing the bracket of £25 per hour.

  • Q: Is there anything that I need to do before the service?

    A: You can check if your TV fits the spot where you wish to install it. Also, make sure there is an electrical socket within range.

  • Q: I am not sure what spot is best for the screen, what should I do?

    A: No worries, your handyman will be glad to advise you on this. There are usually 3 main things that need to consider: the wall studs, the power sockets and ideally have it mounted at eye level. Of course, you can incorporate a swivel or tilting TV bracket to have more flexibility when the TV is finally mounted.

  • Q: What is the area coverage of the TV wall mounting service?

    A: We cover all of London and all postcodes within the M25 area.

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