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What the local sanding stairs professionals can do for your property

While sanding wood stairs isn’t the first home refurbishment project that comes to one’s mind, taking the time to restore your staircase can greatly improve the overall look of your property, especially if you are looking forward to selling it. That said, if you are planning to get your stairs sanded, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals.

We, at Fantastic Services, offer expert stairs restoration services, which can completely transform the current state of your staircase. Depending on if your stairs are covered by carpet or not, you have two options: to get your whole staircase sanded and left the wood displayed or sanded and covered with carpet again. Note that if your stairs have years of different treatments on sides of the treads and the risers, a uniform appearance can not be achieved and no matter the sanding efforts a ‘two tone’ appearance will persist.

Additionally, we can also stain your staircase before we seal it, to further improve its look. So, what are you waiting for? Book our stairs restoration services in London and ensure yourself a better-looking property now!

Your wooden stairs sanding service in detail

Our professional stairs sanding and restoration service can be separated into a couple of parts, some of them optional: the service survey, the prep work and sanding, the optional staining, and, finally, the staircase sealing. You can find in-depth information about these steps below:

  • Step 1: FREE on-site survey - Generally, we begin all of our restoration projects with a FREE on-site consultation. We’ll schedule you a session with a staircase sanding specialist, who will visit your property to inspect the state of your stairs, share more information about what needs to be done, and give you a price estimate.
  • Step 2: The preparation work & stairs sanding process - The next step of the stairs restoration service is the preparation work. If your stairs were previously painted, the technician will need to remove the layers of paint in order to proceed to the next part of the process - gap filling. When it comes to the actual sanding, unlike wooden floor jobs, working on a staircase is a little more complicated and laborious. The equipment that the professional is going to use is a lot different, due to the fact that they’ll be sanding down oddly shaped, smaller areas. With that being said, the main sections that the professional is going to focus on are the threads and risers. Once they are finished sanding these areas, the technician will proceed to the next step of the staircase restoration service.
  • Step 3: Staining and finishing - Once the technician has completed the sanding procedure, they’ll clean their work area and finish the job by sealing the stairs. If you wish, prior to this, they can also stain the staircase with a colour of your choosing. What you can expect at the end of the service is a staircase that looks nearly brand new!

Four reasons to choose Fantastic Services wooden staircase sanding services

You get a FREE survey

Having an exact price estimate and as much information as possible about the service is very important for every property owner. Fantastic Services’ sanding staircase services comes with a completely FREE on-site survey from an experienced sanding professional, so that you can have all of those important details beforehand.

The service will be performed by certified staircase sanding professionals

Like our other professional property cleaning and maintenance services, our staircase sanding one will also be performed by a trained, vetted, and fully insured technician, who will arrive for the job equipped with high-end restoration machines and tools.

Our solution is suitable for all types of staircases

Tall, short, straight, or curved - it doesn’t matter what kind of staircase you have in your property, the experienced professional that we’ll appoint you will make sure to restore their former glory and beauty.

Can be booked for both domestic and commercial properties

Do you need your home’s wooden stairs sanded and restored? We got you. The same applies for the one that you have in your hotel, restaurant, or office building. If you have a staircase that needs a makeover, call Fantastic Services.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Which is better - to stain or to paint my stairs?

    A: Generally, staining your stairs is the better option, because the coating is more durable. Of course, you can also choose paint, but make sure that you go for a forgiving colour - lighter shades tend to form and show scuffs and marks.

  • Q: Do the wooden stairs need to match my wood floors?

    A: There is no exact rule that you need to follow. You can make your wooden stairs lighter or darker than your floor - just make sure that the colours that you pick compliment each other.

  • Q: Do you cover my living area?

    A: You can book our stair restoration services in London anywhere within the M25 zone. If you aren’t sure if we cover your location, give our online booking form a try or directly contact us.

  • Q: What other service can I book for my wood floor?

    A: Our sanding staircase service is just one of the many options that we offer. You can also book our floor restoration, refurbishment, or polishing services for your property. Check out our website for more information about our other solutions.

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