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What you can expect from your wood floor refinishing service

Unfortunately, wood coating doesn't last forever. When it gets too worn out, your floor will not only lose its shine and vibrance but also become prone to more damage. That's why having your wood floors refinished is essential to keeping them safe and beautiful longer.

If your floor has accumulated quite a few deep scratches, has discoloured patches, or you want to change its look to match your new decor, then refinishing is the way to go. A full refinishing service includes:

  • Removing the existing finish and evening out dents or scratches;
  • Cleaning and staining the wood;
  • Applying several coats of the new finish.

This service is suitable for both hardwood and softwood floors, and is fantastic for any property, be it domestic or commercial.

If your floors are not heavily damaged or you want to revitalise them, you can opt for hardwood floor recoating. This includes lightly sanding the floor and applying the coating without removing the old finish. Whether your floor can be recoated depends on its condition. An expert will conduct a survey and advise you on this before the service.

You can also choose floor re-oiling to refresh its appearance. Oil-based coating soaks into the wood, giving the wood some protection. While oiled floors require more upkeep, they are popular due to their natural appearance. Re-oiling wood floors eliminates the need to sand, too - a simple buffing will do.

Lime-washing is a non-permanent solution that can be used to colour and brighten a floor. Any existing finish will need to be removed, then the lime-wash will be applied. Finally, the floor will be sealed with the proper finish.

The hardwood floor refinishing service in detail

On the day of the service, the floor will need to be cleared of any rugs and furniture. The technicians can do this for you at an additional cost. Once the room is prepared, the service begins in earnest.

  • Sanding - First, your wood flooring will be stripped of its old coating and evened out. There are two available methods - machine sanding or chemical stripping. Depending on the type of finish, the specialist will advise you on which option is best.
  • Staining - A special wood dye will be applied to achieve the colour that you want. The stain will then need to dry.
  • Finishing/Sealing - Finally, the technician will apply the most suitable type of sealant to your wood floors to finish them. Depending on the look you’re going for, sealing wooden floors can be done with either lacquer, wood varnish, wax, or oil. Each type provides a different effect and level of protection, so let us know what your requirements are.

After the process is complete, your refinished floors will be left to dry. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy their new vibrant look!

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Types of floor finish you can choose from

The London floor refinishing experts we work with have years of experience working with all types of finishes. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, they will happily advise you based on what you want to achieve.

The three main categories of floor finishes you can choose from are penetrating, semi-penetrating, and surface coatings.

Penetrating finishes

Some of the more popular penetrating coatings include Tung, Linseed, Danish, and Cedar oil. This type of finish is known for its natural look that doesn’t make your floors excessively glossy. Oil finishes penetrate the wood and fill its pores, creating a protective seal. And best of all, they’re one of the easiest to apply and re-apply.

Semi-penetrating finishes

There is a variety of semi-penetrating wood floor finishes to choose from, based on the appearance you want. They all differ in drying time, colour, and gloss. One of these is Hard-wax oil, which provides great protection to your floors while still having a soft, natural look with a low sheen.

Surface finishes

Unlike the other two types, this finish does not penetrate the wood. Instead, it forms an extremely durable protective coating over the surface. This makes it a great choice for wood floors that are regularly subjected to heavy traffic. There is a wide range of surface coatings to choose from, each with its own effect.

  • Varnish - This is a clear floor finish that protects the wood from heavy dust and dirt accumulation, making it easy to clean and difficult to scratch. Another benefit of wood floor varnishing is its waterproof quality and its durability. It’s a fantastic choice if you want to showcase the natural grain of the wood.
  • Lacquer - This clear finish gives the wood a smooth, glossy look and feel. Cleaning lacquered floors is easy and maintaining them is a low-effort task. However, lacquer is fairly easy to scratch. If you want to repair a lacquered wood floor, you’ll need to refinish it entirely.
  • Polyurethane - An extremely durable type of wood finish, polyurethane is waterproof and can give your floors a warm, amber-toned look, but repairing damages can be difficult.
  • Water-based polyurethane - This clear coating is widely used on hardwood floors to give them a high-gloss, smooth finish and great protection.
  • Moisture-cured polyurethane - One of the most durable and water-resistant types of finishes, this coating cures by absorbing moisture from the air. It is known to turn an amber hue as it ages.
  • Oil-modified urethane - This solvent-based finish is one of the most popular ones. It can take around eight hours to dry and turns amber over time. It can be found in various levels of gloss.
  • Acid-cured finish - Also known as Swedish finish, this is an alcohol-based coating that is highly durable and dries quicker than most others. It forms a hard protective layer over the wood, making it a great choice for heavy-traffic areas.
  • Wax - Wood floor waxing offers medium protection and is often used on hardwood floors due to its natural look. It’s not as durable as polyurethane finishes and is susceptible to water damage. Wax also requires frequent upkeep.
  • Shellac - Shellac is a quick-drying coating. It’s not as durable as other finishes, which is why it’s commonly used as a base for floor wax.
  • Stain, paint, or wood dye - These types of floor coating are meant to change the colour of the wood, but don’t offer any additional protection. Stain soaks into the wood and alters the colour while keeping the grain visible. Wood dye is a concentrated version of stain, so they can be thinned, coloured and tinted as needed. Paint sits on the surface of the wood and, depending on the type, covers the grain, making the floor a uniform colour.

Why trust Fantastic Services to refinish and recoat your hardwood floors

We take pride in the services we provide and the technicians we work with. That’s why, when you choose Fantastic Services, you are guaranteed:

  • Members of the Wood Flooring Association;
  • BONA-certified and insured specialists with experience in all kinds of wood floors;
  • A free floor inspection and consultation with no obligation;
  • The use of high-quality products and industry-grade equipment for excellent results;
  • A 100% satisfaction and workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind;
  • An environmentally friendly service;
  • Flexible appointments and free quotes on your chosen service;
  • Customer care specialists available 24/7.

You can rest assured that your wood floors are in the right hands with Fantastic Services.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can you refinish a prefinished or laminated floor?

    A: Yes, we can refinish a prefinished wood floor. While traditional hardwood floors can be sanded, this is often impossible or impractical for laminated wood. A recoating service is a good option for floors that can't be sanded.

  • Q: When is the best time to refinish hardwood floors?

    A: This service can be done at any time of year. However, the best time would be in the spring or autumn. This is when temperatures indoors are consistent and the weather allows for the windows to be opened to speed up the drying time and air out the room.

  • Q: When can I walk on a refinished floor?

    A: You'll have to wait at least 24 hours before walking on a newly-finished floor. The exact time depends on the finish used, so consult with your technician.

  • Q: Does wood floor sanding result in a lot of dust?

    A: Some dust will inevitably appear, but we use extracting machines and professional equipment that is 98% dust-free. In addition, we tape up and isolate the room to prevent dust from spreading throughout your home.

  • Q: Why do you use a stain and a varnish instead of a coloured varnish?

    A: Coloured varnish is a common DIY solution, as it saves time and is convenient. However, with each new coat, the colour of the floor will change and darken. This means you might end up with a colour you didn't want. Coloured varnish also wears off far quicker. A clear varnish over stained wood floor protects both the colour and the wood itself for a long time.

  • Q: Can you varnish my floors without sanding them down to bare wood?

    A: If your varnished floor isn't heavily damaged, we can perform a test and apply a new coat with only minimal scratching to key the surface. However, if your wood floors have been waxed, oiled, or polished, then we will need to completely sand off the product before we can apply a varnish.

  • Q: Is refinishing pine floors or steps worth it?

    A: Pinewood is a softwood, meaning it's more delicate and refinishing it is a more challenging task than refinishing hardwood floors. It can be done, but it's always a job best left to the experts.

  • Q: What if my hardwood floors are covered with carpet?

    A: The carpeting will need to be removed before the refinishing service can take place. We can do this for you, along with moving any furniture out of the room, for an additional charge.

  • Q: What’s your availability and what areas do you cover?

    A: We perform this service anywhere within the London M25 area. You can schedule a free on-site survey 24/7 with our online booking form.

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