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What’s included in the wood floor restoration and repair process

With time and use, neglected, yet very important parts of our homes, like the wooden floors, start to look very far from pleasant. Deep scratches form from all of that furniture moving throughout the years, gaps, missing floorboards, stains from cleaning products, a faded floor colour - the list of issues grows with each passing day. With all of this being said, if your floor is in need of a well-deserved makeover, why not book a professional wooden floor restoration and repair service?

Here is what is included in our wooden floor repair service and how the floor restoration is performed:

Wood floor restoration preparation

The very first thing that should be done before the service is for the room to be cleared out from all types of furniture and floor coverings. Typically, this is done by the homeowner, but if you need help with the task, the parquet flooring restoration specialist will give you a hand. Note that this will be additionally charged. Once everything is out of the way, the technician will perform a deep cleaning of the wooden floor to remove any dirt and buildup. This step is extremely important, especially when it comes to fixing wood floors that require gap filling.

Wood floor repair

Wood floor restoration is a process that involves a lot of separate repair processes, which can include replacing a wooden block, filling gaps, sanding, wood staining, sealing, etc. If all of these steps are performed correctly and in the right order, the end result will be a revived wooden floor that will continue to be an attractive feature in your home for a very long time.

Generally, the first step of the wood floor restoration technician is to fix any existing damaged parts. They will carefully lift any loose boards, secure them, refit old ones, or replace them with new pieces, and wrap everything up with a regluing job. Note that all old boards that are beyond repair will be replaced with reclaimed timber of the same quality and age, if possible. If there are any protruding and potentially dangerous nails, the technician will take care of them, as well.

Cleaning the floorboards or parquet blocks & subfloor

In the past, wooden floors were glued down with a different type of adhesive, called Bitumen. Its consistency resembles glue and it is black, which is no longer used when fixing down flooring. With this said, if your wooden floor is set with this type of adhesive, the “glue” needs to be removed. You see, if the technician were to apply a new coat of adhesive when performing the parquet flooring restoration, the Bitumen will affect its bonding time and the overall quality of the job.

Subfloor levelling

It’s very common for the subfloor, which is located below the blocks, to appear uneven. Sometimes the Bitumen removal can also damage this material, creating a potential issue. To avoid this, your appointed London floor restoration specialist will carefully level the surface with a special compound.

Floorboards and parquet flooring gap filling

One of those disadvantages of wooden floors is the gaps that appear, due to a series of reasons, such as the weather changes in the seasons, the drop and rise of the humidity levels, etc. The natural wooden material tends to expand and contract, which, over time, “helps” the formation of gaps in the floor. Needless to say, this affects the overall appearance of the wood floor and shortens its lifespan. These are the reasons why gap filling is such an important part of the wood floor repair and restoration process. The procedure is performed right after the replacement of any damaged boards and/or after the securing of loose ones.

Wood floor sanding

The main goal of floor sanding is for the surface layer, the one that is most probably damaged, to be removed and smoothed out. This step is completed prior to the wood floor sealing, which helps the flooring stay protected in the future. The professional wood floor repair and restoration expert will examine the floor and determine the timber type to decide on the right restoration method. The equipment that they are going to use to perform the sanding job is compatible with practically any kind of wood floor and is going to deliver quality results.

Wood floor re-oiling

Wood floor re-oiling is mandatory for floors that are not sealed. It helps keep the natural beauty and shine of a freshly installed wooden floor. It is recommended to re-oil your natural wood floors annually.

Wood floor sealing and refinishing

The final step of our service is for the technician to seal and refinish by applying oil, wax, or lacquer to the wooden floor. This part of the wood floor repair and restoration service ensures that your floor will be protected for a longer period. Note that the products that we use are 100% environmentally friendly and safe.

technician repairing old parquet floor

Parquet floor repairs in London

There is a time in every natural parquet floor owners’ life when a question arises:

“Is there a practical way to restore the initial state of my parquet floor, without breaking the bank?”

The answer is simple: Fantastic Services’ professional parquet floor repairs in London.

From handling the prep work, like clearing up the space from furniture, to repairing or replacing damaged blocks, sanding the whole surface and even changing the colour of the blocks, the highly skilled parquet floor repairs specialist will find a way to bring back your flooring's former glory.

The service includes a series of steps that will transform your parquet floor, without the mess:

  • First, the specialist will examine the surface of the floor to determine its state and choose the required restoration methods.
  • Once done, the professionals will fix or replace any damaged blocks, fill in gaps, etc.
  • The next step, while not always necessary, is sanding the floor. This will help take care of imperfection, leaving you with a parquet floor looking nearly as good as new.
  • Upon request, the technician can change or enhance the colour of the parquet floor by staining it.
  • Finally, a thick layer of hard-wearing lacquer finish, hard wax or natural oil will be applied.

Common wood floor repairs in London that we can help you with

The trained professionals can help you restore wood flooring with the following issues:

  • Damaged wooden boards or missing parquet blocks - We all know that home renovation projects can scar your beautiful wooden floor for life.
  • Detached parquet blocks - This can be a result of water damage, general wear and tear, adhesive issues, sub-floor problems, etc.
  • Gaps between blocks/boards - The weather changes are very unforgiving when it comes to the good state of your wooden floor. Natural expansion and contraction of the material is every homeowner's worst nightmare.
  • Raised or uneven parquet flooring - Bumpy looking wooden floor can be caused by a damaged or eroded substrate, underfloor ground movement, or even flooding.
  • Poor appearance - This includes scratches, stains, boards without definition - anything that is a result of general wear and tear.

Entrust your wood floor restoration in London to the experienced flooring specialists

A complete wooden floor restoration solution

Every type of wooden floor needs some TLC as the years pass and a professional floor repair and restoration service is the perfect solution when that time comes. By choosing us for your property’s needs, you get to benefit from an all-in-one solution.

FREE survey included in the price

Our parquet flooring restoration services include a FREE survey, so you can get the exact price for the job the easy way. Just fill in your details in our online booking form, share with us when you want the viewing to be done, and from that point on you can leave the rest to us!

Performed by trained and experienced wood floor repair specialists

All of our services are performed by trained, vetted and fully insured professionals, and the wood floor repair in London is no exception to this rule.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Is there a difference between floor refinishing and floor restoration?

    A: Yes, there is. As the name suggests, the main goal of the floor restoration is to repair any existing damage that your floor has. This can include removing gaps, taking care of stains, changing the colour of the floor, etc.

  • Q: How can I protect my floor in general?

    A: If you want to extend the lifespan of your wooden floor, it’s a very good idea to use coverings, such as doormats and carpets, especially when it comes to high-traffic areas of your home. The added protection will save you the pain of dealing with scratches and stains in the future.

  • Q: How long will my wooden floor restoration service take?

    A: Every floor repair and restoration job is different - some floors need more work, while others require only a floorboard or two to be fixed. Your appointed wood floor repair specialist can tell you an approximate time estimate for the service once on-site.

  • Q: Can I walk on the wood floor, while the professional is working on it?

    A: Yes, you can. Just make sure to talk to the specialist before doing so. The only exception is when the expert is sealing the wooden floor, but even then, if enough time has passed, you can walk over it.

  • Q: How do I know that my floor needs repair work?

    A: It’s simple - just take a closer look. Do you see any gaps? How about discolouration? Are there any protruding nails or scratches? If the answer is yes, your floor could use some repair work.

  • Q: What is your wood floor repair and restoration service availability?

    A: You can book our services for any day of the week and even on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Just contact us, share with us when you want your wood repair and restoration professional to come, and we’ll do our best to find you the desired time slot.

  • Q: Can you help me remove my carpets for the wooden floor restoration service?

    A: Of course! Just make sure to tell the wood floor repair specialist during the survey and they will take care of it.

  • Q: How are your wooden floor restoration service prices calculated?

    A: Many factors come into play when we calculate the price for your wood repair and restoration service quote. For example, we take into account the number of rooms to be restored, the state of the wooden floor, as well as the type of work you need done (repair, sanding, sealing, etc.) After the survey, we’ll provide you with an accurate price estimate, with all additional costs included.

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