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What wood flooring installation services we can arrange for you

Is your wooden floor tired-looking with cracks and warped floorboards? Or maybe, your laminate floor is on its last legs and you wish to replace it with a solid wood floor to increase the value of your property? Then, Fantastic Services is here to help you out.

Your service will be provided by fully equipped and qualified London floor installers who can provide you with a range of floor fitting solutions, available to private homeowners, landlords and commercial property proprietors alike.

See below the variety of wood floor fitting options you can take advantage of:

  • Softwood flooring installation - Be it Douglas Fir, Pine, Spruce, Larch or Redwood flooring you wish to have installed, the solid wood flooring fitters we work with will lay it in your London property with high-standard results.
  • Hardwood floor installation - Durable and sturdy, hardwood floor surfaces are a great choice, no matter if you go for Mahogany, Oak, Teak or Cherry. Solid wood floors are famous for their longevity with the right maintenance.
  • Engineered floor installation - This type of floating wood flooring boasts versatility, in terms of colours and shades. In addition, it can be easily laid on various subfloor surfaces by your dedicated engineered wood flooring fitter, almost anywhere in your home or business place.
  • Parquet flooring installation - Parquet floors can be fitted in a wide range of patterns, making the installation completely tailored to your needs. From basket weave, ladder or chevron to the traditional herringbone pattern, the specialist has the skills and expertise to lay the parquet blocks to your exact specifications.
  • Laminate floor installation - We’ll send a local laminate flooring fitter, who will diligently prepare and damp proof the subfloor surface, fit a quality underlay and then lay each laminate floating floor piece, interlocking them tightly and securely. The expert will then install the skirting boards to finish off the floor installation process.

What does the installation of your wood flooring in London may involve?

Step 1. Subfloor preparation

Regardless of what type of wood flooring you need fitting, the first step of the process always involves the preparation of the surface underneath. Rest assured that the London floor fitters we rely on know exactly how to do the job. Equipped with quality tools, they will make sure that the subfloor is levelled out and free of debris, as well as it is damp proofed well to prevent the risk of cupping and warping of the new floorboards, parquet blocks or laminate tiles.

Step 2. Installation of the underlay

More often than not and depending on the type of flooring you have picked, the floor installers will fit a sound- and moisture-proofing padding, foam or wood underlay (in some cases). This middle layer of your floor structure also acts as thermal insulation and minimises any sounds that might be produced when walking over your new floor.

Step 3: Fitting the floor

Wood floor installation techniques naturally vary and depend on what kind of wood flooring you want to be installed. There are 3 main methods that experienced flooring fitters use:

  • Glue down – This method is used sometimes by engineered wood floor fitters (if no underlay has been installed), as well as during a parquet, softwood or hardwood floor installation process.
  • Nail down/staple down – The technique is most commonly used to install solid wood floors and occasionally engineered wood flooring.
  • Floating – Floating is the preferred floor fitting method when you install a laminate or engineered wood floor. In some cases, parquet floors can be also laid this way. An underlay is always put in place underneath the floorboards or laminate pieces, which are interlocked securely on top.

Step. 4: Wood floor sanding

Hardwood and softwood new floors are best sanded down to remove any imperfections. The floor fitters in London use professional dust-free sanding and polishing equipment to minimise significantly any sawdust production.

Step. 5: Staining/sealing and finishing touches

If you’ve ordered a softwood or hardwood floor fitting service, the sanded floor will need some sort of a sealant applied on top, whether it’s varnish, wax, oil or a staining product. There will also be some finishing touches that need doing, such as the installation of skirting boards, beading or baseboard trims along the edges to cover the expansion gaps, as well as fitting matching thresholds under the door frames.

Wood floor fitter while working

Why book a professional wood floor fitting company in London?

Various wood floor fitting solutions

The flooring company we’ve partnered with specialises in installing any type of wood flooring, including softwood and hardwood floors, laminate and parquet flooring, as well as engineered wood floors. The professionals have worked with materials by various reputable brands, such as Elka, Kahrs, Lifestyle, Boen, QuickStep, Balterio and more. Furthermore, the experts have years of experience in providing additional flooring services, suitable for new and existing solid wood and parquet floors. From floor sanding, polishing and buffing to wood floor sealing, staining and waxing, we’ve got you covered.

Guaranteed and long-lasting results

A new wood floor installation or replacement of your damaged flooring will surely add value to your home or place of business when done by professional flooring fitters, who have the right qualifications and experience. With Fantastic Services, you can be confident that your service will be carried out with attention to detail and the use of quality materials. Your renovation project is in good hands, as the service comes with a full guarantee on the overall workmanship and the execution of each key step of the installation process.

Available 7 days a week throughout London

As already mentioned, we count on the expertise of local wood floor fitters near you, who operate in the entire area of London (M25 zone). You can order your preliminary survey and book a wood floor fitting service online or by phone, 24/7, for any day of the week. What’s more, the service comes with a professional consultation – a perfect solution if you’re unsure about what type of flooring you should choose.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How long does it take to fit a wooden floor?

    A: This will depend on the following factors: the size of your room(s), the type of flooring, the method used, the complexity of the subfloor preparation, the intricacy of the flooring pattern (parquets), the type of surface (staircase flooring installation vs. standard rooms), etc.

  • Q: Do I need to do anything before the service takes place?

    A: Please, empty the room out, so it’s free of any furniture. Also, make sure that you let the flooring materials acclimatise indoors at a nice room temperature for a good week or so. You can enjoy the results of a wood floor installation service, no matter the season, as long you don’t ignore the above advice. Note that the floor fitters always test the moisture level of the subfloor, too.

  • Q: Is there a right or wrong direction to consider when the wood floorboards are being laid?

    A: The rule of thumb is to lay the boards lengthways and to consider the natural light coming from the windows. This will make the room feel larger. However, solid wood floors, which will be nailed down, need to be installed perpendicularly in relation to the subfloor joists so that the stability of the entire structure doesn’t get compromised.

  • Q: How long do wood floors last and when should they be replaced?

    A: This will depend on the quality of the material, level of use and maintenance. If a hardwood floor can last a lifetime with routine cleaning, as well as by applying restoration solutions, such as floor sanding, sealing or wood floor polishing, cheaper options like laminate flooring are not that easy to refurbish if damaged. In any way, when there’s a significant wear and tear, water damage or structural issues with your hardwood flooring, parquet or laminate, it’s best to schedule a professional wood floor installation service.

  • Q: Do all wood floor installations require an underlay to be fitted underneath?

    A: No. Some solid wood floorings are fixed directly to the subfloor. Floating floor types, however, more often than not, require an underlay installation, first.

  • Q: Can you help me remove and dispose of the old floor?

    A: This and more can be arranged in advance. Just specify what type of assistance you need during the consultation with your wood floor fitter, be it removing any furniture, disposing of any waste before or after the flooring installation job and so on.

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