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Why pick our wood floor buffing in London for your property

With the years of use, natural wood flooring tends to lose its initial good look. Tiny scratches form, the colour of the floor starts to look dull, and a “nice” pattern of random stains appears out of nowhere. If the picture we’ve just painted sounds a bit too familiar, maybe it’s time to book a professional wood floor buffing service in London and why not Fantastic Services’?

We offer expert floor buffing services, which can restore the overall good condition of your flooring. The solution is suitable for a range of natural wood flooring types, such as:

  • Solid wood
  • Engineered wood
  • Parquet flooring

The service is performed by trained, certified and insured professionals, who work with the very best floor buffing and polishing equipment that the industry has to offer, so you can expect nothing less than literally shiny results.

Generally, you can get this as part of our hardwood floor refinishing service or separately - it’s all up to you and your properties’ needs! Also, if you wish, you can combine the wood floor buffing service with our professional floor recoating or re-oiling option for an even better-looking floor.

So? What are you waiting for? Give your wood floor the mini-makeover it needs by scheduling a visit from our floor buffing professionals!

When to choose wood floor buffing over sanding

While floor buffing and sanding may sound like the same thing to many, in reality, there are a lot of differences between the two types of floor restoration methods.

Hardwood floor buffing and polishing is a solution suitable for surfaces that look a bit dull in colour, have minor scratches and marks, and overall are aged. Wood floor buffing is also a good idea when you want to restore the shine of your oil finished flooring.

Sanding, on the other hand, is a method that we recommend for more distressed looking and scratched flooring. You can determine if your wooden floor needs sanding over polishing by taking a closer look at its surface. Are there any dents that protrude the top layer of the floor? If the answer is yes, then sanding is the right option for your property.

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How the hardwood floor buffing specialists perform the job

Wood floor buffing is a job that requires a certain set of skills, special equipment and a good plan. To get a better understanding of what type of service you’ll receive, we’ve broken down the above-mentioned plan that your scheduled professional will follow:

Step 1: Floor preparation - The very first step of the hardwood floor buffing service is the preparation work. All types of furniture and floor coverings need to be relocated, so the specialist can do their job. You can either take care of this task yourself, or you can ask the technician to give you a helping hand.

Step 2: Removing the top layer of the wood floor - Once the room is cleared out of all items, the specialist will carefully remove the top waxy layer of the wooden floor.

Step 3: Cleaning - Another important step of the wood floor buffing service is cleaning its surface. The professional will make sure to remove all accumulated dust and dirt, so the next parts of the service - buffing and polishing - can be performed correctly.

Step 4: Buffing - After the surface is thoroughly cleaned, the technician will use professional wood floor buffing equipment to buff the scratches out of the hardwood floor, reviving its state. They do this with the help of a range of different sized buffing pads, which will ensure quality results.

Step 5: Applying a finish - Finally, when all of the scratches and marks are removed, the specialist will apply a coat of a special finish to your wooden floor.

Step 6: Polishing - The last step, the one that will make all of the difference, is the floor polishing process. This part of the wood floor buffing service will leave the surface of the flooring looking shiny and new.

Four good reasons to pick our wood floor buffing service

A budget-friendly solution that will transform your wooden floor

Reviving your wooden floor doesn’t need to burn a hole in your wallet. By choosing our professional wood floor buffing services, you sign-up yourself for expert results at an affordable price rate. So, don't wait any longer and pick the Fantastic way to give your wooden floor a makeover.

FREE survey included in the service price

Our hardwood floor buffing service includes a FREE survey, so you can receive an exact price calculation ASAP! The survey itself is really easy to organise - all you have to do is contact us, either using our online booking form or by directly calling our team, pick a convenient day and time for the wood floor buffing specialist to come, and we’ll take care of the rest! It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s Fantastic.

Done by experienced hardwood floor buffing and polishing experts

The professional who we’ll appoint you will be trained, vetted, fully insured, Bona-certified and a member of the Wood Flooring Association. They will arrive for the job fully equipped with industry-grade buffing machines and tools, so you can expect nothing less than high-quality end results.

Full-week service availability

When we started developing our wood floor buffing service, we wanted to create a solution that is as convenient as possible for our clients. That's why you have the option to book our service for any day of the week, including on weekends, and practically at any time.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I book your wood floor buffing services for my laminate floor?

    A: The answer here is no. You see, laminate floors are made from materials that are designed to look like real wood, such as plywood, but in no case are crafted from the real thing. Due to this reason, wood floor buffing, sanding, and polishing are not suitable for this type of floor. If you try to use one of these methods to restore your floor, you’ll damage it.

  • Q: How often should I get my floors buffed?

    A: It really does depend on the type of traffic that your wooden floors receive on a daily basis and even on the number of people living at your property. Generally speaking, buffing scratches out of a wood floor should be done once every 2 to 4 months. By having your wooden floors buffed regularly, you’ll also prolong their lifespan and overall good look significantly.

  • Q: How long will the hardwood floor buffing service take?

    A: The duration of the service depends on several factors, such as the state of the wooden floor and its size. Once on-site, your appointed professional will determine approximately how much time the service will take and share that information with you.

  • Q: Where can I book your hardwood floor buffing services?

    A: You can book our professional hardwood floor buffing service anywhere within the M25 area in London. Also, you can make a service appointment anytime you want, thanks to our nifty online booking system!

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