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    And for the ultimate floor look, you can always take advantage of our floor finishing and staining solutions.

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gap filling of a wooden floor in London

The benefits of filling gaps in floorboards and hardwood parquets

Over time, you may notice gaps appearing on your hardwood flooring or oak parquet, due to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood material. Variations in humidity levels and temperature fluctuations (and sometimes, an incorrect floor installation process) are the main culprits behind gaps becoming visible on your wood floor surface. And say, if the hardwood floor expansion gaps have not been left as wide as they should be, this will just aggravate the issue. These, in effect, are the gaps between the floor and the walls that need to be left during the installation before being covered with skirting boards.

Another reason that you may one day need to fill gaps in the wood floorboards is that the material was not left to acclimate sufficiently to the temperature and other conditions in the room before the floor fitting job. Last but not least, if the floor was laid on a subfloor with damp issues, this would also result in floorboard gaps later on.

But why can gaps between the floorboards be a problem? See below what issues they can cause:

  • Dust and dirt accumulation in between the floorboards;
  • Pest infestations, due to insects hiding and breeding in the floor gaps;
  • Unstable flooring and structural issues;
  • Bad thermal insulation and loss of energy;
  • Unaesthetically looking wood floor;
  • Faster deterioration of the flooring;
  • Noisy flooring (squeaky sounds when walking);
  • Risk of tripping and injuries, due to warped floorboards with gaps in between;
  • Compromised soundproof insulation.

So, to avoid the need for a complete hardwood floor repair and restoration service, you’ll be better off booking a FREE on-site floor survey and resort to a professional gap filling service if need be.

Note that if your floor is beyond repair and there are too many and too wide gaps between the floorboards, as well as cracks, holes and so on, then it will be more cost-effectively to consider a new wood floor installation.

What to expect from your wood floor gap filling service?

The floor filling experts in London, can provide you with a range of floor filling solutions and methods, depending on the size of the gaps between the floorboards that need filling.

Wood floor gap filling with sawdust and a resin filler

The resin gap filling method involves the use of sawdust, which matches the colour of your floor, mixed with a clear resin filler. The flooring specialist will apply the quick-drying mixture on smaller gaps and cracks with a filling knife, as well as seal the joints and any splits. The result will be a smooth finish, where you won’t be even able to discern the wood floor filling work.

Suitable for: wood floors with gaps that are less than 4 mm wide, parquet floors, mosaic floors, lock joint floorboards, hardwood floorboards with solid joist support, etc.

Not suitable for: pine floorboards or gaps and holes that are larger than 5 mm.

Wood floor gap filling with solid wood strips/wood slivers

If you have gaps that are 5 mm wide or more, then the best method of gap filling is to use slivers, which are glued into the gaps and cracks. These are actually strips, made from reclaimed solid wood, which after fitting them, will need to be sanded down for an even floor finish.

Suitable for: filling large gaps between floorboards (5-12 mm), pine floorboards or floors with just a few gaps.

Not suitable for: thin gaps or unevenly spaced holes.

Additional floor filling service

To prolong your wood flooring’s life and enjoy the ultimate smooth and appealing finish, you can benefit from the following extra services:

  • Wood floor sanding - As mentioned above, a wood floor gap filling job, where wood slivers have been used, always requires chiselling and sanding afterwards. Still, the sanding service may be needed after other types of wood floor plank repairs, in order for the surface to get prepared properly for sealing or refinishing. Sanding is performed with dust-free equipment by fully qualified flooring experts.
  • Wood floor staining - The floor care experts we rely on can complete the wood floor staining service with a range of water-, solvent- or oil-based wood stains of various colours and shades. From mahogany, dark oak, rosewood and golden oak to teak and antique pine, you’ll feel spoilt for choice. Staining your floor will bring out the texture and grain of the wood and can be easily ordered with your gap filling service.
  • Wood floor sealing and refinishing - Benefit from another wood floor care treatment that is designed to protect the floorboards from damage, such as scratches, and thus, it helps extend your flooring’s life. By opting for a wood floor refinishing service, you’ll also find that it’s much easier to maintain your floor clean, as the high-quality varnish, wax or oil finish will keep stains at bay.
wood floor gap filling in progress

What to expect from your wood floor filling service in London?

Expert floor gap filling and refinishing

The floor filling service may be booked as part of a wood floor renovation service, which can include sanding, varnishing, wooden stairs restoration and more or you can order it separately. Whatever your needs, the experienced floor specialist will perform the job by using industry-grade equipment, dust-free sanding tools, quality wood floor fillers and floor refinishing or sealing products.

Renovating all types of wooden floors

The wood floor gap filling solutions and other floor restoration services are suitable for a variety of wood floor surfaces, including parquet, engineered wood, hardwood and softwood floorings, etc. The specialists are fully insured and trained to deliver guaranteed results with your express requirements and high satisfaction in mind.

FREE preliminary surveys & no-obligation quotes

All floor renovation services that Fantastic Services can assist you within London come with a free consultation and floor inspection, which will result in providing you with a fixed quote. If you’re happy with the price estimate, then you can easily book the service of your choice online by filling the booking form on this site. We offer 7-day availability and 24/7 customer support.

On-site materials delivery, available

The wood floor professionals can advise you on what materials will be needed for the job at hand so that you get the best possible restoration service for your wooden flooring. Be it a clear resin or acrylic wood floor filler, reclaimed wood slivers or a specific type of a floor refinishing, staining and sealing product, all these can be delivered for your convenience by the floor technician.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: When is floor filling necessary and do all floor gaps need to be filled?

    A: As explained earlier, wide gaps are best filled with a filler or covered by wood slivers to minimise further damage to your floor. Gaps, holes and cracks that are smaller than 2 mm do not usually require attention and filling.

  • Q: Is there a best time of the year to fill gaps between floorboards?

    A: Well, gaps between floorboards and voids between the flooring and the beading are best filled during seasons with high humidity levels. Imagine what will happen to the fillers if you apply them during dry times of the year and then later on, the wood expands during rainy periods. The slivers or fillers will be just pushed out by the swollen floorboards.

  • Q: Can I do anything so that gaps in the floor never reappear?

    A: To minimise winter gapping, try to maintain a nice room temperature and low moisture levels (30-50%), where you have wood floorboards installed. In addition, the flooring technician may place wooden pegs to secure the boards and reduce the risk of any future plank movement. Last but not least, always lift furniture rather than drag it across the floor. You’ll avoid scratching it this way, too.

  • Q: Why use a wood stain before sealing the floor when I can just apply a coloured varnish?

    A: Well, of course, this will be up to you. However, experts advise that staining your floorboards with a wood staining product of the desired colour, first, and then sealing it with a clear varnish is the better way to refinish your floor. Coloured waxes and varnishes downplay or de-emphasize in a way the wood grain.

  • Q: Do I always have to seal the floor after staining it?

    A: Yes, it’s highly recommended. Sealing your stained or whitewashed floorboards will protect them from damage and stain formations, should spillage accidents happen in the future. The newly applied colour or tint will also stay intact and last for longer.

  • Q: What are your coverage and availability?

    A: The floor filling services and other floor renovation solutions can be booked for any day of the week, including public holidays. After-business-hours appointments may be subject to a small additional charge. You can take advantage of any floor restoration service if you’re located anywhere in London, within the M25 zone.

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