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The wood floor polishing and cleaning process in more detail

Floor maintenance is something that many homeowners tend to neglect, which, more often than not, results in a not-that-great-looking or overall damaged flooring. If you are on the search for an affordable way to preserve your lacquered wooden floor or to take care of any imperfections, then professional wood floor polishing and cleaning is the way to go.

The service is very easy to book, comes with a FREE on-site survey, and is performed by trained, certified and fully equipped wood floor polishing professionals. By booking our service, you ensure yourself quality results that will last, all thanks to our years of experience and tried and tested methods.

Give your wooden floor the care it deserves and schedule a service appointment with Fantastic Services today!

What your wood floor polishing and cleaning service in London involve

At its core, wood polishing is a service that is used to repair and preserve the floor sealant of lacquered floors, extending the lifespan of the walking surface. With that being said, the service includes a series of steps, which your appointed wood floor polishing technician will follow:

  • The first part of our wooden floor polish service is the FREE survey. Your scheduled professional will do an on-site inspection of the floor to determine its type, check out its condition, and give you an exact price estimate.
  • Once everything is set, we'll schedule you a second appointment, when the specialist will perform the wood floor polishing job. Make sure to remove all furniture and coverings from the room prior to the service. If you have any heavier pieces and need help, the professional will help you relocate the items.
  • Before they start polishing the floor, the specialists will thoroughly clean its surface to remove any existing dirt and dust.
  • Depending on the state of your flooring, the professional might need to sand and seal the wooden floor.
  • After all of the prep work is finished, they will apply the needed layers of fresh polish.

The whole procedure will be completed within a day, depending on the size of the project, so you'll be able to walk over the floor after a short overnight wait.

Polished wooden floor in London

What other wooden floor care services you can take advantage of

Wooden floor polishing is just one of the many services that you can book to restore your flooring. Check out our other budget-friendly options and pick the one that will best suit your needs:

Re-oiling hardwood floors in London

As the name of the service suggests, re-oiling is a solution that involves the application of a new layer of oil over an existing oiled finish. This type of service is suitable for flooring of the following sorts:

  • Engineered floors
  • Oiled parquet
  • Hardwood floors

The option includes the removal of the top layer of the flooring, with the use of a buffing technique. This step, combined with the new layer of oil, will breathe life back into your wooden floor, saving you time and money from a complete renovation job.

Wooden floor refinishing services for the ultimate floor look.

If you want to keep your wooden floor in good shape, a refinishing job is a must. Similarly to our re-oiling service, this solution also includes some prep work. The top layer of the flooring will be removed by your appointed technician with the help of special equipment, which will then be followed by a floor recoating procedure. Note that if the existing type of lacquer can not be determined by the professional, a polishing service is recommended instead.

Expert hardwood floor buffing in London

As with all things in life, with the years of use, hardwood floors tend to lose their initial good look and shine. The wooden surface becomes dull, small marks form over time, and all of those stains don't help the picture either. If your wood floor happens to be in the condition that we've just described, we highly recommend booking a hardwood floor buffing service. You can schedule the solution separately or combine it with one of our other floor maintenance services - you decide!

Why is it important to resort to the right wood floor care?

When it comes to maintenance, hardwood floors are relatively easy to take care of. Most of the time they require only a good, regular cleaning with a quality detergent to continue looking as nice and shiny as they do. However, no matter how simple the maintenance process is, there is always something that can leave your flooring damaged. With that being said, check out the most common ways people unintentionally harm their wooden floors, while cleaning them and in general:

  • Let's start with the most basic thing - leaving your floor dirty. You see, when you don't clean your flooring regularly, all of the accumulated dust, dirt and grime leads to scratches, scuffs, and scours.
  • A lot of people use too much water when cleaning their wooden floors, which causes warping.
  • If the top layer of the wooden floor, a.k.a. the sealing coat, is damaged in some areas and you are using a water-based detergent to wash your floor, the solution will leak through the worn-out spots and cause, again, warping.
  • Furniture and rugs can and will dull the shine of your wooden floor and even leave behind discolouration.
  • Spills, paint splatters, etc. - if you don't take care of them immediately, they will stain your wooden floor permanently. After that, no cleaner can save you from them.

The good news is that all of these issues can be both resolved and prevented if you opt for a professional solution. So, don't wait any longer and book Fantastic Services for the job!

Count on Fantastic Services for your professional wood floor maintenance and care

FREE flooring survey, included

The service comes with a completely free on-site survey that you can easily book online for any day of the week. It includes a thorough inspection of the condition of your flooring, expert consultation and a precise quote with no obligation to commit. For any additional questions and concerns, you can rely on and contact our helpful 24/7 customer service team.

Comprehensive floor care and maintenance

Although you can book the wood floor polishing and cleaning service on its own, please note that we can assist you with arranging an all-in-one wood floor restoration service, designed to renovate your flooring completely. From small repairs, sanding, stripping or buffing to complete refinishing with the right sealing product, rest assured that your floor investment will be in good hands.

Experienced and multi-skilled experts

The wood floor polishing specialists we work with in London are qualified, fully insured, Bona-certified and accredited by the Wood Flooring Association. They have the experience of restoring wooden floor surfaces in any type of business, public or residential properties. Last but not least, the flooring professionals can offer comprehensive floor maintenance advice so that you can enjoy the shiny look of your parquet or hardwood floorboards for longer.

Using floor care products from leading manufacturers.

The technicians work only with proven non-toxic polishing, sealing and cleaning floor care products from reputable brands to ensure your family and pets’ safety, while achieving quality results. On this note, any materials that your floor polishing or rejuvenating service may require can be delivered on-site by the knowledgeable flooring specialists we work with.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How often should I polish my wooden floor?

    A: Wood polishing is best done every few months (2 to 4) after the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, first.

  • Q: How long does it take for the polish to dry?

    A: It’s best to leave your floor to dry properly for at least 24 hours after it’s been polished.

  • Q: How do I maintain my polished wooden floor to enjoy the results for longer?

    A: Make sure that you don’t walk on it with outdoor footwear. Also, clean spillages straightaway and fit your furniture with protective pads. In addition, do not use a wet mop or any abrasive cleaning products to clean your polished wooden floor. And when you notice visible wear and tear on the surface, rest assured that we offer a range of floor maintenance and restoration services (sanding, buffing, resealing and more) for your convenience.

  • Q: Can you re-oil my wooden floor?

    A: Absolutely, and you should note that it’s recommended to re-oil your hardwood or parquet floor every 16 to 24 months (6-8 months for commercial flooring applies). However, if your hardwood floor has been badly damaged in places, sanding and other restoration jobs may be required, first, before proceeding with the application of a new coat of oil.

  • Q: What is the difference between buffing, polishing and refinishing?

    A: The terms are often used interchangeably but they are different, indeed. Buffing refers to smoothing out any imperfections on the floor with a buffing machine, while polishing is done at a higher speed to improve the shiny look of your flooring when there’s no need for sanding and additional sealing beforehand. Re-finishing, on the other hand, involves the removal of any old layers of coating before applying a new sealing agent, be it varnish or another type of floor finishing product.

  • Q: What is your service coverage?

    A: Both domestic and commercial customers, located anywhere in London, within the M25 zone, can benefit from the wooden floor polishing and cleaning service anytime.

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