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Review of our Walthamstow pest control service from clients

Professional pest control for your home and office in Walthamstow

In Walthamstow E17, our top-notch pest control service is tailored to meet your pest elimination needs. With extensive experience, our skilled and certified pest exterminators employ a diverse range of proven methods to combat any pest infestation. Whether you require the eradication of bed bugs, mice, rodents, or moths, our expertise is at your disposal.

We deliver the optimal solution by considering the specific type of vermin you are dealing with and provide the necessary aftercare to ensure effective results.

Pest exterminators near you in E17

Walthamstow pest control experts you can count on

Our pest control team is well-prepared and fully equipped to tackle the task at hand.

  • They can handle any pest-related issue.
  • They excel at identifying pest species and recognizing signs of their presence.
  • Their services encompass thorough inspections, effective treatments, and post-service proofing work.
  • Moreover, they offer valuable prevention advice at no additional cost, ensuring a comprehensive and professional approach.

Get rid of pests in Walthamstow with effective pest control

Fantastic pest control

Rat control Walthamstow

In the event of an rat invasion on your property, our pest control team is available to assist you. We offer rat extermination services on workdays, weekends, and bank holidays. Additionally, we provide emergency services to address urgent situations.

Bed bug treatment

Our service consists of two visits, spaced two weeks apart, to ensure comprehensive treatment. Our skilled pest professionals treat every surface in your bedroom, including your bed mattress, headboard, skirting boards, flooring, carpeting, and more. No area is left untreated with our meticulous approach.

Cockroach control

Fantastic Services' specialists undergo rigorous training in pesticide safety and use, as well as pest control treatment in Walthamstow E17. We prioritise the well-being of our customers, and as a last resort, bait gel will only be applied in areas inaccessible to children or pets. Your safety and that of your loved ones are of the utmost importance to us.

Get more out of your Walthamstow pest control service

Fogging service

Fogging is a specialised pest treatment designed to combat flying insects, including mosquitoes, flies, flying ants, moths, and others. While homes normally harbour various species, when a minor mosquito issue escalates into a full-blown infestation, it becomes necessary to take appropriate measures.

Fumigation service

This comprehensive process entails an insecticide spray to provide a thorough treatment, safeguarding the property against insect infestations. It's worth noting that numerous tenancy agreements include a clause requiring property fumigation as a preventative measure.

Pest inspection

Prompt infestation identification is crucial for timely pest eradication. While certain infestations, like mice, are readily observable, others like bed bugs can remain unnoticed until the situation worsens. Relying on pest inspection professionals' expertise, who identify signs of infestations, guarantees efficient and effective resolution.

Pest control in Walthamstow by the professionals

Sandor 4.63/5 783 ratings

Number of bookings: 2101

With Fantastic Services for: 9 years


Rodent Control Insect Treatment

What the reviews say

"Quick and effective rodent control. The team's response time and methods ensured a pest-free environment."

- Liam S.

Muhammad 4.24/5 17 ratings

Number of bookings: 137

With Fantastic Services for: 5 years


Rodent Control Insect Treatment

What the reviews say

"Timely rodent control service. The technicians responded quickly, successfully resolving the issue with efficient methods."

- Sophia M.

Sergios 4.79/5 14 ratings

Number of bookings: 38

With Fantastic Services for: 9 months


Rodent Control Insect Treatment

What the reviews say

"Fast response to my rodent issue. Their pest control team acted swiftly, ensuring my home is rodent-free. Highly impressed!"

- Mia G.

Pest control Walthamstow FAQ

How much do pest control services cost?
It depends on the number of rooms that require treatment and how many visits you've booked with the exterminator. We charge per job done, not per hour.
Do you charge for quotes?
The quotes we give are free and there are no hidden charges.
Is it necessary to clean before the exterminator arrives?
It depends on what type of pest issue you have. Once we confirm your booking, we will give you full instructions.
Do you offer same-day service?
Yes, we are available for same-day emergency treatments when you need immediate treatment. We are available 24/7 over the phone or online to schedule emergency services. Getting a pest exterminator to your property is our top priority.
What type of pest do you treat?
Rodents, creepy crawlies and others. The most popular are rats, mice, bed bugs, wasps, fleas, moths, cockroaches, and ants. We treat them all and even more! So call us to ask about your specific problem.
How does online booking work?
Choose a time slot that's convenient for you by entering your postcode in the field above and customising your pest control service. Easy, right?

Can't find the answer you're looking for?
Visit our Help Center.

Same-day pest control in Walthamstow


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