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How to book our loft conversion services

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    Contact us for a phone consultation with an experienced architect. Make sure to share as much information about the project as possible, as well as provide current pictures of your property.

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    We'll do the math and provide you with a service quote within your budget.

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    After you've said yes, we'll send you visualisation and renderings of the design of your future loft conversion.

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    Once you're happy with everything, we can proceed with transforming your loft space, upon request!

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What to expect from your loft conversion service

Living in a big city like London means that buying a bigger home is not always an option. Properties are limited and their prices are sky-high. So what should one do if they need a bit of extra space in their house? The answer is an easy one - loft conversion with the help of Fantastic Services!

A loft conversion is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make their living space more functional or to raise their property's value before placing it for sale.

At the beginning of the service, we'll organise a meeting with an experienced architect. They will take a look at your property and help you decide on the best loft conversion option. After that, we'll take all of your requirements into consideration and transform them into a 3D visualisation of your loft. If you need any changes made to the project, we'll complete them expertly and with your new ideas in mind. Furthermore, we can assist you with the construction stage of your project, as well. Our partners work with experienced contractors, who can execute the building work professionally and to the highest standard. Before you know it, your property will be upgraded with a new room!

And do you know what the best part is? You don't have to lift a finger for anything, including planning permission documents and other types of potential paperwork.

Don't wait any longer and book Fantastic Services' loft conversion solutions in London today!

The type of loft conversion project we can assist you with

Dormer loft conversion

If you are looking for a good way to add both more space and light to your property, a dormer loft conversion is a good option. This type of loft conversion includes creating a structure that will extend vertically from the roof. Depending on the type of roof you have, the modern dormer loft conversion can be flat, gabled, or hipped. And yes, a double dormer loft conversion is also possible if your property allows it.

L-shaped loft conversion

Another great way to expand your property is through an L-shaped loft conversion. The perfect solution for Victorian and Edwardian types of properties, this type of loft conversion will give you a significant amount of space, which you can use to create an additional bedroom, work office, or even gym.

Hip to gable loft conversion

Do you live in a property that has a hipped roof and are looking for a budget-friendly way to add more space? Then, hip to gable loft conversion is the right choice for you. A team of experienced builders can replace the roof slope with a straight wall, giving you extra room for any further home renovation projects.

Mansard loft conversion

If you want to REALLY expand your home, a mansard loft conversion solution in London is the right way to go. Suitable for most types of properties you see in the capital, the mansard loft conversion includes altering the entire shape of your roof. The result will be a huge, versatile space that will definitely add to your property's value.

Velux loft conversion

A great way to invite sunlight into your property is through Velux loft conversion. This option will transform your loft into a sunny room and spare a lot of the construction work that other types of conversions require. Besides being a more convenient solution, a Velux loft conversion is one of the most budget-friendly ways to make your roof space livable.

Do you need planning permission for your loft conversion in London?

When it comes to property construction projects, planning permission is one of the most important, yet, time-consuming things that you need to handle. Well, not when you have Fantastic Services at your side!

The professional architect, who will be appointed to your project will take care of every single documentation-related task, including completing the necessary research, contacting the relevant authorities, and, if your loft conversion requires it, prepare your planning permission application!

So, why not leave your loft conversion to the professionals and just enjoy the extra space at the end? Contact the team today and schedule a survey appointment!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can my loft be converted?

    A: There are certain requirements that your property needs to meet for a loft conversion to be possible. For example, the minimum height, from the floor to the highest points of your loft, needs to be no less than 2.2 m. If your space doesn't fit the numbers, don't worry - a loft conversion still might be on the table. With that being said, it's best to have an architect visit your home and share their professional opinion on the matter.

  • Q: How does the survey part of the service go?

    A: On the day of the survey appointment, we'll send you an architect to your property at the agreed-upon time. The professional will inspect your loft, take all the necessary measurements, and talk through with you what can be done and, of course, what can't. After the survey is over, the architect will use all of this information to calculate the service quote, which will be then sent to you via email.

  • Q: How much will my loft conversion service cost?

    A: The price for your loft conversion will highly depend on the size of the project, types of materials, specific requests, etc. Of course, we'll do everything on our part to work within the budget you've given us. Also, you can add things or remove them during the design stages of the project, which means that nothing is set in stone until you say yes to the draft.

  • Q: Will a loft conversion increase the value of my property?

    A: Yes, it will - after all, you are adding more living space, which is also brand new. Besides increasing the value of your property, you'll also be saving quite a bit of money if you had to move houses. After all, selling your old home, buying a new one, moving all of your belongings, and dealing with piles of paperwork is very costly.

  • Q: Can you help with other types of house extension projects?

    A: Yes. You can also opt for professional house extension services. From front to wrap-around options, we can make any house extension project a reality. Contact Fantastic Services today and we’ll organise you a visit from an experienced architect in no time.

  • Q: What is your coverage and availability?

    A: No matter if you are a business or domestic property owner, you can book our loft conversion services anywhere in Greater London, up to 20 miles outside the M25 zone. If you want to double-check if we cover your area, just give us a call or contact us online.

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