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4 simple steps to your dream house extension

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    Schedule a phone consultation online for any day of the week, with available slots from 9 am till 5 pm.

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    Provide the design team with your ideas in a visual form if you can for our better understanding of your project.

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    The architects will work closely with you before sending a 3D visualisation of your house extension plans.

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    They will also assist you with any planning permission matters if required before the actual building work begins.

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What to expect from your house extension service in London

Fantastic Services has partnered with a stellar team of creative and experienced architects and interior designers, who can turn your house improvement ideas into reality. We all know that a comprehensively planned and designed house extension can not only enhance your living space but also increase the value of your home. Now, let’s see how your service and communications with us go:

  1. After you book your initial phone consultation online with an established and accredited architect, expect them to get in touch with you shortly.
  2. You’ll have the chance to discuss your ideas extensively over the phone. If needed, on-site consultation and survey will be arranged, as well.
  3. Then, based on your visuals and pictures that you are always welcome to send, the architect will provide you with a 3D visualisation of your house extension project.
  4. Should the building work require planning permission, you’ll be assisted with the application process, as well.
  5. Finally, you’ll also be offered a quote on the execution of the building work if you entrust the construction and interior design stages of your house extension to us. We work with experienced and reputable contractors, who will make your dream come true.

Why you may want to extend your property

The advantages of extending your property are numerous, of course. Adding more to your living space through the following rather popular solutions, be it another kids’ room in the loft, a home office in the basement or a more spacious kitchen by building a rear house extension, will most certainly increase the value of your property. Research shows that this can be more than 20% (according to Nationwide).

So, if you wonder about how much this increase can be for your property, based on your location and the size of the planned house extension, you can use this calculator, courtesy of the Office for National Statistics.

Regardless of the reason behind your house extension project, we, at Fantastic Services, can help you expand your property expertly and with your dream vision in mind.

Have a look at some of the common reasons for why folks may decide to go down the path of extending their property:

Types of house extensions we can do for you in London

Front house extensions

Front house extensions are the least popular for several reasons. Firstly, one can achieve only minimal extension of their living space by having a larger entrance hall or some sort of porch. Secondly, the construction can only go under the permitted development rights, providing your property is detached, not near a road and no part would be more than 3 m above the ground. In any other case, say, you hope to build a terraced house or semi-detached front house extension, you will most probably need planning permission and a consent from your neighbours.

Rear house extensions

Depending on the layout of your house and the size of your back garden, you can usually expand your kitchen, dining or living room through a rear single story extension. Adding a conservatory this way is also a common choice among people living in terraced houses, in densely populated urban environments. You may not need planning permission, as long as the new addition is no more than 4 m from the main building.

Rare but not impossible is the option of constructing a multi-storey rear extension, which would allow you to have another bathroom, a bedroom or a guest room, where the sure result will be a significant increase in your property’s value.

Side house extensions

Another popular property enhancement choice would be the so-called side house extension. It has, however, its limitations, as it can be done only by property owners, who live in an end terraced, semi-detached or detached house, which is not next to a road. It’s worth mentioning here that landlords, sometimes, take advantage of building a double-storey side house extension, which can allow them to convert it into bedsits that they can rent out.

Wrap-around house extensions

A wrap-around extension combines both rear and side return house extensions and not many properties in London are suitable for such big structural modifications. Furthermore, it’s a costly affair that not many can afford. With a wrap-around house extension, you would really expand your living space and add value to your property. Often, this type of property improvement project involves inviting your outdoor space inside your home by incorporating a part of your back garden and enclosing it with trendy French windows.

Do you need planning permission for your house extension?

This is an important question that many of you may feel apprehensive about. But worry not, as you can count on us! The experienced and established architects we work with will do all the legwork for you, such as perform a thorough planning search, deal with local planning authorities and prepare your planning permission application if your project requires it. You see, every house extension project is unique and every council may have slightly different requirements. Last but not least, you may need a Listed Building Consent if you own a listed property.

On the other hand, some extensions may be alright to go ahead under the permitted development rights. Some loft conversions are a good example of that.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll assist you with all the building and planning specifics and requirements that you may need to observe, in order to go ahead with completing your house extension project.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Is it worth applying for planning permission even if I’m not sure about extending my house?

    A: Well, this is entirely up to you. But, yes, getting your planning permission application approved can add significantly to the value of your property. So, it might be worth it if you intend to sell your house any time soon.

  • Q: Do I need to inform my neighbour about my house extension plans?

    A: We always recommend that you talk to your neighbour, especially if your building project involves a semi-detached house extension or a terraced house extension. Also, check if your property improvement plans fall under the Party Wall Act 1996, which regulates certain instances of building work near the property of a neighbour.

  • Q: Can I be at home while the building work takes place?

    A: Yes, of course, you can if the scope of the work allows it and you can accommodate a certain level of disruption, dust issues and some noise. The contractors we work with will do their best to minimise the above as much as possible.

  • Q: Can you plan, design and execute a basement extension?

    A: Absolutely. Be prepared, however, that this type of property extension involves more complex structural changes and most certainly will require planning permission.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: We operate in Greater London, as well as in areas, located up to 20 miles outside the M25 zone.

  • Q: Are there any other ways of improving and extending my living space?

    A: Of course, similarly to basement extensions, you can expand and enhance your living space through a loft conversion, which we can also offer assistance with to our London customers.

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