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  • 3. They will inspect your tiling and complete the necessary repair work.
  • 4. Examine the service results and share your feedback with us.
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What’s included in the tail repair service

Tiles - it really doesn’t matter how much you take care of them or careful you are - sooner or later, you are bound to drop something heavy and damage them. That being said, if you have a broken floor tile situation in your property, don’t spend money and time trying to replace it, when you can hire us to repair the damage.

The tile repair specialists who we work with have the experience and know-how to restore your beautiful tiled surface, following this restoration procedure:

  • After the professional arrives, the first thing that they will do is to create the individual colours that they are going to use to cover up the repaired area.
  • After, the specialist will make sure to thoroughly clean the area that they are going to be working on so that the filling agents can adhere properly to the tile.
  • The next part is the actual repair process - the technician will inspect the damaged tile and repair it with the help of a special filling product.
  • Finally, the surface repair specialist will paint over the area with the previously mixed colour, replicating the already existing pattern. This will make the repair practically invisible.

Note that this list of steps may vary depending on the professional. Each expert has unique repair methods and processes that they follow] based on their years of experience. Still, we can promise you that the final results will be of the highest quality.

The types of tile issues we can repair

Due to the nature of their material, tiles can get damaged very easy - sometimes dropping a glass of water on your kitchen floor can result in flying tile pieces or cracks. If your tiled surface used to look way better and you want to restore its previous state, check out the types of damage we can help you out with:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Holes
  • Broken off pieces

When they damage their tiled surface, many people decide that the best thing that they can do is replace the whole tile, which can be quite a difficult task. You see, if you choose to fit a new tile, you need to be extra careful not to damage the surrounding ones and, also, there is the issue with finding an exactly matching replacement tile. Needless to say, repairing only the damaged area is a far more budget-friendly and fast solution.

So, no matter if you need a ceramic tile repair, porcelain tile repair, marble tile repair, or granite tile repair job done - you can count on us!

The benefits of our tile restoration service

It’s performed by experienced tile repair specialists

As with our many other surface repair solutions, your tile restoration service will be executed by a trained, vetted, and highly skilled professional who has many years of experience in the field. You can rest assured that your property is in safe hands with us.

We’ve included the tools, equipment, and material in the final price

Our tile repair service is an all-in-one deal. Your appointed technician will arrive for the service fully equipped for everything that it requires, including tools, materials, equipment, filling products, etc.

You can book the service Monday through Saturday

We can organise you a service appointment for any day between Monday and Saturday, even if it falls on a public holiday. And in terms of available time slots, we’ll do our best to send a professional for an hour that suits best your busy daily schedule.

The chipped tile repair service comes with a 5-year warranty

Your tile repair service comes complete with a 5-year guarantee on the provided labour, which means that if something happens to go wrong with the repaired area after the service, you can give us a call and we’ll come back to fix the issue.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Will I be able to see the repaired area after the professional is done?

    A: No, you won’t. Your appointed surface repair specialist will paint over the repaired part of the tiles with a special blend of colours that will conceal the work.

  • Q: Is the repair guaranteed to last?

    A: The tile repair service also includes a 5-year warranty on the work provided by the professional and on the used materials. If anything goes wrong after the service has been completed, you can give us a call and we’ll come back to inspect the repair and resolve the issue.

  • Q: How much does it usually take to complete the service?

    A: The time span of the service highly depends on a couple of factors - the type of tile damage, how severe it is, the number of tiles, etc. We’ll give you an exact time estimate prior to the service.

  • Q: How long does it take for the repairs to settle?

    A: It depends on the size of the repair. For example, smaller repairs need around 12 hours to completely settle, while bigger ones will need more- your surface repair specialist will advise you on-site.

  • Q: Do I need to provide anything for the service?

    A: No, you don’t. The professional will arrive for the service fully equipped with everything that it will require - a range of tools, special equipment, high-quality materials, etc.

  • Q: When can I book the service?

    A: You can book our service for any day between Monday and Saturday, and even on bank holidays. If you are in need of emergency repair work, we can also organise you a same- or next-day visit from a specialist, depending on our availability, of course.

  • Q: Can I get some sort of deal for this service?

    A: If you decide to join our cool Fantastic Club membership programme, you’ll get to benefit from lower service prices, priority booking options, special treats, and other members-only perks. Visit our website to find out how to become part of our ever-growing family.

  • Q: What’s your coverage?

    A: You can schedule a tile repair service appointment with us anywhere within the London area. If you wish to double-check if we cover your location, you can use our online booking system for the task.

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