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  • A 5-years guarantee on the materials and the work done
  • Complete London coverage and easy online booking
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Your bathtub, restored to its former glory in 4 easy steps

  • 1. Schedule your service online

    Book online a bath repair service for any day of the week by filling the form or using the GoFantastic app.

  • 2. Receive a personalised quote

    The only thing we require is a clear photo of the damage on your bath and details about the material it is made of.

  • 3. Get professional help

    The skilled bath repair expert will restore its original look in a space of a few hours, using quality materials and tools.

  • 4. Enjoy the results

    You will also receive professional advice on how to clean and take care of your bathroom fitting after the repairs.

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How is your bath scratch repair service done?

Fantastic Services works with fully equipped and trained hard surface repair professionals, who specialise in bathtub crack repair services. They are also experienced in other remedial solutions that can fix dents, scratches, stains and even holes on your sanitary ware.

They work with specialised fillers and paints in a variety of shades and colours that will perfectly match your particular bathroom fitting.

The hard surface repair experts are familiar with the latest bath enamel repair techniques, so the combination of their attention to detail and quality of workmanship guarantees a perfectly restored bath. So before you decide to throw away your bath because of worn enamel, chips or dents, consider a repair.

See what to expect on the day of your bath restoration appointment:

  • The multi-skilled technician will carefully inspect the damage and advise you on their next course of action.
  • They’ll use a strong bonding agent first to conceal the dent, stain or scratch on your bathtub.
  • For more serious mishaps with your bath, like holes and cracks, we apply a special filler, which will be left to harden for a while. A bonding agent is applied in this case too for extra strength.
  • Then, the professional will smooth out the repaired surface by sanding it gently.
  • Next, the right colour blend of special enamel paint will be applied on top, matching perfectly the colour of your bathtub.
  • Note that ideally, the specialist should be supplied with the exact RAL paint code that corresponds to the colour of your bathroom fitting before the service takes place. If that’s not possible, the specialist will colour match your bath and carry out the repair all in one visit.
  • After the job is done, you need to allow a good 24 hours for the paint to dry before attempting to use your bath again.

Please, take note of the technician’s advice on how to clean your bathtub after the repair service, as certain abrasive detergents may adversely affect the repair results.

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Types of bath repair solutions that we can help you with in London

Take advantage of our bath repair expertise that is designed to fix a number of hard surface cosmetic issues well before they turn into hard-to-remedy types of damage. We are talking about bath chips, cracks, scratches, stains, worn enamel, dents or holes that can be filled, disguised and polished with specialised acrylic fillers and enamel paints, leaving no traces of what and how it’s been done.

Sounds great, right? In addition, note that our bathtub repair services can be booked by homeowners, tenants, landlords, construction contractors and hospitality business proprietors in London alike.

Check out below what types of bathtubs we can fix, based on the material they are made of:

  • Ceramic and porcelain baths
  • Acrylic/plastic bathtubs
  • Cast iron and aluminium baths
  • Stone resin and cultured marble baths
  • Fibreglass bathtubs
  • Copper bathtubs

So, don’t wait for too long for the damage to become beyond repair! Contact us today and order your completely mess-free bath repair service, which will be seamlessly performed, saving you time and money!

Why choose Fantastic Services for your bath chip and scratch repair needs

Experienced and fully trained technicians

The repair specialists have been extensively trained in fixing cosmetic types of damage or factory defects on a range of hard surfaces and fittings, including bathtubs. The technicians boast over 15 years of experience in the industry sector. They apply diligence and attention to detail in every repair task without exception.

A 5-years guarantee on the work done

Your bath repair service comes with a 5-year guarantee on the work done. The qualified and skilled technicians use only quality materials and professional tools to achieve the desired result. You can count on their expertise and enjoy your completely restored bathtub that will show no sign of the previous damage but will look as new.

Preventing future costly repairs

By hiring a Fantastic repair specialist, who can fix chips, cracks and scratches on your bathtub, you’ll save yourself the hassle and money of more serious issues with your sanitary fixture. Cosmetic bath repairs, done in due time, will definitely prevent you from the need of buying a new sanitary fixture and replacing it.

A range of bathroom cosmetic repairs

We can help you not only with fixing your cracked or scratched bathtub. The Fantastic hard surface repair experts are skilled and experienced in providing you with professional shower tray and sink repair services, as well. So, if you’ve got other sanitary ware fittings in both your bathroom or kitchen that need attention, don’t hesitate to request our help.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Do you offer any special deals on the bath repair service?

    A: To benefit from special rates, credit towards other services and many other cool perks, join our popular Fantastic Club for a year!

  • Q: How long does it take to complete the service?

    A: This will depend on how badly damaged your bathtub is. Naturally, small scratches won’t take that long to repair in comparison to a chip on the surface. In the latter case, expect anything from 1 to 3 hours, again, depending on how large the chipped area is. In the worst scenario, when an acrylic/plastic bathtub has cracked, the repair specialist may need a good 4 hours to first fiberglass the hole before applying a special filler to make your bathroom fixture as new.

  • Q: Do you offer same-day services?

    A: We may be able to respond to your needs at short notice,subject to availability.

  • Q: Can I book a service for my business?

    A: Absolutely! The specialists we work with are trained to fit the needs of both domestic and commercial property owners. We specialise in providing surface repairs in the Retail & Leisure, Insurance, Constructions, Facilities Management, Hospitality industry sectors and more.

  • Q: How long do I have to wait before using my bathtub, sink or shower?

    A: We recommend that you wait for at least a day after the repairs to make sure that everything is settled properly.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: You can book your bathroom surface repair service anywhere across London.

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