Removals and Storage Service in Croydon

Job Summary

  • Hours: 8
  • Price: £610
  • Two-bedroom
  • Team: 2 men with Luton van
  • Storage: 3 containers
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Moving from: Croydon
  • Moving to: Dartford

The customer service team received a call from a man who needed to move from Croydon to Dartford but had a small one week gap before the new house was available for moving in. He was worried and didn’t know what to do in this situation. He had arranged for his family and himself to stay at a friend’s house for that one week, but the family needed a place for all of their possessions.

After a helpful conversation with our customer service agent, the man had arranged a time and date for a removal service and storage for all household items.

*Note: The customer became a member of our club and enjoyed lower rates for the services. You can benefit from our lower rates for house removals, storage, and other domestic services if you join our Fantastic club as well.

Please, keep in mind that prices vary as they are based on the amount of work and time it takes to complete the removals service, as well as on the duration of the storage period and the number of containers that need storage. Read more information about our prices for storage service.

Removals and Storage in Croydon: Step by Step

  • Quotation
  • Before the moving day
  • On the moving day
  • Storage
  • List of Items

Booking with Fantastic Services is easy and can be done in a couple of ways: by calling our customer service agents, filling out our contact form or by booking online. We gave the client an estimated time for the service based on his description of what needed to be moved - the number of bags and boxes, appliances, pieces of furniture. We sent a local team to perform the removals service.

One of our agents called the customer a day prior to the move for confirmation. After exchanging some information, all the important details were finally sorted out. The move would go according to schedule, the parking at the pick-up address was arranged and the Fantastic movers would be greeted by the client's wife at the new Croydon address.

As scheduled, on the moving day, local removalists arrived at 10:30 am and the client’s wife greeted them. The clients had packed everything the previous day, so the movers started loading the boxes, appliances, furniture, and bags onto the Luton van.

After an hour of loading, arranging and securing all boxes and other items in the van, the team was ready to transport the family’s belongings from Croydon to the storage facility.

After that was done, the Fantastic removalists informed the client to call our customer service line a few days prior to move-in day so that they can arrange for the clients’ possessions to be moved from the storage facility to the family’s new address.

The storage facility is secured with CCTV cameras. The storage containers, in which the client’s belongings were stored were sealed in front of him. The client was informed that during the week he wouldn’t be allowed to take out any items and have the container resealed.

As a provider of domestic services, we understand the importance of having a safe place to put away personal belongings. That’s why we offer our customers a fantastic storage service, where they can keep their possessions safe.

What has been moved

  • 1x 3-seater sofa
  • 1x Desk
  • 1x Laptop
  • 1x Printer
  • 1x Chest of drawers (2-4)
  • 2x Beds, no storage
  • 1x 2-door wardrobe
  • 1x Dining table
  • 4x Chairs
  • 1x Microwave

Boxes and Bags

  • 15x Medium boxes
  • 10x Small boxes
  • 5 Suitcases

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