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Streamlined EPC service in Streatham for Property Owners

Through our innovative EPC service, you can effortlessly schedule an appointment for your residential property, whether you are putting it on the market or renting it out, as we are capable of accommodating all scenarios and adapting to your unique needs; with the aid of our state-of-the-art real-time availability technology, you can conveniently browse through the soonest available booking options and ensure that you receive the service when it best suits your schedule.

  • Guaranteed EPC accuracy for rental properties
  • Applicable to all types of properties, including residential and commercial
  • Convenient and hassle-free booking process
  • Flexible scheduling options available throughout the week
  • Affordable and cost-effective EPC services
Streamlined EPC service in Streatham for Property Owners

What to anticipate from our energy performance assessment service in Streatham

The EPC report is a valuable tool for homeowners as it not only provides information on the energy efficiency of their property, but also offers advice from experts on how to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. This can lead to significant monthly savings and also helps to protect the environment. As part of the service, the surveyor will thoroughly check the boiler, radiators, hot water tanks, insulation of the loft, and double glazing of windows, ensuring that all areas are inspected for potential improvements in energy efficiency. This comprehensive approach allows homeowners to make informed decisions about reducing their energy consumption and making their home more eco-friendly.

What to anticipate from our energy performance assessment service in Streatham

Effortless Booking of EPC Service in Streatham: A Step-by-Step Guide

Booking your Streatham EPC service has never been easier! With our convenient online booking form, you can secure your appointment with just a few clicks. Alternatively, you can give us a call for immediate assistance or fill out our quick callback form and we will get in touch with you at your convenience.

  • 1. Enter your postal code and set up your EPC service.
  • 2. Ensure that your reservation is completed and anticipate a timely visit.
  • 3. Our team will send an assessor to evaluate on-site energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 4. Upon issuance of a certificate valid for 10 years, you may proceed with selling or renting the property.

Why Choose Our Energy Performance Certificate Service in Streatham?

  • Fits any property type – whether it's your residence or workplace, our service is tailored to accommodate your requirements. Just grant access to the property, and our clerk will manage the assessment.
  • 10-year validity – Your EPC report remains valid for a decade post-assessment. Properties are rated from G (least efficient) to A (highly efficient).
  • Effortless online booking – Scheduling your EPC assessment is a simple process. Book our service online, specifying the preferred time for the assessment clerk to visit.
Why Choose Our Energy Performance Certificate Service in Streatham?

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Improving Landlord, Tenant, and Agency Satisfaction: Additional Services Offered in Streatham

Enhance your experience with our premier services in Streatham. Our team of local experts will ensure all your needs are met and deliver a personalized service to meet your unique requirements!

Inventory service

A surveyor will visit the location and review the inventory with the tenants, recording all details, such as the property's level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Removal service

Relocating with us is a seamless and efficient process. Our skilled team will handle the loading, transportation, and delivery of your possessions with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing your peace of mind and total contentment.

Gas Safety Certificates

After a gas safe engineer inspects the property, this certificate is issued. It is important to note that this inspection is mandatory by law and you may either pass or fail depending on any potential risks of a gas leak or appliance malfunction.

Man and van

Our moving service offers a smooth and budget-friendly resolution for all of your relocation needs. It caters to both residential and office relocations, making it ideal for transporting single items, furniture, or equipment within a limited distance.

Handyman service

We collaborate with highly competent and reliable tradespeople to provide a seamless service to homeowners, landlords, and business owners. Our team of local handymen possess the required expertise and proficiency to confidently accomplish any project.

End of Tenancy cleaning

Make sure that your upcoming move into your new home is stress-free with our local end of tenancy cleaning services. Our expertly trained team will come equipped to thoroughly clean your entire property, following a checklist approved by your agency.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and why do I need one?

An EPC is a document that measures the energy efficiency of a property and provides recommendations for making it more energy efficient. It is required by law for all properties being sold or rented in the UK.

How is the energy efficiency of a property determined for an EPC?

A qualified energy assessor will visit the property and assess various factors such as insulation, heating systems, and lighting. This information is then entered into a software program to calculate the energy rating.

How long is an EPC valid for?

An EPC is valid for 10 years from the date it is issued. However, if significant changes are made to the property, a new EPC may be required.

Do all properties need an EPC?

Most residential and commercial properties in the UK are required to have an EPC, with some exemptions for listed buildings and temporary structures.

Can I make improvements to my property based on the recommendations in the EPC?

Absolutely! The purpose of an EPC is to help you make your property more energy efficient and save money on energy bills. The recommendations provided in the EPC can be used as a guide for making improvements.

Can I view the EPC for a property before deciding to purchase or rent it?

Yes, the seller or landlord is required to provide a copy of the EPC for a property before the sale or rental process begins. You can also access EPCs for properties on the official government register.

How Much Does an Energy Performance Certificate Service Cost in Streatham?

Our EPC service cost is determined by taking into account the size of your property and the appointment time, guaranteeing a transparent and equitable pricing system for your convenience.

Average service cost in this area is:
£73 - £106

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