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Why choose Fantastic Services as your local mobile dog groomers

Whether it’s to pamper your beloved dog or feline friend, or you simply want to give them a nice clean, doing so yourself can be stressful and a hassle. Luckily, with the Fantastic Services mobile dog or cat grooming in London, you can enjoy a professional service that’s perfect for your pets and offers you the peace of mind and convenience you are looking for!

The experienced, insured and background-checked staff can come to any address within M25 and perform a professional pet grooming service. What’s more, this service will ensure your pet gets all the attention they need without having to wait in lines or have contact with other animals, preventing unnecessary stress. In addition, the trained experts will only use products that are pet-safe and perfect for animals with sensitive skin.

We offer a range of pet grooming services

Our pet grooming service is tailored to suit the age and type of pet you have. From giving your feline overlord a cat spa to providing a professional dog bath, we take care of it all and everything in between!

Junior pet groom

There are many benefits to getting your young puppy groomed from an early age. This will help introduce your puppy to grooming, making it a pleasant experience for them rather than one that makes them nervous or scared. The junior pet groom consists of nail clipping, hair cutting and drying, amongst others. This will help ensure your young pup gets used to the pampering process and enjoys it in the future.

Our Puppy groom includes:

  • Some playtime to get used to the surroundings and smells;
  • Bath time;
  • Introducing them to the dryer;
  • Nail clipping to look their best.

Full grooming service

The full dog grooming service package is ideal if your dog is in need of a haircut - whether for a family photoshoot, for a competition, or just to pamper your pet.

The full grooming service includes:

  • A bath with two warm washes using a natural shampoo;
  • Coat drying using different blasters so as not to upset your dog;
  • A nice and thorough brush to ensure a silky coat;
  • Styling of your dog’s coat using clippers or scissors;
  • Nail clipping;
  • Ear cleaning;
  • Dog cologne and a bow for their collar.

Bath and dry

For dog grooming in London, the bath and dry service could be your best bet! This service is perfect for your dog if they simply need to freshen up a bit. All you need to do for dog grooming is book online!

Our bath and dry service includes:

  • A bath that consists of two warm washes with a natural shampoo;
  • Coat drying with a blaster at different airflow settings;
  • Your dog’s coat will be brushed to make sure they are mat-free;
  • We can also clear in front of their eyes, if necessary;
  • Nail clipping;
  • Ear cleaning;
  • Dog cologne and a bow for their collar.

Don’t forget the cats

We don’t forget our feline friends! This is why we offer our expert grooming services for cats as well.

We all know that cats do not enjoy getting wet and that they look after their own cleanliness most of the time, but they still need proper grooming to keep their nails and fur in good condition. What’s more, this will also help save some of your soft furniture which they might use to scratch their nails on!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What’s the usual duration of a pet grooming service?

    A: Although this will typically depend on the breed and the type of service you have booked, we usually ask that you allow us around three hours to wash, dry and cut their hair and nails.

  • Q: What do I do if my dog’s hair is matted?

    A: Most people would say that you will need to cut the dog’s hair if it’s matted or knots are allowed to develop. This can be unhealthy for the dog’s skin. What we do before the washing is brush out all the knots. However, this can sometimes be painful for your pet. If brushing out the knots fails, we may recommend cutting the fur shorter.

  • Q: How is my pet dried?

    A: We first start with a towel dry procedure, followed by a high-velocity dryer that gets rid of most of the water. After that, a stand dryer will be used. In all cases, we do our best to avoid stressing your pets out.

  • Q: Do you bathe the dog first?

    A: As part of the pet grooming process and to ensure we can get an even cut, the hair needs to be clean, so we always bathe the dog first.

  • Q: Can I get a discounted price?

    A: Yes - by becoming a member of the Fantastic Club, you can benefit from priority booking slots and premium rates on your services.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: You can benefit from our pet grooming service anywhere within the M25 zone.

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