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Mobile spray tan options in the comfort of your home in London

Spray Tan

Indulge in an expert mobile spray tanning service with a fully qualified professional and the use of quality products from premium brands, such as Fake Bake, Sienna X and Vita Liberata. Boost your confidence with a bronzed look by opting for a regular or express spray tan, which develops over 8 hours or 1 hour, respectively.

Men’s Spray Tan

The at-home spray tan service is equally suitable for the gents, too. There’s nothing more appealing than healthy-looking tanned skin that complements your overall appearance. Opt for a regular or express spray tan application with the use of products from leading brands. Enjoy your new skin glow minus the damaging effects of UV rays.

What to expect when you book your mobile spray tan at home?

Pale or ill-looking skin can often bring you down along with the winter blues we all experience from time to time. So, why not brighten up your days and have natural-looking and amber glowing skin for a change? With a convenient mobile spray tanning service in your home in London, you’ll get:

  • Premium products for that amazing look - Your spray tanning service at home is performed with quality products from high-end manufacturers, including Vita Liberata, Sienna X and Fake Bake. They have superior nourishing and moisturising properties. The fake tan solutions used are also free of parabens and alcohol, as well as come in a vast range of tones and colours.
  • Fully trained, vetted and insured beauticians - Your service will start with a brief consultation so that the trusty and experienced mobile spray tanning specialist can determine your exact needs. The beautician will bring everything needed for the service, including a pop-up tent to protect surrounding surfaces. You can choose from a variety of shades and colours that will achieve the right look for you with long-lasting results of up to 7 days.
  • Safe tanning solutions for women and men - Fake tans are a safe alternative to the potentially harmful sun or sunbed exposure that can damage the skin. With a plant-based colouring active ingredient, spray tanning products are undoubtedly a safe and convenient option. Note that you should not rely on these products for sun protection, as they have a very low level of skin protection against UVR exposure.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How to prepare for my mobile spray tan treatment?

    A: For best results, exfoliate and moisturise your skin 24 hours prior to your service. On the day of your appointment, make sure that your skin is clean and free of creams, makeup, perfume or oils.

  • Q: How long will my fake tan last?

    A: On average, spray tans last about 5-7 days. You can ensure that your sun-kissed glow lasts for longer by moisturising regularly your skin and avoiding scrubs and exfoliators.

  • Q: Are there any special aftercare tips that I should know about?

    A: Try to wear loose dark clothing and flip-flops after the application to avoid rubbing the tan off your skin.

  • Q: Is there a risk of my clothes getting stained by the product?

    A: Yes, there is the possibility of staining your clothes, which, however, should be easy to wash. Still, it’s best if you wear clothes that are not that new, in case they get dirty. Also, allow about 15 minutes before you put something on after the tanning treatment.

  • Q: What is your coverage in London?

    A: You can book home tanning anywhere in Greater London (zones 1-6), from 7 am until 10.30 pm.

  • Q: Can I leave the product for more than 8 hours?

    A: This will depend on the product used and your beautician will advise you on the matter. For instance, an express spray tanning product should not be left on for more than 3 hours, whereas a regular tanning product can be left for more than 8 hours.

  • Q: Is it safe to have a spray tan if I’m pregnant?

    A: The product is non-toxic and safe, however, we do advise you to consult your healthcare provider before booking the spray tanning service.

  • Q: Can I book another beauty service at the same time as my spray tanning session?

    A: You can only order a nail or hair treatment, as other services will interfere with the quality of the results.

  • Q: Will I be able to naturally tan through the fake tan product?

    A: Yes, as the spray tanning product has a very little sun protection level.

  • Q: Can I swim after I’ve been spray tanned?

    A: Yes, but you’ll need to allow sufficient time for the product to develop, so it doesn’t wash off.

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