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We will give you further information about the tutor and more details regarding the live tutoring session.


The tutor will administer an initial assessment test in the selected subject


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What makes our in person tutoring services preferred?

We tailor our live tutoring services to align with the curriculum of leading exam boards, equipping students with invaluable study strategies and ample practice materials mirroring exam formats. Our subject-matter experts specialise in a wide range of disciplines, including English, Mathematics, Science, Psychology, and Business, catering to students from Key Stage 2 to A-levels. With a main focus on primary and secondary school students, we offer assistance for various academic objectives, such as 11+ exams, entrance exams, GCSEs, and A-levels. Our private tutors are dedicated to guiding students through every stage of their educational journey, ensuring thorough preparation for exams administered by renowned boards like AQA, EDEXCEL, and OCR. Moreover, we also provide individualised online tutoring sessions designed to accommodate students with busy schedules.

  • In person private tutoring sessions;
  • A track record of improved academic performance by our students;
  • Tailored approach to our teaching;
  • High quality teaching approach and highly skilled experienced tutors.
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Why choose our professional tutors in London?

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At Fantastic Services, we uphold high standards for our tutors, ensuring each one is not only certified but also highly recognised by countless parents.

We guarantee the expertise of our tutors through strict qualification assessments and subject-specific certifications. Moreover, they are selected for their capacity to cultivate a supportive and interactive learning atmosphere.

Our tutors are not only highly qualified but also trusted mentors who prioritise your child's success.

How we conduct our in person tutoring service

Upon booking confirmation, both tutor and client will exchange contact details to arrange locations for in-person lessons either home, library, or other convenient place.

During the first session, a brief assessment will be conducted to determine the student's proficiency level and pinpoint any areas of improvement.

Using this information, the tutor will create a teaching plan, ensuring sessions are personalised to address the student's specific needs and ensure consistent progress.

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Frequently asked questions about our in person tutoring service in London

How do I choose the right tutor for my child?
Upon booking, we provide detailed profiles of available tutors, including their qualifications, experience, and subject expertise. You can select the tutor that best aligns with your child's needs and learning style.
Where do the tutoring sessions take place?
Tutoring sessions can occur either in the comfort of your own home or at a mutually agreed-upon location, such as a library or other comfortable location. We prioritise convenience and flexibility to accommodate your preferences.
How often are tutoring sessions scheduled?
The frequency of tutoring sessions depends on the student's needs and availability. Typically, sessions are scheduled once or twice a week, but this can be adjusted based on academic goals and scheduling constraints.
How are tutors selected?
Our tutors undergo a rigorous selection process, including background checks, credential verification, and interviews. We ensure that all tutors are qualified, experienced, and committed to providing high-quality tutoring services.
How can I track my child's progress during tutoring sessions?
Our tutors provide regular feedback on your child's progress, including areas of improvement and strengths. Additionally, parents can communicate directly with tutors to discuss progress, ask questions, and address any concerns about their child's academic performance.

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