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Energy performance certificate prices

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Leave the EPC survey to us

Reliable EPC for rental property.

You have a period of 28 days to arrange an EPC assessment report in case your property is listed to be let or sold. We'll send a professional assessor to the address to conduct all necessary checks related to energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions. When the service is concluded, soon you will have your certificate which is valid for 10 years. The highest grade your property can receive is A (most efficient) and the lowest is G (least efficient).

Suitable for any building/facility

This service can be booked for residential properties. It doesn't matter if you are selling the place or letting it, we can adapt to your situation no matter the circumstances. Pretty much anyone can arrange this service as long as they can provide access to the property so it can be properly inspected.

Easy to book online

Check the prices and the availability for this service through our convenient online booking form and make an appointment for a time that is most suitable for you. On the other hand, you can download our GoFantastic mobile app from the App Store and easily access more than 25 services while on the go. And if you are a landlord who resorts to services regularly, then check out all the amazing benefits that come with the Fantastic Club Membership.

Here is how the energy assessor can help you

Probably the most valuable aspect of the EPC report is that it includes advice from the expert on what can be done to reduce the energy usage and carbon emissions of the property. In turn, this can lead to some monthly savings and it helps the environment a little bit. This said, here is what the surveyor will check as part of the service:

  • Boiler;
  • Radiators;
  • Hot water tanks;
  • Insulation of the loft;
  • Double glazing of windows.

If there is indeed room for improvement, you will be provided with clear instructions on how to achieve it. In turn, this will allow you to apply for an energy efficiency grant which will improve the value of your place.

The assessor may include in your report the following:

  • Detailed information on your domestic property carbon dioxide emissions and energy use;
  • What annual savings you may achieve when following the outlined suggestions;
  • How carbon emission ratings would change when home improvements are executed.

Frequently asked questions about energy performance certificate

  • Q: Who holds the responsibility for the EPC survey?

    A: The landlord/owner of the property holds this responsibility and is compelled by law to ensure the provision of such a certificate. When comes to newly raised buildings, the person who has commissioned the project is supposed to receive an energy performance certificate from the builder. The building cannot be listed for sale or letting without the certificate. In case an agent has been tasked to market the building/property, they must include a copy of the document in all the commercial media (websites, brochures, written materials) they produce.

  • Q: What happens if I do not get a certificate for my property?

    A: This is a very undesirable scenario. The Department of Finance governs the enforcement of energy performance regulations. If you end up on their radar, you can expect a fine. If you are asked to produce the documentation by an inspector and fail to do so, then you will receive a penalty charge notice. The fine for a home is £200. For other properties, the fine is 12,5% of the net annual value if they fail to provide a buyer/tenant with the documents.

  • Q: How long does the service take?

    A: The time varies and it depends mostly on the size of the property. It wouldn't be particularly useful to give you a time estimate without knowing this type of information. However, we can tell you that a service for a 3-bedroom property should take under two hours.

  • Q: All this sounds like a chore, what's in it for me?

    A: Well, look at it this way: a better energy rating would make your building/property a tad more marketable. In fact, the recommendations from the pro might prove to be quite useful and significant reduce the bills. Of course, don't forget that this way you comply with the regulations and you won't risk being fined.

  • Q: Do I need to make a new EPC report for every new client or renter?

    A: No, once the certificate is issued, it is valid for the next ten years and you can present it to anyone who is interested. After the period, you will have to set up another inspection of the property.

  • Q: What if the building is extended or modified in any other way?

    A: Any kind of change the increases or decreases the energy requirements of the property means that a new survey should take place. The same conditions as when constructing a new building apply here. The person in charge of the construction is responsible for the provision of a new certificate.

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