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How does our carpet cleaning in Marlow works?

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The benefits of the professional carpet cleaning in Marlow

  • Getting your carpet cleaned regularly will expand its lifespan.
  • We can take care of common carpet stains such as drink spots, food splatters, and even high-traffic marks.
  • The carpet cleaning treatment eliminates odd odours from mildew, cigarettes, pets, etc.
  • Steam cleaning destroys all fungi-like organisms that can form mould and mildew.
  • A clean floor coving can improve the air quality in the property.

The carpet cleaning services you can book in Marlow

If you need carpet cleaning in Marlow, we can offer you a professional solution. Fantastic Services offers two effective treatments to transform your floor covering - hot water extraction and dry cleaning. Here is a bit more information about both methods:

Professional hot water extraction treatment for your carpet

We recommend booking our hot water extraction carpet cleaning service if you have the floor covering made from a synthetic, mixed-fibre, or any other man-made material that happens to be on the dirtier side of the “clean carpet” spectrum. The treatment includes 3 main steps - prep work, stain pre-treatment, and hot water extraction. Firstly, the professional cleaner will vacuum the carpet to remove surface dirt. Then, they will take care of all existing stains and high-traffic marks with a range of special products. The fun part comes once the piece is fully prepared - the hot water extraction procedure. The professional will use special equipment to insert a combination of water and detergent into the carpet’s fibres, which will help loosen up all of the accumulated dirt. In the meantime, the same machine will also remove the excess moisture and buildup from the piece, leaving it looking good as new and 95% dry. As an additional 4th step, you can request a FREE Scotchguard stain protection application to prolong the effect of the service.

Delicate dry cleaning

Wondering how you can clean your fancy, natural fibre carpeting without destroying it? The answer is Fantastic Services. We offer delicate dry carpet cleaning services that will restore even the most capricious type of floor covering. The method includes using a low-moisture powder that attracts all of the nasty dirt particles like magic when applied on top of the piece! After that, the professional carpet cleaning technician only has to vacuum the piece to remove the product and dirt buildup, and your floor covering will look nearly new! How Fantastic is that?


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987 sq. m.

Of cleaned carpets

1h 33min

Average service duration

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Carpet cleaning quotes from Marlow


Bedroom and hallway carpet

Marlow Sept 9. 2019
We would like to have our carpets cleaned. It is a small bedroom and a hallway with wall-to-wall carpets. Can we get a quote?

Service: Carpet cleaning


2 bedroom carpets

Marlow Dec 20, 2019
We have two carpets that need cleaning. Bedroom carpets, light-coloured. Quote, please?

Service: Carpet cleaning


Living room carpet and sofa

Marlow Jan 20, 2020
We need our sofa and carpet cleaned. It is a medium-sized living room rug and a three-seat sofa. Hot water extraction method preferably.

Service: Carpet and sofa cleaning

Average carpet cleaning prices in Marlow

£53 £98 £143

The average cost for a carpet cleaning service in Marlow is £98.

60% of the carpets that we clean in the area are synthetic.

Every second customer in the area uses our services at least twice a year.

50% of the services in Marlow are combined with upholstery cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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