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Check out this section for a closer look at the cleaning services we provide in Bracknell. The Fantastic cleaning team is constantly innovating and working hard to bring more useful services to all clients.

  • After builders cleaning
  • Appliance cleaning
  • Antiviral sanitisation

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you planning to vacate your rental property soon? It's stressful to think about all the cleaning needed to get your deposit back. So why not consider our tenancy cleaning service in Bracknell? The team of skilled cleaners will thoroughly clean your rented property, including all those hard-to-reach places that are often overlooked. You can count on us to get the job done, from dust and grime to unsightly stains. Taking special care of bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens, our cleaners follow agency-approved checklists for your satisfaction. As part of our service, we will also deep clean your oven using top-quality cleaning supplies and equipment so your security deposit will be returned. When your landlord or leasing agent inspects your property, they will be pleased with the results.

Furthermore, a 48-hour free re-clean guarantee is available if we miss a spot. You can also extend your guarantee for up to a week. Renters trust our tenancy cleaning services. Every month, we clean hundreds of rentals. In addition, landlords and tenants can benefit from hiring an end-of-tenancy service. It helps landlords keep their property maintained and ready for the next tenant. As a tenant, it can help you avoid disputes over the condition of your property at the end of your tenancy agreement.

One-off Cleaning Service

Homeowners and tenants alike can benefit from our one-off cleaning services. One-time cleaning services are designed to give your home a thorough deep clean, reaching every nook and cranny you may have forgotten about when cleaning regularly. Let us handle all those chores piled up in your home and take the hassle out of cleaning. Cleaning your home can be time-consuming and exhausting. A professional cleaning team can save you time and effort by handling the work on your behalf. Your free time can then be used to focus on other tasks or relax. With all the necessary cleaning tools and products, our team of professional cleaners in Bracknell will leave your home sparkling clean.

In addition, we can improve indoor air quality by deep cleaning your home to remove allergens, dust, and other pollutants. This can be especially helpful for individuals who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. Our services are perfect for anyone planning a special event, hosting a party, or simply wanting to spring clean their house. One-time cleaning services may seem expensive initially, but they are cost-effective in the long run. Maintaining your home will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. Our thorough approach and attention to detail will make your home look and feel better. Why wait? Take advantage of our one-off cleaning services today.

A tenancy cleaner wiping extractor
After builders cleaning

After Builders Cleaning

Are you dealing with a construction or renovation project that has left your property in disarray? Our Bracknell after builders cleaning services are thorough and detailed, eliminating debris, dust, and splatters left behind by builders. You can count on us to leave your property pristine and ready for you to move back in when we are finished cleaning. We use the latest cleaning equipment and supplies to ensure complete cleaning and remove all dust and debris. It is our primary goal to eliminate as much dust as possible. Construction dust particles can be dangerous and cause health problems when inhaled.

Note that the service does not include the removal of construction rubbish. If there are leftover building materials, a separate waste removal service is needed to dispose of them. It is ideal to have this done before an after-builders cleaning service is performed. Following the completion of construction, after builders cleaning services ensure that the property is clean, safe, and ready for use and occupancy. The service is especially beneficial for homeowners, property managers, and contractors who want to keep their properties immaculate.

Antiviral Sanitisation

How can you make your office or home a germ-free environment? Our antiviral sanitisation services ensure a hygienic and protected space. The purpose of antiviral sanitisation is to reduce or eliminate the spread of viruses on surfaces and in the air through the use of specialised cleaning agents. A team of professionals is dedicated to sanitisation processes that ensure a safe and clean environment for all. Our antiviral cleaning teams in Bracknell use specially designed sanitisation products that eliminate harmful pathogens.

These products are applied using advanced equipment that disperses the sanitising solution in microdroplets in the air. We ensure all surfaces, nooks, and crevices of the room or property are sanitised. As a result, all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected and free of germs, bacteria, and viruses. This comprehensive antiviral sanitation approach protects your living or working environment and promotes a healthier environment for all. We have a team of sanitisation experts that provide outstanding results while adhering to the highest industry standards. Keeping a clean and germ-free environment is critical to promoting health and well-being, and our goal is to go above and beyond what you expect.

Antiviral sanitisation

Oven Cleaning

Could your oven use a deep cleaning? We know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to clean an oven. Fortunately, you no longer have to endure this tedious task. Getting your oven professionally cleaned will save you time and energy and leave it looking good as new. Further, it extends the lifespan of the oven. The professional oven cleaning team in Bracknell aims to thoroughly clean ovens and other cooking equipment using advanced cleaning tools and techniques. Stubborn grease, grime, and burnt-on food residues accumulate in ovens over time, so only professionals can handle them. This involves dismantling the oven and its removable components, such as racks and trays, and immersing them in a powerful cleaning solution.

Afterwards, the specialist scrubs and cleans the oven's interior and exterior, including hard-to-reach areas, with specially formulated cleaning agents. Once all components have been cleaned and polished, the specialist will rinse them before reassembling your appliance. Additionally, we will ensure everything is working before leaving by performing a functional test. With our expert oven cleaning service, you can say goodbye to oven cleaning hassles.

Carpet & Upholstery

Have you noticed that your carpets and rugs look dull or grubby lately? You'll be glad to know that we offer one of Bracknell's finest carpet cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaning removes dirt, stains, and other debris from carpets by deep cleaning them. With years of experience in carpet and rug cleaning, we are experts at removing food, drink, and pet stains from all kinds of carpets and rugs. We clean carpets thoroughly using cutting-edge hot water extraction machines. This method sprays hot water and cleaning solution onto the carpet fibres while a powerful suction device removes dirt and moisture. Hot water mixed with carpet shampoo is sprayed onto the carpet at high pressure, dislodging dirt, dust, and hair. This makes your carpets fresh-smelling and clean, leaving them looking new after our technician removes dirt and stains.

Additionally, we use special pretreatment methods for stubborn stains to ensure their complete removal. Furthermore, we clean delicate carpets and rugs made of natural materials by dry cleaning. As a result, we can restore the life of your carpets and rugs, leaving them cleaner, brighter, and more hygienic.

The image shows a Fantastic Services carpet cleaning technician who is standing in front of his work car. He is wearing a dark blue branded t-shirt and a badge around his neck. Next to him, there is a professional hot water extraction machine. The technician is holding the cleaning wand of the machine. He appears very competent and eager to clean some carpets and rugs to perfection.
Professional gutter technician cleaning high house gutters

Gutter Cleaning

Bringing your property's gutters into good working order requires professional gutter cleaning services. Roofing gutters keep rainwater away from a building's foundation, preventing flooding and damage. Our gutter cleaning services in Bracknell will be able to assist you in maintaining your gutters to the highest possible standard. As leaves, twigs, and dirt accumulate, gutters can become clogged, causing damage and leaks. The gutter cleaning services include inspecting for damage or issues like leaks, cracks, or loose components. Gutter cleaning is done with a telescopic pole and a special wet vacuum cleaning machine.

The device can reach as high as the fourth floor of any building. The machine will easily remove all kinds of debris, including leaves and twigs. The pole also has a tiny camera attached to the end, which the technician uses to take photos of your gutters. Our cleaning services are guaranteed to leave your gutters blockage-free for one month following cleaning. Keeping your gutters clean will prevent leaks and mould growth and reduce pest infestations. As a convenience, we provide you with 'before' and 'after' pictures of your guttering to help you see the difference our cleaning makes. We keep your gutters clean and protect your property from water damage.

Window Cleaning

Do grime and streaks on windows spoil your view of the outside world? If you are searching for an outstanding window cleaning service in Bracknell, look no further. We understand the importance of keeping windows clean and inviting. Our innovative extendable pole system lets our window cleaners easily reach high windows for a thorough, streak-free clean. As our experts can clean windows as high as the 4th floor, our window cleaning service is both convenient and highly efficient, saving you time and money. Using eco-friendly methods is what makes our window cleaning service stand out. During cleaning, we avoid harsh chemicals that could damage your windows or harm the environment.

Alternatively, we only use filtered water through our innovative, cutting-edge technology. By doing so, you are guaranteed to get streak-free and sparkling windows. Window cleaning services are available for residential and commercial properties in Bracknell, tailored to each customer's specific needs. After a professional window cleaning service, you can enjoy a crystal-clear view through your windows.

A regular cleaner in uniform who polishes a furniture.

Regular Cleaning Services

How exhausting does spending your weekends scrubbing and cleaning your home seem to be? Enjoy your favourite activities without worrying about never-ending housework by having more free time. If you do not have a specific schedule, you can have a professional clean your home twice or thrice per week, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your cleaning needs.

Whether you need a one-time or regular cleaning service in Bracknell, our skilled cleaners will prioritise your needs and ensure your home is spotless. No long-term contracts are required. You are in full control of your cleaning plan so that you can pause it anytime. A regular domestic cleaning service isn't just about keeping your home clean. You can imagine what a relief it is to come home to an immaculate and well-organised house without dealing with any hassle or stress.

The more free time you have for yourself and your loved ones, the better. Households that outsource cleaning chores through a domestic cleaning service report higher life satisfaction, as reflected in personal experiences and accounts.

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Bracknell cleaning services frequently asked questions

Do I need to be present during the cleaning?
Whether you want to be present during the cleaning is up to you. As a professional cleaning company, we offer flexible scheduling options and can work around your schedule. For example, you can be present during the cleaning or leave the property and return when it's done.
How much are the cleaners per hour?
Our prices start at £18 per hour. There might be slight changes depending on the service and the area.
How long does it take to clean a property?
The time it takes to clean a property depends on the size and complexity of the job. A commercial or end-of-tenancy cleaning may take an entire day, while a house cleaning usually takes a few hours.
How many cleaners will arrive to perform the task?
It depends on the type of cleaning service that you have booked as to how many cleaners we will send. For example, one pro can handle a one-off cleaning job, while some cleaning services jobs require a team of 2-3 cleaners.
How long should it take a cleaner to clean a 3 bedroom house?
Depending on the level of cleanliness among other factors, a 3-bedroom could take 3-4 hours to get cleaned.
How do I make changes to my booked service?
You may make any changes to an existing cleaning service booking by logging in to your Fantastic Account and making the necessary amendments.

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