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Why choose professional carpet cleaning in Hemel Hempstead?

Professional carpet cleaning products and equipment

To achieve the best service results possible, the carpet cleaning technicians work with industry-grade detergents and special cleaning machines.

FREE fabric stain protection

You can prolong the Fantastic results by requesting a Scotchguard application.

Available any day of week

We work every single day, including on weekends and bank holidays, so you can book us for a time and day that suits best your schedule.

Our carpet cleaning service in Hemel Hempstead and why you should book it

  • The treatments we offer our clients are suitable for almost any type of carpeting you can imagine. From synthetic and mixed fibre floor coverings to delicate and natural pieces - we can clean it all.
  • The cost of your professional carpet cleaning service is based on the size of your piece.
  • The technicians we work with pre-treat the carpet for stains and high-traffic marks, using specialised cleaning products.
  • The methods we use are 100% safe - all of the detergents the professionals work with are both eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • The service includes a FREE fabric stain protection application (upon additional request).
  • The carpet experts can provide a FREE air-mover if you wish to speed up the drying process of the piece.

The types of carpet cleaning treatments you can book in Hemel Hempstead

Carpet cleaning is one of those tasks that is better left to a professional. That said, here are the types of carpet cleaning methods you can book from Fantastic Services:

Hot water extraction cleaning

Want to restore your heavily-soiled carpet? Our hot water extraction cleaning is perfect for synthetic and mixed fibre carpeting that has seen too much love. The treatment starts with some prep work - the carpet technician will vacuum the piece to remove surface dirt and will pre-treat any existing stains and spots. Once done, with a special machine, the professional will inject a combination of water and a powerful detergent into the carpeting. This will help loosen up all of the accumulated grime and dust. While this happens, another suction attachment will remove all of the excess moisture from the piece, along with the dirt. At the end of the service, you get a clean and fluffy carpet, that is also 95% dry.

Dry cleaning treatment

This cleaning method is suitable for carpet and upholstery pieces that are made from more capricious materials, such as cotton, sea-grass, sisal, jute, etc. The first step of the service, again, includes a thorough vacuuming. After the technician has prepared the piece, they will apply a special powder detergent and distribute it will a brush. The product will attract all of the dust and dirt particles like a magnet. Finally, the expert will vacuum the carpet or furniture piece once more to remove the detergent and all of the dirt.


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average service duration

1256 sq.m.

of cleaned carpets

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Exemplary carpet cleaning quotes from Hemel Hempstead


Two Bedrooms Cleaning

Hemel Hempstead Sept 19, 2019
Hi, we need two carpets cleaned. One is blue and the other one is light-coloured. No stains on them, just a freshen up needed.

Service: Carpet cleaning


Living room carpet

Hemel Hempstead Dec 16, 2019
Hi, the carpet in our living room needs a good clean. It is a wall-to-wall synthetic carpet, beige colour. Can you please quote?

Service: Carpet cleaning


Living room carpet

Hemel Hempstead Jan 16, 2020
We have a carpet in our living room which has a big brown stain on it. Not sure what that's from, but we need it removed. Not sure how long it's been there, either, as it's fr
om the previous tenants.
... More

Service: Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning in Hemel Hempstead average prices

£53 £93 £134

The average price for carpet cleaning service in Hemel Hempstead according to our internal system is £93.

69% of the carpets we clean in the area are made of synthetic material.

72% of our customers Hemel Hempstead use us at least twice a year.

Carpet and rug cleaning service is very often booked as an addition to end of tenancy cleaning services.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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