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How our carpet cleaning works

Performed by trained carpet cleaners

The carpet cleaning service will be done by a trained and fully equipped technician.

Eco-friendly service

Our carpet cleaning methods are eco-friendly and completely safe for you and your family.

Affordable prices

The cost of your carpet cleaning will be based on the size of the floor covering you want to be cleaned.

Why book our astonishing carpet cleaning services in Clevedon?

  • Our carpet cleaning methods are suitable for any type of carpeting you might have - delicate, natural, mixed fibre, synthetic - you name it and we’ll clean it.
  • Every single one of the professionals we work with has years of experience and is additionally trained to perform the specific carpet cleaning methods, so you know that you are receiving a quality service.
  • We use only industry-grade tools, products and equipment to perform the services.
  • The carpet technicians work with non-toxic products and solutions, so you can rest assured that the service is 100% safe.
  • Your carpeting will be pre-treated with special cleaning products to remove stains and other marks.
  • We offer a FREE Scotchguard stain application.
  • You can order a FREE air-mover to speed up the drying process of the treated piece.

The types of carpet cleaning services you can book

As we’ve mentioned earlier, our professional carpet cleaning services are suitable for any type of floor covering you might have. The two cleaning methods that the technicians use are hot water extraction and dry cleaning - here is how both of them work:

  • Hot water extraction - We use this cleaning method for carpeting made from mixed fibres or a synthetic material. The service starts with a thorough vacuuming of the carpet. The technician needs to remove surface dirt, so they can proceed to the next step, which is pre-treating any existing stains. Once done with that, the expert will use a special machine to insert hot water into the carpeting. Then, with the help of the same machine, the cleaner will suck out all of the dust and dirt from the piece, along with the previously injected water. What you are left with is a transformed carpet. Note that the piece will be 95% dry after the service and will need around 3 to 6 hours to become completely dry out, depending on the material it’s made from.
  • Dry cleaning - As the name of the method suggests, dry cleaning doesn’t involve the use of water, which means that the treatment is perfect for more delicate or natural material carpeting. The service starts like our hot water extraction one - the technician prepares the carpet by vacuuming it. After that, they apply a low moisture powder detergent on top of the piece and works it in with a brush. This process is called fibre agitation. What happens is that the nasty debris in the carpeting gets caught by the product. Once the detergent has done its job, the professional will remove it with a vacuum, The result is a fresh and clean carpet.

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Exemplary carpet cleaning quotes from Clevedon


Living Room and Bedroom

Clevedon Dec 6, 2019
Hi. I need a quote for carpet cleaning. We have two carpeted rooms, which I need cleaned with the hot-water extraction method.

Service: Carpet cleaning



Clevedon Jan 7, 2020
I need a carpeted hallway cleaned. There're a few stains which need to be removed.

Service: Carpet cleaning


Two Bedrooms

Clevedon Jan 13, 2020
Hay. We need our bedrooms' carpets cleaned. Hot-water extaction preferrably, as there are stains on them.

Service: Carpet cleaning

Average carpet cleaning prices

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60% of the carpets we've cleaned in Clevedon are synthetic.

81% of our clients in the area are returning customers.

1 on every 4 jobs is combined with end of tenancy cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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