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What Are the Benefits of Jet Washing in Tufnell Park?

Rain or shine, our outdoor surfaces around our property are constantly exposed to environmental elements such as dust, dirt, and grime, which can quickly accumulate and cause a slipping hazard for those walking around. With the help of jet washing services, you can easily get rid of built-up dirt and restore these surfaces to their original state. Jet washers are ideal for cases when your surfaces are covered in mud, oil spills, algae patches, moss, graffiti, or any other type of stubborn stains, perfect examples in which this versatile cleanup method is particularly useful include:

  • Patio and deck cleaning
  • Cleaning of balconies
  • Driveways and pavement cleaning.
  • Garden Furniture and Fences Washing
  • Cleaning of Walls
What Are the Benefits of Jet Washing in Tufnell Park?

Why Choose Our Pressure Washing Service in Tufnell Park?

With over ten years of experience in the sector, we have restored thousands of patios and driveways. We can remove dirt, moss, algae, and weeds from almost any outdoor surface with our specialised power washing systems. To suit the needs of your specific area, we use industrial steam cleaning systems with both high and low-pressure options. The right amount of pressure is applied without damaging the structural integrity of the driveway or patio. Our trained operatives can restore all exterior surfaces, whether they are paving, tarmac, resin, concrete, or stone.

Why Choose Our Pressure Washing Service in Tufnell Park?

Book Professional Jet Washing with Ease: A Step-by-Step Guide

Book your Tufnell Park pressure washing service quickly and easily. Simply click our online booking form, give us a call, or fill out the callback form to get started. We look forward to helping you keep your Tufnell Park clean and sparkling.

  • 1. Effortlessly arrange your jet washing service online with our quick and user-friendly booking system.
  • 2. A highly skilled technician arrives at your residence with all the necessary tools.
  • 3. Employing a specialized pressure washer, he'll diligently clean the designated areas.
  • 4. Take pleasure in your newly cleaned outdoor areas.

How is Pressure Washing Service in Tufnell Park Carried Out?

The gardening specialist will start by taking the measurements of the area you'd like to have pressure washed. He'll then confirm the quote you received over the phone. As soon as that's done, he'll move on to preparing the equipment. Keep in mind, though, that the technician will require access to electricity and running water. Having an external water tap is preferable, however in case there isn’t any available, an internal one will do the trick just fine.

Once the pressure washing machine is set, the technician will begin the cleaning procedure. The machine ejects a powerful stream of water that can easily dislodge accumulated grime, dirt, and even certain types of stains off your paving, patio and driveway. There will be no detergents used as the pressurised water alone gets the job done.

Note: The service can only be performed if there’s drainage or someplace where the water can be drained. However, if there is sanitation included in the service, working drainage is a must.

How is Pressure Washing Service in Tufnell Park Carried Out?

Rave Reviews from Tufnell Park - See What Customers Have to Say About Our Jet Washing Services!

Experience a Beautiful Garden with Our Gardening Services in Tufnell Park

At Fantastic Services, we are proud to offer top-notch garden services in Tufnell Park that can help you transform your garden into a place of beauty and tranquility. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable gardeners can undertake everything from lawn mowing and weed removal to tree pruning and planting, ensuring that your dream garden is brought to life.

Garden maintenance

Book a team of two gardeners for a variety of services, such as hedge trimming, weeding, and lawn mowing, on a regular basis - weekly, monthly, or as a one-off gardening service.

Garden clearance

In a short amount of time, we can make your garden look neat and tidy! We'll trim and shape the hedges, prune the trees, pull out any weeds or invasive plants, clear the grass of leaves, and more.


Book our landscaping and design services to completely transform your garden. We can help with turfing, fencing, decking, installing a shed, and laying resin-bound surfacing - plus many more services!

Tree surgery

If you want to ensure that your trees are lush and healthy, look no further - our professional tree surgeon can take care of any job you need, such as tree pruning, trimming, crown lifting, or tree removal.

Lawn care

Let us help you take your lawn to the next level! Our lawn care and maintenance services encompass all your needs, including mowing, aeration, scarification, and overseeding.

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

We offer hedge and bush trimming and manicuring services for a variety of hedges, including Cypress, Deciduous and Evergreen.

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Kiril 4.28/5 110 ratings

Number of bookings: 509

With Fantastic Services for: 2 years


Garden Maintenance Presure Washing Weeding Hedge and Ivy Trimming Tree Pruning Garden Clearance

What the reviews say

"Safety and transformation – that's what this garden clearance team delivered. They turned chaos into order, giving me an outdoor space to cherish."

- Liam D.

Paige 4.55/5 358 ratings

Number of bookings: 1045

With Fantastic Services for: 2 years


Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Oven Cleaning BBQ Cleaning Window Cleaning Pressure Washing

What the reviews say

Quality upholstery and oven cleaning. Furniture looks fantastic, oven is gleaming. Delighted.

- Isabella F.

Ivan 4.39/5 319 ratings

Number of bookings: 1277

With Fantastic Services for: 3 years


Garden Maintenance Presure Washing Weeding Hedge and Ivy Trimming Tree Pruning Garden Clearance

What the reviews say

"Professional garden clearance and tree pruning. My outdoor area is rejuvenated and trees are well-maintained."

- Ethan P.

Frequently asked questions

What service is a jet washing?

Jet washing is a type of external cleaning that uses high pressure water to remove dirt, grime and algae from the exterior surfaces of a property or structure.

What kind of surfaces can be jet washed?

Jet washing services can clean a variety of exterior surfaces, such as paved areas, driveways, patios, deckings, and walls.

How often does jet washing need to be done?

The frequency of jet washing will vary depending on the surface and the environment. Generally, it is recommended to carry out a jet wash once a year, or more often if necessary.

Do I need to prepare for a jet wash service?

Yes, it is important to ensure that the area to be jet washed is free of debris and loose items such as furniture, plant pots and toys. It is also important to ensure that any nearby objects or surfaces are covered to prevent damage from the high water pressure.

What Are the Average Prices for Pressure Washing Services in Tufnell Park?

If you only require jet washing for an area smaller than 20 sq.m., it can be done within the allocated Gardening hours. However, we do have a minimum charge applicable for this service, and our technicians will take measurements and confirm the price with you prior to commencing the job.

Average service cost in this area is:
£57 - £127

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