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Our team works hard to ensure that your tenancy deposit is returned

  • Return of 100% of the deposit
  • Comprehensive oven cleaning is included
  • Estate agents' approved checklists
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How to book your end of tenancy cleaning in Reading

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We provide move-out cleaning services in Reading. Here are some things you can expect

You can expect your deposit to be returned by cleaning all the rooms in the rental property from top to bottom.

Living room/bedrooms cleaning – Our end of tenancy cleaning service in Reading offers a comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning package that covers all the essential areas of the property. The living room and bedrooms will receive meticulous attention as the cleaners dust and wipe down all reachable surfaces to ensure complete sanitation.

Bathroom scrubbing – The bathroom will also be scrubbed to perfection using powerful detergents to clean the toilet, shower, fixtures, and surfaces, leaving everything polished and shiny.

Kitchen and appliance cleaning – The kitchen and its appliances will be wiped down thoroughly, with cupboards, countertops, and tabletops cleaned inside and out. To ensure efficient cleaning, it is recommended to turn off the fridge and freezer the day before the service.

Deep oven cleaning – Additionally, the technician will disassemble and partially soak the detachable parts of the oven in a dip tank. The main body is scrubbed to perfection, making it ready for use.

Interior window cleaning – The end of tenancy cleaners in Reading will also wipe the interior windows using special products to leave them smudge- and smear-free. For an extra fee, the service can include exterior window cleaning. Overall, this end-of-tenancy cleaning package is designed to deliver excellent results and complete cleanliness to the property.

end of tenancy cleaning

Get the most out of your Reading tenancy cleaning

end of tenancy cleaning
Deep Carpet Cleaning

Discover the transformative power of our deep cleaning service for your carpets and rugs. We can clean all types of fibers and carpets, leaving them fresh and revived.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Let the light shine through with our exterior window cleaning service. Inside and out, we can polish the windows of your property.

Mattress Cleaning

Our advanced deep cleaning equipment will leave your mattress free of dirt, allergens, and dust. After the deep cleaning process, your mattress will be refreshed, and free of dust, grime, and pet hair. This service is also very effective for stain removal.

Wall Spot Cleaning

If you're worried about unsightly spots on the walls, our wall spot cleaning service is the perfect solution. Book it along with your tenancy cleaning, and we'll take care of the rest.

Upholstery Cleaning

Revive your furniture with our upholstery cleaning service. We use the same hot water extraction machines to achieve amazing results, leaving your furniture looking and feeling like new.

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The benefits of our Reading end of tenancy cleaning service

The end-of-tenancy cleaning package that we offer comes with all the benefits.

Recleaning guarantee

A 48-hour re-clean guarantee is included with every service. You can choose to extend it to 168 hours.

Trusted and reliable cleaners

You can trust professional cleaners to do a great job and achieve the highest possible results

Real-time booking slots

We make booking and paying for services easy! You can choose the time that works best for you and pay by card.

Cleaning the oven for free

The oven in the rental property will be deep cleaned to perfection to ensure the highest quality results.

Pick up and return of the key

Upon completion of the work, we will return the keys to you.

Not a time-limited service

The tenancy cleaners will work for as long as necessary in order to complete the job.

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Frequently asked questions

I would like to get a discount, is that possible?

Yes, by becoming a member of the Fantastic Club you unlock all sorts of benefits, including preferential member rates, £300 in credits, and much more! Find out more about our membership today.

How many cleaners will come?

This usually depends on the property that is to be cleaned. We usually send a team of 2 cleaners but we could send 3 if it is a larger property.

How much time does the service take?

This depends on the size of the property and the condition of the rooms. But keep in mind this service is not limited by time. The cleaners will work as much as necessary to complete the service.

Are you available on weekends?

Yes. We are available all week long, even during the weekend. Log in to our website to check the exact time slots and reserve the one that works best for you.

Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes. Just log in to your account, go to your bookings and make all the necessary changes. Just make sure to do so no less than 48 hours before the service to give us time to adjust our schedule.

Can you explain to me the difference between End of Tenancy and One-Off cleaning?

End of Tenancy cleaning is a more comprehensive service. It is a requirement to have the entire property free of personal possessions. While One-Off cleaning is basically a domestic cleaning service on an hourly basis that handles home chores related to cleaning.

Can the End of Tenancy Cleaning still be done while I am at the property?

No, because this will invalidate the standard 48-hour free re-clean guarantee. The facilities of the property have to be properly cleaned and prepared according to a letting agreement.

Will I be able to win back my tenancy security bond after the service?

When it comes to cleanliness, we are confident that we will do the best job possible. But keep in mind that letting agreements also cover other aspects such as damage to the property. So consider if any repairs need to be done. In case your landlord/letting agent is not entirely happy, we guarantee that we will send back the tenancy cleaners to amend the situation if needed.

What is the purpose of the tenancy cleaning video survey and how does it work?

To better understand the cleaning needs of the property, it is best that we survey it. To save time, you can simply get into a conference call with us, flip your device's camera and show us around the property. This option is preferable for larger properties and this way we can give you a more accurate quote for the job.

I have to move out so I can't let the cleaners in the property, what can be done?

We do key pick up and return. So you can leave the keys to a neighbour or a nearby store, perhaps?

Is there something that I have to do before the service?

There are some things that you need to take care of. Make sure that the property will have electricity, hot running water, and working lights in all rooms. Also, please make sure that the freezer and the fridge will be defrosted before the service. And finally, the place needs to be emptied out of personal belongings so it could be cleaned properly.

What other services should I add to my tenancy cleaning for exceptional results?

If you want to achieve truly remarkable results, then we strongly urge you to add carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Mattress cleaning and wall spot cleaning are also great additions.

What about parking? Do I have to arrange any?

Yes, please make sure to take care of that. The cleaners will be bringing their equipment and detergents so it would be helpful if there is a parking spot nearby.

Do I need to supply the cleaners with any detergents and/or cleaning equipment?

This will not be necessary. The cleaners bring everything they need to complete the service.

What measures are Fantastic Services taking in regards to COVID-19?

All of our cleaners wear masks while performing the service and maintain social distancing when speaking with the customer. We also offer the option of a contactless end of tenancy service, meaning that you will only need to tell us where to get the keys for the property from and where to return them.

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