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Your fabrics will be treated with hot water extraction or dry cleaning. Which one do we use? It depends on the fabric of the upholstery you’d like us to clean.

Hot water extraction

Are you tired of washing your sofa with nothing but soap and water? We have some great news for you! Professional cleaners in the Ascot can offer you a method for thoroughly cleaning your upholstery using hot water and detergent. After pre-treating any visible stains or dirt, the technicians will use a special machine to inject the water-detergent mixture deep into your sofa. The liquid mixture will be extracted and any dirt and bacteria within the mixture will be removed.

Your furniture won’t be completely dry after our service is complete. But you can help speed up the process by opening a nearby window and increasing ventilation in the room.

Dry cleaning

We can clean your silk or velvet materials for you with a gentle solvent, strong enough to remove any dirt and grime. The professionals will use a machine to apply it so that it gets deep into the fabric and removes all of the dirt. It's environmentally friendly and doesn't need to dry, so you're good to go once the process is complete.

Leather cleaning

We'll ask you to tell us the colour of your fabric before we clean your leather sofa in Ascot. We'll apply the appropriate conditioner to your upholstery and test it on a tiny section of your furniture to ensure it's effective. After that, we'll use a foam leather cleaner to absorb any dirt and wipe the leather down with a cotton cloth. Finally, we'll apply a protective layer to your furniture that will keep it from further stains.


Upholsteries cleaned in total


Cleaned leather sofas


Cleaned mattresses

1h 30min

Average session duration

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

Estimates we’ve provided to our customers in Ascot


Sofa by seat

Ascot Oct 15, 2021
Hi! The sofa in our living room has a lot of stains from our new puppy. Could you offer a quote? Thanks!

Service: Upholstery cleaning


2-seat sofa

Ascot Dec 22, 2021
Hello! My sofa has stains from the kids, so I need upholstery cleaner. Can you send me a quote and availability?

Service: Upholstery cleaning



Ascot Jan 26, 2022
Hi! I want to know whether you could clean my mattress from stains on it. What would be the price? Thanks!

Service: Mattress cleaning

What are the average pricing and statistics for upholstery cleaning in Ascot?

£29 £77 £234

On average the cleaning of a synthetic two-seat sofa before 6 pm costs £77.

When they have their carpets cleaned, 30% of our customers have their sofas cleaned as well.

We have been mostly asked to clean armchairs and sofas in Ascot.

60% of our customers book us again for another cleaning service.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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