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Why choose our professional oven cleaning in Maidenhead?

Saving money on your utility bills

Your cleaned appliance will contribute to the lower energy bills you’ll be paying at the end of the month.

Great tasting roasts and bakes again

That’s right! Your food won’t taste funny, nor will it smell of the stuff you cooked on the previous day.

Extending the life of your oven

Dirty ovens, covered in grease, are proven to underperform and break more easily.

Dip-tank oven cleaning for better results

We have specialised for years in deep oven cleaning services and appliance sanitisation. The local oven cleaners in Maidenhead have been serving both domestic and business clients in the area, so even if you require your office oven or commercial appliance in your restaurant cleaned, we can help.

The oven cleaning techniques we use are industry-standard and always render proven results. And that’s not all! You’ll find that after the service, your oven not only looks shiny and great but also doesn’t produce unpleasant smells and smoke. You can also rest assured that your appliance won’t put your family and property at risk by catching one day fire, due to the accumulated grease and food deposits on the inside.

How does our oven cleaning service go?

Now, let’s see what you can expect from your oven cleaning service in Maidenhead!

  • 1. The oven cleaner will put overshoes and protective equipment before entering your property and will make sure to cover the floor area next to your appliance with a mat.
  • 2. He’ll fill a dip tank with a professional oven cleaning solution mixed with water, where all removable components of the oven will be soaked for an easier cleaning afterwards.
  • 3. The expert will scrub the inside of the oven, polish the glass door and clean the outside of the appliance thoroughly and with attention to detail.
  • 4. Then, he’ll clean carefully the trays and racks in the tank and dry them well before putting them back in place.
  • 5. Finally, the oven cleaner will perform a test to ensure that your oven performs and works as it should.

The above procedure won’t take long at all, but of course, factors like the size of your oven and its initial state will play a role, with respect to the duration of the service.

Bundle up your oven cleaning service to make some savings

You can get more for your hard-earned cash if you choose one of our special deals, we’ve listed below:

  • Single oven + Hob + Extractor for £87 instead of £97
  • Double oven + Hob + Extractor for £103 instead of £115
  • Single wide oven + Hob + Extractor for £103 instead of £115
  • Range cooker + Hob + Extractor for £131 instead of £145

In addition, consider combining other appliance cleaning services with us to save time, money and effort. You can have a number of equipment and kitchen devices cleaned professionally to extend their life and enjoy them for longer.

  • Freezers and refrigerators - regardless of their make and model;
  • BBQ and outdoor grills - get ready for the garden party season;
  • Washing machine and dryer - even these appliances collect dirt and can become mouldy;
  • Dishwasher - we can clean it in detail, too;
  • Small appliances - such as your microwave, we'll make them as new.

Just let us know what you need in advance, we’ll handle the rest!


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Maidenhead oven cleaning quotes


Oven cleaning

Maidenhead Jan 19, 2020
I require a double oven to be cleaned. I am in Maidenhead. Please contact me to arrange a convenient time.

Service: Double oven cleaning


Oven cleaning

Maidenhead Feb 24, 2020
Hi, I would like to book you to clean our double oven and extractor. Are you able to make an appointment for Sat 4th Jan 2020?

Service: Double oven and extractor cleaning


Oven cleaning

Maidenhead Jan 05, 2019
We have a Rangemaster Toledo with a double oven and grill. May I get a quote for cleaning the oven?

Service: Oven cleaning

Average price for oven cleaning service in Maidenhead

£55 £76 £97

82% of all bookings are for single oven cleaning.

Most people who book oven cleaning also use our carpet cleaning service.

1 in 3 customers uses our hob or extractor cleaning together with oven cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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