Bring your quadcopter back to life with professional DJI drone repair service in London

Have your drone repair done within 3 days

  • Parts from authorised DJI dealers
  • Every device is stress-tested when fixed
  • A 3-month warranty after the service
  • Drone repair done by experienced technicians
Evaluation from £11 Evaluation from £11
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Your DJI drone repaired in 4 simple steps

1. Make a booking online

Use our helpful online booking form to set up your service.

2. Pack your drone and send it to the lab

Use your local postal service to send your drone to the DJI repair centre (we’ll send you the address).

3. The drone is inspected & repaired

A technician will take a look at it and determine what’s wrong with it. You will be contacted for a brief report about the needed repairs and costs.

4. A pick-up is arranged

We will contact you to discuss the pick-up details.

Drone repair prices

Drone RepairDJI Mavix ProDJI PhantomDJI Inspire 1
Repair evaluation£11£11£11
Flex Ribbon Cable Replacement£143£121
Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board Replacement£88
Crashed Landing Gear Replacement£77
Faulty Motor Replacement£77£165
Professional Cracked Shell Replacement£154
Camera Flex Ribbon Cable Replacement£110

What does the evaluation include?

1. Careful inspection - An experienced technician will examine your drone closely and determine what is wrong with it.

2. Detailed report - The condition of your drone will be documented and a list of necessary spare parts and repair procedures will be included.

3. Time estimate - The specialist will determine how long the whole repair process will take and when you will be able to get your drone back.

4. Price estimate - Finally, you will be contacted and notified about everything: exactly what is wrong with your device, how much the repairs will cost, and when you will be able to get it back.

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What makes the drone repair London service such a great option?

First of all, obviously, why spend money for an entirely new drone if your old one can be fixed for just a fraction of that sum? On the other hand, this service comes with many advantages.

It's quick and efficient

You'll have your drone fixed within 1-3 work days.

Done by experienced technicians

Your drone is in good hands. The technicians have fixed and prolonged the lives of countless devices.

Using high-quality replacement parts

Our partners are authorised DJI part dealers so you can be sure that your drone will be restored to the best possible condition.

Stress test

When the technician is ready with the repairs, your drone will be stress-tested to determine if it is working properly.

The most common drone malfunctions and sustained damages

In case you have no idea why your drone won't work, then don't worry about it. The DJI drone repair service includes a careful inspection. When you are using our online booking form, just specify that it should be evaluated. After a complete diagnostics by a technician, the problem will be pinpointed. After this, you will be contacted and quoted for the needed repairs. Some of the most common faults that the experts have fixed over the years include:

  • Motor problems, stuck motor, motors won’t start;
  • Gimbal issues, shaky gimbal, gimbal overloud, broken vibration board, damaged gimbal mounting plate;
  • Remote controller problem, broken antenna, damaged RC;
  • Damaged or ripped ribbon cable, gimbal ribbon flex cable issue;
  • Damaged shell, broken or damaged arm, damaged landing gear, stress cracks;
  • Signal loss during a flight, compass error, GPS warning;
  • ESC failure, ESC status error, cannot take off.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you guarantee the quality of the repairs done to my drone?

    A: Yes. Be it DJI phantom repair or DJI mavic repair, you will receive a 3-month warranty for your device.

  • Q: Can I directly request a repair procedure and skip the evaluation?

    A: Yes, as long as you know for sure exactly what is wrong with your drone.

  • Q: I disassembled my drone in order to fix it on my own, but I couldn't do it. Now I can't even put it back together. Can I still send it to you?

    A: Sure thing, no worries. Just make sure to pack it carefully and include all of its original parts.

  • Q: Can you fix my drone if water caused the damage?

    A: Yes. After the inspection of the device, the technician will know exactly how to fix it.

  • Q: How should I package my drone?

    A: We recommend using a rugged box, as well as sufficient amount of bubble wrap.

  • Q: What is the coverage of your service?

    A: All areas within the M25 zone.

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