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How the window cleaning process in Preston goes

Your Fantastic window cleaner uses an advanced water-fed-extension-pole system to clean your windows externally. This is an advanced window cleaning method, which allows the expert to access windows up to the 4th floor of a building. There is no use of a ladder involved, which makes the process absolutely safe and unobtrusive to your privacy.

The extension pole system is installed in a van, which has to be parked within 30 m from your home or business. The van is also supplied with a tank, filled with purified water - the only “product”, used in the window cleaning process.

Once the window cleaning expert arrives and sets the purified-water-extension-pole system, there are three simple steps to follow:

  • The window cleaner will wash the glass panes, sills and frames (if PVC) with purified water, running from the tank in the van through the extension pole and a brush head attachment. The purified water in its deionised state tends to attract all impurities - dust, rain marks and chemical residue left from previous cleanings, etc.
  • Then, thorough rinsing of the whole window will take place to wash away any remaining dirt.
  • Finally, your windows will be left to air dry. That’s right! Windows washed with purified water don’t need to be wiped to dry. Since the water is free of any hard minerals, it leaves no streaks or marks on the glass! It even forms a protective coating, which prolongs the lifespan of the glass.

This totally eco-friendly window cleaning method is offered as a one-off service but we recommend it to be used on a regular basis for greater results and a better deal. The frequency of appointments, of course, will depend on the type of business you have or the location of your home.

Interior window cleaning is also available. It is performed by using the traditional squeegee method and nature-friendly cleaning products. All frames and sills are deep cleaned and cobwebs are removed. The glass panels are cleaned and carefully wiped with a paper towel to become squeaky clean again. The skilled window cleaners use a ladder when higher windows have to be reached.

Whether you need small or big bay windows, sash windows, skylights, conservatory windows or French doors cleaned, we can handle the job!


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Some the job estimates we’ve made for clients in Preston


Detached house

Preston Jun 3, 2021
Would like to get my windows cleaned from the outside. Can you please give a quote? It is a detached house with ground floor and first floor. All of the windows are easily acc
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Service: Window cleaning


Two-bedroom flat

Preston Apr 20, 2021
Hello, You previously cleaned the windows of my two-bedroom flat. Inside and out. I am keen to have this done again! Could you accommodate this for the same price as last time
... More

Service: Window cleaning


First floor flat

Preston May 11, 2021
Hello, I would like to book window cleaning for my flat - the first floor at the rear of the building. Windows would be the living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. Outside only
. Thank you!
... More

Service: Window cleaning

Take a look at our window cleaning rates and statistics in Preston

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50% of our clients in Preston book exterior window cleaning once a month.

1 in 3 of our customers in the area say their windows stay clean for longer after using the purified-water window cleaning service.

33% of our clients book inside window cleaning service twice a year.

1 in 4 of the people in Preston book window cleaning together with one or two other services from our range.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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