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How our window cleaning service in Newbury works

Purified water

The window cleaners in Newbury are purifying water on the go, with it the can clean your windows without leaving no streak marks and no residue from pollutants in the water supply.

Fast reaction time

The local window cleaning teams can fulfil your bookings faster. They are constantly on the move, doing your chores for you. No matter if it is a public holiday, bank holiday or the weekends.

No ladders involved

Usually, ladders are posing several risks, they can also scratch your walls or inflict damage on painted elements and so on. With the water-fed pole method of cleaning windows externally, there are no ladders and no risks involved.

The window cleaning service in Newbury

We have all tried to clean the windows of our property at least once. For better or worst it is enough for us to realise it is no easy task. Considering the satisfactory results, it might prove beneficial to call in a professional and disregard the hassle and exhaustion of dealing with window cleaning alone.

Here’s how the process goes:

  • It is window cleaning time and you see a Fantastic Services fan parked in front. The technicians approach the property and quickly estimate the situation.
  • It is time to get to work and all the equipment is being strategically located under the windows in question.
  • The water-fed poles start doing their magic and your windows and frames soon get rid of all the dirt and grime previously tucked to them.
  • The personal life of those living or working on the premises will be untouched, as there would be no cleaners hanging in front of the windows.
  • The freshly washed windows will be left to air dry for better results. No streaks, no dirt, more light and clear view.

Have some other task for the professionals?

You can always combine the window cleaning service with some other domestic service. There are often discounts on booking multiple services, and you can join our Fantastic Club for special rates. Clients often combine window cleaning with spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure washing.


Jobs done


Commercial properties


Windows cleaned


Average job duration

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

You can become a member of the Fantastic Club today and take advantage of all the amazing benefits that come with it, including discounted rates and special offers.

Example queries for window cleaning in Newbury


Detached property

Newbury Jun 18, 2019
Three windows on the ground level need cleaning both sides and two windows on the second floor will do with external cleaning only.

Service: Window cleaning



Newbury Apr 9, 2019
There are two windows in the living room and one in the bedroom facing east and I would really like to fully enjoy the sunrise again. Please come clean them from the outside.

Service: Window cleaning



Newbury August 3, 2019
I have decided to lease the property to a tenant and would appreciate an end of tenancy cleaning plus complete window cleaning, so we can breathe in some new life into the pro
perty as it was unoccupied for quite some time.
... More

Service: End of tenancy cleaning, Window cleaning

Average price for window cleaning service in Newbury

£90 £240 £360

On average, it costs £240to have all the windows in your property fully cleaned.

Most of the Newbury customers combine their service with EOT or deep carpet cleaning, boosting the average prices, but benefiting from discounts.

Family houses are the most visited properties visited by the window cleaners in Newbury.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

A member of the Fantastic Family in Newbury

  • Tisho Slavev
  • Hot Water Extraction, Steamers, Blinds, Windows (with EOT)
  • Teams: 1
  • Franchisee since: 2017
Tihomir is an old-school window cleaner. He performs the task with ease as a part of the end of tenancy cleaning. He and his team are most likely to visit your property when you book EOT. They will carefully clean everything and let their squeegees loose on the dirty windows. Tisho is what you might call a battle-hardened technician as his jobs are usually so broad and complicated that it is hard not to miss a single detail, but yet he managed to score consistent feedback from clients that is above average. His sturdy rise in quality with the services and his ability to work well within a team is what makes him a valuable part of our family.
"Wonderful job! At first, it all seemed so hectic, but soon after everything fell back in place and the property was looking super clean and tidy." - O. Jenson

Newbury area coverage and working hours

Local line: 0118 436 0028


Working hours

  • Monday 7am - 6pm
  • Tuesday 7am - 6pm
  • Wednesday 7am - 6pm
  • Thursday 7am - 6pm
  • Friday 7am - 6pm
  • Saturday 7am - 6pm
  • Sunday 7am - 6pm

Postcode coverage: RG14, RG20

Areas we cover within the city: Newbury (whole town area), Ashmansworth, Chieveley, Compton, Ecchinswell, Leckhampstead, Highclere, Kingsclere, Sydmonton

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