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How our window cleaning works

Flexible schedule

You can book our window cleaning services for any day of the week, including weekends and public holidays.

Various types of windows cleaned

The windows you can get cleaned by us include, but are not limited to: small and big bay windows, French doors, sash windows, skylights, conservatory windows, single- and double-glazed windows.

Eco-friendly cleaning method

For external window cleaning, we use purified water only - no chemicals are involved in the process.

The window cleaning process in Hastings explained in detail

The purified-water, extension-pole method allows your technician to complete the process in a few simple steps:

  • Your window cleaner in Hastings comes with a van, supplied with all the equipment needed for the job - a tank full of purified water and the extension pole system. You don’t need to worry about supplying water for the process.
  • The technician uses the extension pole to reach the windows and sprays the window with deionised water, which is pumped out from the tank in the van. Then, with a brush head, attached to the end of the extension pole, the specialist cleans the dirt and dust stuck to the glass panes and the frames (PVC only).
  • As a final step, your cleaning expert will thoroughly rinse the glass panels and PVC frames with purified water and leave them to air dry.

The purified-water, extension-pole method is simple, yet, very efficient. Because of its deionised state, the purified water attracts all impurities and dust from the window. At the same time, since the water is absolutely pure, there are no mineral deposits or other residues left on the glass, even when left to dry naturally.

Here are some more of the advantages of the purified-water-extension-pole window cleaning in Hastings:

  • Totally safe - the extension pole method excludes the use of a ladder;
  • Respectful to your privacy - if you are relaxing at home on the 3rd floor, you don’t need to worry about been disturbed, since the window cleaner doesn’t need direct access to the windows;
  • 100% sustainable - no chemicals are included in the window cleaning process;
  • Simple and efficient - your windows will be sparkly clean again, without marks and streaks!
  • Prevention - the purified water forms a protective coating, which helps to keep the window clean and shiny for a long time.

You can also book an inside window cleaning in Hastings, which is performed with a squeegee and eco-friendly cleaning products. For the inside windows that are out of reach, your specialist will use a ladder.

Although the window cleaning service is offered as a one-off, as well, we encourage you to use the service on a regular basis, in order to get a better deal and maintain the presentable appearance of your property.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Here are some job estimates for window cleaning we’ve made in Hastings


Victorian house

Hastings Jan 12 2020
Hello, I need a quote for window cleaning. 4 bedroom Victorian house that needs all windows cleaned only on the outside. Thank you!

Service: Window cleaning


Three-story house

Hastings May 30 2020
Hello, it's a three-storey house. It has 13 windows at the front and also 8 windows at the back on the 1 and 2 floors that require cleaning. Exterior-only, please!

Service: Window cleaning


Shop cleaning

Hastings Aug 12 2020
I need external window cleaning of the Shop. That will include the door, windows and the frames around the windows. Thank you!

Service: Window cleaning

Take a look at the window cleaning rates and statistics in Hastings

£38 £93 £210

The window cleaning rates in Hastings start from £38.

40% of our customers in Hastings book window cleaning once every two or three months.

3 in 5 of our clients in Hastings combine window cleaning with another Fantastic service.

65% of our customers in the area book both inside and outside window cleaning for their properties.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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