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Once the technicians are done, you’ll be able to enjoy your streak-free windows.

What to expect from our window cleaning service in Bexleyheath

Cleaning your windows can be a tiresome task. The chore takes a lot of time and effort, so why not spend your leisure time doing something that you like? Hire a professional cleaner and enjoy a hassle-free service! We, at Fantastic Services, offer professional window cleaning solutions in Bexleyheath that will save you the hassle of trying to reach that 4 storey window. The service is suitable for both commercial and domestic properties, which means that you can book it both for your home and business! Awesome, right?

On the day of the appointment, a team of cleaners will arrive at your address in a specialised van. The latter is fitted with a water tank with purified water and extension poles. With this modern method, the technicians can reach up to the 4th floor without the need for ladders, cradles, or anything else. Note that the cleaners will need a parking spot for their vehicle - you’ll need to make sure that there is one prior to their arrival.

If everything is good to go, the technicians will begin with the cleaning process. First, they will spray purified water all over your windows and gently scrub them with a special brush attachment. After all of the dirt and dust is removed, they’ll spray your windows once more to remove all remaining residue. Once the technicians are done, they’ll leave your windows to dry naturally. Because we use purified water, there will be no streaks and spots after the cleaners are finished. Furthermore, we provide inside window cleaning, which can include in-depth frame cleaning upon request, given that your windows are uPVC.

You can have your glazed windows, glass roofs, conservatories, skylights, and more cleaned for a small additional charge. If you have any questions regarding the service or maintenance afterwards, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals on-site.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Check some of our window cleaning estimates for customers in Bexleyheath


Both Sides Window Cleaning

Bexleyheath Jun 8, 2021
Let me know how much do I have to pay to have my windows cleaned on both sides? It is a 2 bedroom property on the second floor. Thank you!

Service: Window cleaning


Detached House Window Cleaning

Bexleyheath Jun 6, 2021
I'd like to book window cleaning of a detached house from the outside only. It's a 4 bedroom property,let me know your availability.

Service: Window cleaning


Victorian House Window Cleaning

Bexleyheath Jun 28, 2021
Please provide me with a quote for cleaning the windows of a 4 bedroom Victoria house, outside only. Do you offer late evening slots? Cheers!

Service: Window cleaning

How much does window cleaning services in Bexleyheath cost

£64 £76 £153

The average price of our window cleaning service in Bexleyheath is £76.

1 of 4 of our customers in Bexleyheath book both interior and exterior window cleaning.

3 out of 5 clients in the area book window cleaning for a 3-bedroom house.

The majority of our customers in Bexleyheath combine their window cleaning with skylights and gutter cleaning.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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