Fully insured window cleaning in Morden delivered by certified cleaners

Gleaming, spotless windows are the perfect finishing touch to any well-maintained property. Book local window cleaners in Morden who guarantee smear-free glass.
    • Window cleaning is completed by the safe and cost-efficient water-fed pole technique whenever possible
    • Cleaners are qualified and insured and this service is certified by the Federation of Window Cleaners
    • Outside and inside window cleaning with options for frame and sill cleaning on uPVC windows
    • Seven-day services with same-day appointments sometimes possible
    • Priority slots and preferential rates for Fantastic Club members
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Why choose professional window cleaning?

Free up your time

The average house has 8 to 10 windows and most people say they don't have time to clean them as often as they'd like to.

Increase natural light levels

Sunlight lifts mood and boosts productivity. Cleaning the windows is an effective way of bringing more light in and improving the environment at your home or business.

Show your customers you care

Dirty windows make offices or retail premises look uncared for. If you don't seem to look after your own property, your customers may believe you work to low standards.

Simple steps for top-quality window cleaning in Morden

The window cleaners in Morden will clean bay windows, sash windows, skylights or conservatories and use a variety of window cleaning techniques. When they can park close to the property and the windows are within reach of a water-fed pole, your service will be delivered as follows:

  • The technicians park up and attach the pole to a tank of distilled water installed in their van
  • Water is pumped up to the window, and fed through a brush which is used to loosen dirty deposits or lift grease
  • The windows are rinsed
  • The process is repeated as required until the windows are perfectly clean
  • The glass is allowed to air dry

Advantages of this system include

  • Safety - Technicians with their feet on the ground can't fall, so there's no risk of them injuring themselves or damaging your property.
  • Your privacy is protected - No more window cleaners peering in through bedroom windows
  • Eco-friendly services - With no detergents utilised, run-off water can't contaminate gardens or the surrounding environment
  • Superior and long-lasting results - As the water dries it leaves the windows coated with a smooth dirt-resistant film. Glass cleaned using this method stays cleaner for longer

For internal window cleaning, or when your windows aren't suitable for water-fed pole cleaning other techniques are utilised


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Estimates given for window cleaning in Morden


Terraced house

Morden Jun 5, 2021
Hello, I need window cleaning services for a two-bedroom terraced house. Just outside clean, please. there are single glazed, sash windows and 2 glass doors. Thank you!

Service: Window cleaning


Tree-bedroom house

Morden Mar 22, 2021
Please can I request the window cleaning service for this coming week? The house is a 3 bedroom end-terraced and I would like the windows to be cleaned internally and external
... More

Service: Window cleaning


Tree-bedroom flat

Morden Jan 29, 2021
Hello, can I get a quote for window cleaning? Tree-bedroom flat. All windows to be cleaned on both sides. There are also two glass doors. Thank you!

Service: Window cleaning

How much might a window cleaning service in Morden cost you?

£46 £84 £124

Window cleaning is charged at a fixed rate based on the area of glass to be cleaned.

There is a minimum charge, rates for window cleaning in Morden start at £46.

The most commonly requested service in Morden is external window cleaning at a 3 bedroom house.

The most common frequency of service for repeat clients is 2weekly window washing.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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