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  • Full service: Inspection + Treatment + Prevention and Follow up
  • Identifying and blocking rodent-size entry points
  • Same-day and emergency after hours visits, even on weekends and holidays
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Rodent control prices

Service Type Studio/1 bed 2 bed property 3 bed property 4 bed property 5 bed property 6 bed property 7 bed property
One-off treatment £135 £145 £155 £165 £175 £200 £225
2 visits treatment* £169 £179 £189 £199 £209 £234 £259
Full treatment** £240 £250 £260 £270 £280 £305 £330
Inspection £35 £35 £35 £35 £35 £35 £35

Price for squirrels treatment from £199.

Treatment for rats in the garden from £195.

The price rates are only valid for residential properties.

The prices are not affected by any extra fees besides parking and congestion (where applicable).

*The 2 visits treatment is comprised of 1 main visit and 1 follow-up visit, carried out over the course of 1 month. Note that the follow-up visit is only done at your request.

**The complete treatment features 1 major visit and 2 extra follow-up visits, carried out over the course of 3 months. Note that any follow-up visits are only done at your request.

£20 additional charge on all night jobs (night job is considered between 8pm and 5am appointment time).

T&C and Minimum call out charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area's dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).
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How the rat & mice control service works

Usually, three visits from a rodent exterminator need to take place. When the specialist is on site, he will perform the following:

Step 1: Carefully inspect the property with thermographic or endoscope cameras to determine the level of rodent infestation and where they are coming from.

Step 2: The exit points will be sealed with wire wool, special sealants and expanding foam. Mainly the kitchen area will be mouse proofed, however other holes around the property can be blocked as well; Please keep in mind that the technician can only seal rodent sized holes (about ½ inch in diameter) while larger entry points can be sealed by a professional handyman. Additionally, you can have a door brush and vent mesh installed for a supplementary fee.

Step 3: Some highly effective traps and boxes with poison will be placed around the property in secluded areas where children and pets cannot access them.

Step 4: The vermin control specialist will be happy to share with you some useful tips on how to recognise the signs of infestation in the future and how to prevent it.

What to do before & after your rat removal service

For optimal results with the rodent removal service, we recommend for you to carry out the following steps:


  • Remove any poisons and traps that you may have on site;
  • Do not leave any exposed food in any room overnight;
  • Gather all household waste, isolate it, and keep the bin lids closed;
  • Do not leave any pet food outside;
  • Keep drainage connections and toilets closed.


  • Monitor your property closely;
  • Do not leave exit doors and windows open for too long;
  • Dispose of your household rubbish regularly, don't gather it outside;
  • Keep your garden under control, overgrowth might attract the troublemakers.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Is this mouse cleaning service safe for me and my family?

    A: Yes, all anti-rodent practices and products used by Fantastic Pest Control are in compliance with established safety standards.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: We service the London areas within the M25 zone, as well as districts such as CM, SS, SL, SG, AL, HP, LU, and some parts of RG, GU, ME, RH, TN.

  • Q: How much time will the mouse extermination service take?

    A: This depends on the type and level of infestation, as well as on the procedures that need to take place. Usually, after the inspection of the property the specialist will have some idea of how long the service is going to last. This is not an hourly-based service, so the pest controller will stay for as long as necessary to complete the job.

  • Q: What if I still notice rodent activity after the service?

    A: In case you continue to notice mice and rats a week after the service, then we can help you out with more intensive treatments.

  • Q: Can you do regular inspections and treatments?

    A: Yes, we can arrange regular visits to your property.

  • Q: What is your working time?

    A: Our services are available 24/7, even during bank holidays.

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