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Dog Grooming in London for Health, Happiness and Hygiene

Discover the perfect ending to your shaggy dog stories. Book dog grooming in London for any size or breed of dog. We’ll trim hair, clean, bathe, clip and even make sure his or her teeth are brushed.

Regular grooming isn’t just about appearances. Your long-haired dog or non-moulting poodle will be more comfortable with his coat cut for the summer months. Keeping your dog’s coat clean will decrease the risk of thrush, other skin problems, or pests and parasites. Grooming your dog is also a opportunity to check for cuts, heat, swelling or other early indications of health problems.

Contact our dog grooming studio on 020 3404 3444 or visit us at 15 Balham High Road, SW12 9AJ. Alternatively, use our phone app if you’re on the move, our chat service whenever you’re on site, or leave your details on our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Dog Grooming Services Tailored to Your Dog’s Needs

Start gently with a dog that’s not used to trimming or who hates baths. We’ll work with your pet to ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience:

  • Our dog grooming studio is located at our day care centre, a dog friendly environment where your pet will feel relaxed.
  • Grooming is completed by a qualified and experienced dog groomer
  • We’ll bathe and trim your dog while you’re with us, or in your absence.
  • Book nail clipping, brushing or bathing in combination with other services, and you may be offered a discount on our normal rates.

Services Offered at Our Grooming Parlour

Just like a human beauty salon, we offer a variety of packages at our grooming parlour.

Tidy: A great place to start with a nervous pet. We trim your dog’s nails, clean his ears, brush him, and trim hair around the sanitary area and face

Tidy & Bath:Sometimes dogs can smell… a bit too doggy! Add a bath to his tidy up, and your pet will smell as sweet as his nature!

Bath & Brush: We’ll brush your dog, trim his nails, and clean his ears and around his eyes.

Full Groom: This includes a brush, bathing, and nail clipping. We’ll clean ears and trim hair around them if necessary. We’ll also complete anal cleaning if requested.

The groomers will help out with other tasks that will keep your dog healthy and comfortable. Ask us about:

Nail clipping: Long nails make walking uncomfortable, and they’re more likely to break and bleed. Keep your dog’s nails short and you’ll also be protecting yourself, your children, and your furniture from accidental scratches.

Nail Grinding: This alternative to clipping takes longer, but some dogs find it more comfortable. Ask our groomer to explain the advantages of this method and help you decide which option is best for your dog.

Ear Cleaning: The groomer will clean the delicate ears of your dog gently and safely.

Tooth Brushing: Vets estimate that 85% of dogs over the age of five suffer some degree of tooth decay. As with humans, correct diet and careful oral hygiene will protect your dog from painful dental problems.

Book Your Dog Grooming from A Qualified Professional

Your dog might not suffer the embarrassment you would from a having a bad hair day. Still, the delicate nature of some aspects of dog grooming means that you need the assistance of properly qualified and experienced individual. Trust Fantastic Services and your dog’s grooming it know will be completed carefully gently, and safely, by a certified dog groomer.

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