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Rodents Pest Control Service For Your Mice, Rats And Squirrel Infestations

Rats and mice roam free in your premises? Book our London rodents pest control service and we’ll deal with the pesky intruders in no time! Get a full inspection and guaranteed treatment at a date and time of your choice. You can even call us for emergency call-outs and same-day sessions. For your convenience, we maintain a 24/7 customer care centre where you can get a free price estimation for a session with Fantastic’s specialists.

Our Three-Step Rodents Control In London For A Pest-Free Property

Our rodents control in London follows a three-step procedure to guarantee a pest-free property. If you notice potential infestation signs, such as droppings and gnawed cables, call us immediately! Rats, mice and squirrels are mammals and need special treatment, different from that against insects or spiders. The professionals understand the specifics of those vermin and have everything down to science.

  1. Inspection: Your Fantastic Pest Controller will come and inspect your home. Potential rodents entry points such as vents, holes, and pipes will be identified, and the severity of your infestation will be assessed.
  2. Treatment: After the inspection, your technician will seal all holes using wire wool, sealants and expanding foam. Next, he will place traps around the affected area. If the infestation is severe enough, he may lay down poison as well. In addition, you’ll receive advice on how to avoid another rodent infestation.
  3. Monitor: Your Fantastic Pest Controller will visit your home or office again to guarantee it remains pest-free. He will also monitor the status of previous treatments. You have a three-month guarantee in which you can arrange up to two more FREE visits.

The Benefits And Specifics Of Our Rodent Pest Control Services

By booking your Fantastic Pest Control Services in London you take advantage of various unique benefits. We are the pest control company in London of choice for over 7,000 satisfied customers! Become a part of our ever-growing family and enjoy great perks, such as:

  • Non-hourly-based rates: you pay us for the job done, not for the time it takes us to perform it;
  • Designed for rodents, not insects: we use bait boxes and glue traps; and lay down poison only for severe infestations;
  • Professional pesticides used: we use pesticides approved by Kill Germ, an official UK PEST supplier;
  • COSHH regulations compliance: our rodents pest control services in London comply with COSHH regulations. You will be provided with Risk and COSHH assessments (where applicable), and a written report for the service done.;

Different rodent species require different methods. Our mice control, rats control and squirrels control are all unique services, designed to provide outstanding results for the corresponding pest.

  • Mice Control: mice might be cute and small but a infestation can grow out of control in no time. They scavenge your food and often infect it with dangerous pathogens.
  • Rats Control: their long, sharp teeth are not their scariest weapon. Rats can harbour more than 30 diseases harmful to humans, as they live and walk through garbage and faecal matter.
  • Squirrels Control: it’s one thing to feed squirrels in the park and another to let them damage your property with their persistent nesting and gnawing. They do not pose health danger but are a serious fire hazard and can cause electricity blackouts.

Please Consider Those Important Facts Concerning Our Rodents Pest Removal.

  • For the treatment to be more efficient, please vacuum your property thoroughly prior to our visitation;
  • You shouldn’t stay at your premises until the treatment is done, as pesticides have a low toxicity when airborne;
  • No floorboards will be lifted during our services
  • Please secure us parking nearby – our specialised van requires a parking space in close proximity to your property;
  • If traffic conditions affect us we’ll immediately call you to inform you of our delay;

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Mice/Rats Control Prices
Property typeOne-off treatment2 visits treatment*Full treatment**
1 bedroom£119£150£235
2 bedrooms£129£160£240
3 bedrooms£139£170£245
4+ bedrooms***from £149from £180£250

Squirrels control – we offer only full treatment for £180.

- The price rates are only valid for domestic properties.

- The prices are not affected by any extra fees besides parking and congestion (where applicable).

*The 2 visits treatment is comprised of 1 main visit and 1 follow-up visit, carried out over the course of 1 month. Note that the follow-up visit is only done at your request.

**The complete treatment features 1 major visit and 2 extra follow-up visits, carried out over the course of 3 months. Note that any follow-up visits are only done at your request.

***The treatment of every extra bedroom will cost a further £10.

T&C and Minimum call out charges apply. When we calculate the price, we take into consideration the area dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25.

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