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What to expect from your pest control service in Fulham

We all know that having pests in your home is a worrisome situation. No one wants the associated contamination and health and hygiene problems that pests bring with them. This is why we at Fantastic Services can help you address this problem with our pest removal service in Fulham and we even offer emergency pest control.

So, how does the service work? It’s easy! The pest exterminator will arrive at your property as scheduled and will be fully equipped to carry out the pest control in Fulham. Each of our professionals are not only experienced but are also qualified and certified exterminators.

Since the job may require a different approach, depending on the type of pest that is in your property, you might be asked to leave your home prior to the pest control service being carried out as well as to make sure that there are no pets (including fish) on the premises.

The pest controller will carefully inspect your property to determine what type of pest has infested it and will also determine the level of pest infestation. They will then get to work with advanced pest treatment of your property, by using the appropriate methods and pesticidal products, which will depend on the type of pest that’s plaguing your home.

Some of the most common types of pests and pest control treatment that we offer includes: overall vermin removal such as rodent control, rat control and mouse control - as these are the most common types of pests. We also offer insect control for flying and crawling insects including bed bug control, ants, spiders, cockroaches, carpet beetles, woodworms, flies, wasps, silverfish and moths. In addition to this, we can also effectively offer pest inspection, pest treatment, pest proofing and pest prevention in a humane way for bird and fox control.

We also offer further monitoring and observation of the pest problem with one- or three-month guaranteed pest repellent and pest deterrent services, which include one or two follow-up visits and treatments if needed, upon request.

Since the local pest controller pros coming to your property are experts in their field, they can also provide you with expert proofing and pest prevention tips and advice in order to help you prevent future pest infestations.

Once the anti-pest treatment service has been performed through fumigation, fogging treatment and cross-contamination, the pest removal expert will provide you with a detailed written service report in the form of a pest survey. The local pro will also offer additional guidelines for you to follow after the service has been performed for maximum efficiency and complete pest elimination for a pest-free home.


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*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Check some of our pest control estimates for customers in Fulham


Trouble with wasps

Fulham Jul 30, 2020
Hey there, we recently noticed quite a few wasps around our house. When checking around the house we noticed they had built a nest towards the upper part on one of the windows
. Do you deal with such and how much would it cost to come out here?
... More

Service: Wasps control


Birds invading our property

Fulham Jan 29, 2021
Hey there, for months now we have been suffering with pigeon causing trouble for us. They use our house for nesting and you can imagine the mess they make with that...We are l
ooking for a solution to this issue once and for all. Please advise on options and how much it will cost.
... More

Service: Bird control


Silverfish in bedroom

Fulham Oct 3, 2020
Hello, I was wondering if you can help with exterminating silverfish from a 2-bedroom property? I have noticed them in the bedroom only for now, I hope they won't conquer the
whole house!
... More

Service: Silverfish treatment

How much does pest removal cost in Fulham?

£105 £205 £489

Our pest control services in Fulham start from £105.

42% of our clients in Fulham choose our 3-months guaranteed services that include 2 extra visits.

1 in 3 customers in Fulham take advantage of a follow-up visit and pest treatment for optimal results.

31% of our customers in Fulham require emergency pest control assistance.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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