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How It Works

Keep your property safe and sanitary

Many pests can damage property, others carry diseases. Vermin or insects in commercial premises producing food could destroy your business. Effective pest control protects you from all these risks.

One-off or multiple treatment service options

Some pests can be removed in a single intervention, others require repeated treatments to break an infestation cycle. You can choose a guaranteed service that includes follow-up pest control visits.

Your safety is the exterminator's primary concern

The pest exterminator will use the most advanced and safest treatment option. You may be requested to leave the premises or remove pets while the work is done.

What happens when the pest exterminator from Chingford arrives

Pest removal services in Chingford are delivered through a series of steps.


The pest exterminator will need to identify the problematic animal, determine the extent to which they have invaded the premises and establish where they gained entry. They will also note any factors at the property which made it vulnerable to infestation in the first place.


The method will depend on the pest to be removed. Wildlife can often be trapped and removed humanely. Rodenticides will be laid to rid a home or business of rats or mice. Removing flying or crawling insects may involve the use of pesticides, fogging or heat treatment.

Advice and reporting

You'll receive a written report on the work done. You'll also be advised on anything you need to do after the treatment, this might include airing the property on your return to disperse any airborne chemicals or NOT vacuuming for a few days to allow laid down poisons time to act. You'll also be advised on measures to pest-proof your property, this could include blocking holes where rodents gained entry, making food storage more secure or clearing outdoor areas so that there is no natural cover for certain pests.

Follow up visits

If you've chosen a 1 or 3 month guaranteed service return visits are planned for monitoring and further pest control if indicated.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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Examples of estimates given for pest control services in Chingford


Mice Indoors

Chingford May 17, 2021
Hi, I've noticed signs of mice in my house. It is a 2 bedroom property in Chingford area. Let me know how much will cost?

Service: Mice control


Bed Bugs or Fleas

Chingford May 23, 2021
Hi, there! I have been bitten a lot lately and I am not sure if its bed bugs or fleas. Let me know how much will cost the treatment.

Service: Insect control


Rats Infestation

Chingford May 6, 2021
Please provide me with an estimate for treating 2 bedroom property against rats. I'd like the costs including 4 additional visits. Thx!

Service: Rat control

Rates for pest control in Chingford

£130 £253 £355

A single visit for pest control in Chingford could cost as little as £130.

64% of clients opt for a 3-month guaranteed service which includes up to 2 follow-up treatments.

Pest inspection and reporting rates start at £45.

72% of call-outs in Chingford are for emergency pest control.

*Data has been extracted from our internal database for the past 12 months

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