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Need A Plumber In London? You're In The Right Place!

Don’t get bogged down with niggling plumbing repairs. We’ve got a plumber in London who can plug the leak and get your water flowing efficiently – you’ll no longer be flushing money down the drain! Proficiency and cost-effectiveness are qualities we hold dear – we’ll have your annoying plumbing problem fixed quickly and completely.

What Are The Most Common Problems Our Plumbing Services Can Solve?

The teams that perform our plumbing services are well equipped and experienced in handling the following jobs:

  • Unblocking services

For when your water supply is irregular or slow, we can help unblock the following: toilets and urinals, sinks and basins, baths, shower trays, and pipes.

  • Plumbing repairs

Regular use of your water systems will eventually call for some basic repairs. Call us in to: refit your toilet, repair leaks, bleed and fix your radiators, sort out your flushing problems, and a bucket load more!

  • Plumbing replacement and refitting

If the time has come to upgrade, or a broken fixture needs repairing, call on us to replace: sinks, basins, taps, washing machines, radiators, toilets, and showers.

A Plumbing Company In London That Won't Break The Bank

The most common problems that require a London plumber are blocked bathroom and kitchen fixtures such as sinks, toilets, baths and showers. Flushing down chemicals may only be a temporary solution and the problem will likely reoccur in a short period of time. For effective unblocking you need the right tools and equipment, and a little bit of understanding will go a long way. London plumbers have these attributes in abundance so you’re guaranteed effective and long lasting results. Before you know it your water will be flowing correctly once more.

Basic plumbing jobs can be completed much more cost effectively when we’re your London plumbing company. We can refit your toilet to the waste pipe, fix leaky showers, taps and burst pipes, bleed your radiators, repair and replace your flushing mechanism and break through tiles when access is needed to your cistern. Don’t let these basic problems get out of hand, call us to help and get your life back on track before you find yourself under several inches of water.

If you’re looking at upgrading or just need a change to make things work better, take full advantage of our plumbing replacement and refitting service. We have the experience needed to replace sinks, basins, taps, showers and baths. If you’ve bought yourself a new washing machine or dishwasher we can have it installed so you can put it to good use in no time at all. There’ll be no need for you to get dirty or wet – just sit back and relax while we do all the hard work!

  • Work completed efficiently and correctly
  • A hassle-free service
  • Plumbers who have years of experience, and who have worked with other major plumbing brands
  • You control your spending – our transparent charges mean you’ll know exactly how much your bill will be
  • Seasonal bookings, which attract discounted rates
  • We’ll arrive at the scheduled time, fully equipped and ready to start work

We know you might have questions, but hopefully we’re about to answer some of the more common ones here:

Q: How do you work out your charges?

A: Charges are worked out on an hourly basis, with a minimum charge of one hour being applied.

Q: What does the price include?

A: The price we quote is only for labour. Additional charges are made for extra materials, congestion charges and parking.

Q: How do I pay?

A: In cash after your service is complete, or with a card over the phone.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to organise the parking?

A: We kindly ask that you arrange parking for us.

Q: In what areas do you work?

A: Every postcode inside London and Greater London.

Q: Is Plumbing part of Odd Jobs

A: No. It is a separate service.

Our Prices
PlumberMonday – Saturday
Appointments8 am – 5 pmAfter 5 pm
First Hour£58£64
Subsequent Half Hours£27£30
Half Day (4 hours)£202
Full Day (8 hours)£308

*Minimum per appointment is 1 hour, and after the 1st hour, we charge per half-hour basis.

*T&C and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we take into consideration the area dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25.

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